CFL Objectionable Conduct

CFL needs to better inform the refs as to what is objectionable conduct,Is motioning for a Flag when you feel you are being interfered with ? Its showing the coach that maybe he should throw the challenge flag . STOP CALLING THIS PENALTY unless the said player goes way over board in his animations.

The Refs are going to call it every time.
Maybe the receivers should come up with a different signal to the coach. :expressionless:

Never used to be called like it is now, so id tend to lean it will be curtailed significantly before the season ends

Maybe just patting themselves on the top of the helmet several times, until the coach acknowledges the signal?

(They could always put on their fake nose and glasses, so as to not act suspiciously.) :wink: :wink: :wink: :lol: :lol: :lol:

I think it's a matter of the league not wanting to have their officials embarrassed on national television for not making a call that perhaps they should have.

Just think back over the last couple of weeks on some of the shoddy reviews that the control centre has made.

They should not have to have the players and coaches make them feel inadequate.

They already are.

On this one I have to agree with the Officials and the CFL, the Referees are supposed to have complete control over the officiating of a game and shouldn't be told by a player what to call or when to call it.

If an infraction like interfereance is made by a defender or vice versa it's up to the coach to throw a flag and challenge the play not the player.

The CFL should also work on cutting out the trash talk by players or hand gestures like Ricky Foley would make when he sacks a QB and does the baby crying gesture with his hands. He should be automatically penalized by the refs and the league, if you want to chatter keep it under control, if you want to dance in true end zone after a TD go ahead just don't taunt the other team.

The CFL should be setting an example by players of the game on how to play fair and act respecitvely towards fellow players and fans!!!


There is a huge difference between "taunting" and pointing out that "perhaps a penalty should have been called" ie: Austin Collie last night. The Official made himself both bigger than the game and the object of ridicule for the players, coaches, and viewers when he called OC on Collie when the player pointed out to him that his shoulder pads had been ripped out of his uniform in the end zone, whilst the official had perfect position in which to make the correct call of DPI.

Lo and behold, Tedford challenged the non-call, and it was overturned for a penalty. HOWEVER, the OC still stood, forcing BC to scrimmage from the 11, and they had to settle for a FG. Too bad the Command Center cannot overturn the OC call, because the Official embarrassed himself in front of the 30k fans, and the 500k+ that were watching it on TV. Face it, the Official let his emotions get in the way of his judgement, PERIOD!

Maybe it's time for Glen Johnson to be fired, as the first 3 weeks have been HORRIBLE flag fests, WAY out-of-proportion to anything I remember from years past. I firmly believe that the Officials are LOOKING to make calls, instead of making the PROPER calls. They simply SHOULD NOT be the focus of the game, the PLAYERS are the focus.

I totally agree. Well said. :thup: :thup:

I doubt that have you seen the WRONG calls made by the Command Center that everyone is watching ?

How about Brohm's phantom touchdown earlier this season against Hamilton, where his knee hit the turf BEFORE he reached the goal line. There was a still shown on the play in this very forum.

Maybe YOU missed that call. I sure didn't.

witch part of WRONG calls didn't you understand in my post ?

You referred to "wrong calls in the command centre"

I responded to that.

Guys - you're arguing the same side of the coin! The fact of the matter is, officiating, as a whole, has been a joke for the first three weeks of the season. TWICE touchdowns have been allowed when CONCLUSIVE video evidence has shown that the football had not broken the plane of the goal-line before the ball carrier was down by contact.

There has been ABSOLUTELY NO consistency between the various Officiating crews with regard to Pass Interference, both Offensive and Defensive; and even the vaunted Command Center cannot seem to make the calls consistently from game-to-game, leaving the players and coaches scratching their heads over how they are to play the game.

The way things are going is not sustainable. With perception not being reality (most of the time), my perception is that there is a flag on 2/3 of the plays this year. It's horrible to watch. I understand that the Officials have to call the penalties they HAVE to call (offsides, illegal procedure, too many men, etc), but the ticky-tack cr@p had GOT to stop.

Three points:

  1. The players who are being flagged with objectionable conduct have no one to blame but themselves. They and their coaches were warned that any gesture disrespectful of the officials on the field would be flagged before this season started and during the pre-season games. As others have pointed out, there are lots of ways to signal your coach to throw a challenge flag without drawing attention to yourself.

  2. Unfamiliarity with new/revised rules is also true of many of the other penalties that have been called early this season. The NFL has four exhibition games precisely for this reason. We chose to go with two exhibition and 18 regular season games on the assumption that our fans would rather watch games that count, even if the early season games might not be as well played or as well-officiated as they might have been had we stuck with 4 exhibition games. Speaking as just one fan - I enthusiastically agree with that 1986 decision.

  3. I did ask about the missed replay call on the Brohm TD. Turns out our broadcast partner failed to supply the CFL's replay command center with the view along the goal line in that instance. It counts as another early season hiccup.

Bottom line - look for both the officiating, and the ability of our teams to play within the rules, to get better as the season goes along.

Cheers, Bob.

Here`s hoping, Bob.

So TSN wanted the TD to count so held back evidence from the CFL? this is now A lot more Intriguing to me.

But Bob, what happens if the Officials have lost the respect of the players? I fear that this is rapidly becoming a reality.

Well put...and even if a ref was somewhat embarrassed about a what...they have tough skins and any ref I ever meet expect a hard time until the game is over...have they ever said things like "it's part of the game"?

I agree. If TSN is holding back video that can confirm or disprove a call from CFL command, I am concerned TSN could be trying to influence the outcome of games to increase ratings. We all know TSN has always favoured the Argos and soon to be part owners of the team. What happens when replays are held back that would favour the Argos?

I have noted several times that last couple of years, that TSN has become very inconsistent in showing replays of penalties that may or may not have happens.

As an owner and league broadcaster they should be carefully monitored on how they influence the game.

I have a huge problem with other teams not getting flagged for a player on their team getting an objectionable conduct penalty for the flag throwing gesture, when we have been flagged for that.