OK let me be the first to say how the last few years, although somewhat better this year, the great and thrilling offensive juggernaut known as the CFL has been AWOL.
The advent of defenses and their sophisticated zone, switch type coverages have more then caught up with what used to be explosive offenses throughout the league.
Even this years GC although a low scoring and somewhat exciting game, was a prime example.
What do we do to bring back the "good old days"?
Or, is this one of those phases and combination of new crop of a somewhat poor set's of QB's.
My idea maybe would be to outlaw zone coverages on the defense, strictly man on man and have no contact on the receivers on the line. How about the defense lining up two yards back instead of one.
On the special teams, the rule changes for this year in bringing back the old blocking by en large worked well.
As for the 3-0 NFL score, this thread is not meant to be a slag on them. But id does look good I must admit and with combination of some of their usual 13-10 weekly type games.

Did you actully see the game last night?
Because if you did you would know why the score was 3 - 0

wow, 2 yards? i think one is ridiculous enough. not to mention your talking about getting rid of the zone, with the size of the cfl field receivers have no problem getting open, leaving the zone as the only defence to give them a chance. and you cannot for any reason get ride of contact at the line.

The 3-0 score was reflective of field conditions, and not the style of play.

That said, I see no need to switch things up to provide more glam to the Canadian version. I like it as-is.

We do need a better crop of the young an up and coming QB's.

With apologies to all from Sportie's sarcasm and dry humour...........

John Madden: "A mamoth defensive struggle by two teams at the top of their games"

Al Michaels: "Miami hasn't won this year."

John Madden: "But this is the greatest game between two great teams with great defenses; Al, I was riveted to my chair all night."

Al Michaels: "Its raining out and the fields a mess."

John Madden: "This is the greatest game, what else is more exciting than a 3-0 score. Where else would you find the thrills of NFL football?"

Al Michaels: "The Globe & Mail? Paul Godfrey's diary?"

John Madden: " The people in Toronto would die for this kind of entertaining football."

Al: "True, next to the Maple Leafs a 3-0 is the next best thing.

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

I believe that game was a mess because the turf was in terrible shape because it rained all day in Pittsburgh. Ricky Williams shoulder got stepped on, putting him out for the season, which was, in part, due to the terrible conditions. I'm sure Goodell was embarrassed by that game being shown nationally.

Outlaw zone defense? That is a staple of defensive coverage. No contact on receivers on the line...
Perhaps we could just let the game evolve naturally. Offensive coordinators will just have to adjust to the new defensive schemes as they have always done.

Good one.

Are drastic rule measures required as we seem to be in a defensive phase?

I'd say no..
A defensive phase is actually good for the league. Forces offensive creativity /developement and better QB recruitment.

leave it the way it is.

whats wrong with the current crop of QBs?


they are all good in my book.

the only 2 QBs who are trash are Bishop and Burris.

Nothing at all actually.. I think the league is just fine as it is.

Did you hear that ass clown on the Fan last night. He said not one starting qb in the CFL today would have been good enough to be a starter in the league 10 years ago !

He just proved that the same can be said about the sports writers in this country today. :lol:

I think phase is the important word there. In a few years, we may change back to a more offensive phase.

Blaming the 3-0 score on the field was just a lame excuse. And yes I saw the game. No doubt it contributed but not THAT much.

There have been games played in worse conditions over the years and the score wasn't nearly that low.

I went to a Raider game a couple of weeks ago and it was 6-3 in the third quarter. The field had NOTHING to do with it.

3-0 is obviously a defensive battle on a terrible field but on the other hand the NFL has a qb in Tom Brady who has threw more td passes through 10 games than anyone in the CFL for the entire season.

As far as your changes go I disagree strongly. Defense is part of the game and so are the defensive schemes, the offense has to find a way to overcome them. Taking away zone coverage, moving the defense back 2 yards, you might as well make the defensie line count to 5 elephants before rushing too.

I don't see the need for drastic changes. Looking over the scores, 47 times (30.9%) this season teams scored 30 or more points. And 51 times (33.6%) this season teams scored less than 20 points.

I think that gives us a pretty even balance between low-scoring defensive games, high-scoring offensive games, and average-scoring games.

And like roughyfan pointed out, moving defences two yards back instead of one is just ridiculous. If we did that, I guarantee you we'd see a 100% rate of success when teams try to convert 3rd and 1 or 3rd and inches. And that kind of takes the fun out of the game.

anyone who calls for such ridiculous rule changes to be made are just stupid fans and are not real fans of football.

I'm sure that with the field conditions, the CFL would have had a better score.

but why would you put brand new turf on the field only 24 hours before a game??

that's the stupidest part.

LOL - The game against the Bears???
But everyone plays down to the Raiders..... they suck!
In fact, they are worse than the Bengals... or the Ti-Cats...

True there have been games played in worse weather. Both teams were playing extreme short yardage offense on a brand new field that didn't drain properly...