**CFL office** please change Saturday game CGY vs EDM

It is very important that the CFL does something about Saturday big battle of Alberta Stampeders vs Eskimos game. It's going to be a fantastic game, and a very important 1st game.

But with the Stamley Cup Playoffs on at the same time, with the exact same start time - it will be hard for anyone not to watch the SC game #6 game more than the TSN broadcast of the Stampeder vs Eskimo game.


CFL - change the game to 8 local, or move it to Sunday.


I dont think you can change the sked now, nobody thought that the Oilers would get this far into the Stanley Cup playoffs.

ha ha ha ha right! :thdn:

Would you have preferred if Rexall Place became a riot zone on Saturday instead?

The Oilers avoided being "Wiggle(s)"-d out of hosting Game 6 on Saturday as "The Drug Store" had booked 4 shows of Dora The Explorer for Saturday and Sunday. But with Stanley knocking, the kiddies will have to miss the stopover by their fav animated Latina.

i know which game im gonna be watching...and it isnt played on ice!

I don't think the league can step in with a situation like that, can they? I would think it's up to the Stampeders organization.

Football's #1 in our house. Oilers will have to take a back seat.

Does your TV have PIP?

Besides, wouldn't you like to see the Stamps get crushed by the Esks rather then watching the Oilers getting beat down by Carolina?

I counted the Oilers out for game 5, and look what happened, so I woudnt count them out just yet-- and as for being crushed, I would think the Stamp-Esks game will be closer, like a lot of games between division oppenents in the West.

I'm going to be watching the football game, it's football season!! Hockey goes way too late, should be over by May, it's gettling close to the official start of summer, hockey is not even on my radar.

Oh ywah, one more thing;


i agree. it is usally over about 2 weeks earlyer but since they were in the olympics its running late this year

Calgary Sun reports!

Mayor Bronco proclaims Saturday Oiler Day!
All activities in the City of Calgary will be cancelled to allow all its citizens to watch the Oilers play game six of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. He stated this is the right thing to do!After all they would certainly do this for us! The Stampeders organization stated they will honor the request! The game will be on Sunday!

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

dont go to any of the games (Oilers - Eskimos) :stuck_out_tongue: both teams are going to lose anyways :cowboy: save your money :wink: stay home :lol:

I don’t watch as many hockey games as I used to. Who wants to watch fifty power plays each game for guys falling down or rubbing shoulders. Betman should be fired! I’ll be watching the Stampeders game, and if the Oilers game goes into overtime, then I’ll switch over.

I might be going to the oilers game. But if not, I'm going to have to set up two TVs in my living room. I tried getting PIP with my flat screen TV, and satellite, I tried different connections for an hour yesterday and can't seem to get it to work!

Why should the CFL change for the NHL?, the CFL SCH been out longer, it's time the NHL step up to the plate and change, if they can do it for Dora, they can do it for the CFL, and do something for Canada which last time I checked, the only positive thing they have done for Canada in the last 20 years was expand to Ottawa!