CFL Official makes NFL

Wish it was Proulx.

Neat. I believe Mr. Hawkshaw is also a firefighter? We have a lot of officials who are also firefighters or police officers.

Is there a good picture of him?

Can you imagine someone from the deep South understanding his penalty announcements? ;D

Future NFL Referee Pay

Based on the new contract between the NFL and the NFLRA signed in September 2012, NFL referees will earn an average of $173,000 in 2013, and move up to an average of $205,000 by 2019.

Wow, that’s some coin an official can make in the NFL! Didn’t realize truth be told.

Is there a good picture of him?
;)So true!

I can’t understand his penalty decisions up here in the north.

Like the logic. Hawkshaw probably did a good job since nobody is screaming his name. Kind of like an offensive lineman.

Hopefully this Hackshaw and the other 5 newbies announced will be replacing the incompetent crooked blind as a bat crew that totally botched the Saints - Rams play-off game last year .

There is a photo of himat this link.

I think this is a shot of him too.

Terrific story and read,
Thanks for posting Pat!

You have to wonder is it bad reffing or scripting gone bad . Especially when they don’t want reviews ; then they really would have a hard time influencing outcomes .

$ 200,000 refs and they can’t make the blatantly easiest of calls or were they just doing what they were suppose to do at that moment in time .

I have to say that at one time I was sceptical about when people would say that the NFL was fixed BUT after seeing that play I’m now convinced that there is something definitely shady going on in that league . Here’s a little titbit for all to ponder on and that is that the NFL is officially licensed and copyrighted under the heading of “Sports Entertainment” not coincidentally which is the exact same category as the WWE is listed under…and we all know how real Wrestling is , now don’t we ? ::slight_smile:

Especially when the creator of WWE wants his own football league .

It’s like he knows something about influencing outcomes and the audience chooses to be oblivious .

I’m not at all a tin foil hat type, but ya gotta wonder how the VegasGolden Knights gets to the Stanley Cup Final in its very first year in a 31 team league, or how the Toronto Argonauts miraculously win the 100th Grey Cup at home after a 9-9 season.

The argo win for the 100th GC with the Ray trade is still haunting the CFL .
For years I would see posts from CFL haters point it out .

For the NHL and The Knights I see parity more an more ; we just saw TB lose in 4 straight so it’s more of a league who will have difficulty with future dynasties .

Think the NHL saw dynasties as bad for business and have levelled the field in the last 20 years to a mere resemblance to it’s former self .

Stacked teams like the Montreal Canadiens of the 70’s or the Islanders of the 80’s are just harder to keep together . IMO .

Dave is a firefighter in Vancouver. His father was also a CFL official so he’s been close to the craft for most of his life. As he worked amateur in BC before joining the CFL, he’s officiated lots of 4 down ball so had lots of experience with US rules even before he became involved in the officials’ exchange with the NFL.

I’ve worked HS with him and he’s top notch. Has a great vision of the field and never loses his cool…he’ll do very well.