CFL O/T in Grey Cup

This sucks - "mini-games" make sense in season play - but to eliminate special teams play just isn't right. Play the game to its fullest - it is an exciting part of the game.

Meh. I think that OT was very exciting. I didn't miss the special teams stuff at all.

I agree.

I liked the old overtime, with two five minute halves for the play offs and GC.

We don't need overtime at all during the regular season - a tie can be one point for each team.

You know what? I'm betting after this Grey Cup, the NFL will start to seriously consider adopting these overtime rules for their league.

I didn't like this format when it was first introduced but it's grown on me.

The thing I'd like to see changed is the rogue. It should only count if it is conceded in the end zone. A team shouldn't be given a point for just booting the ball through the end zone like a missed close range field goal.

I wouldn't want to see the rouge diminished in any way in the game. If anything, I'd like to see its role enhanced.

How so?

Agreed. But minigames are still better than the NFL system. The old NFL "sudden death" was the worst, but the current NFL "sudden death except each team is guaranteed one possession unless the first possession results in a touchdown" rule is still bad.

I still would prefer them to play a regular quarter of football - why eliminate a kickoff and immediately handcuff a Defensive squad by giving an Offense "free" yardage? All facets of the game are equally important and to "gift" field position belittles the contributions of coaching staffs and players. The "W" is typically earned by an entire team - coaches included - and to screw around with the game for more than likely TV concerns is wrong.

I would:

  • keep the point for punts through the end zone.
  • move kickoffs up so that the chance of a kick into the end zone is increased, and a rouge awarded of not returned.
  • move the point of scrimmage for the team giving up a rouge back, so that the scoring team would have an added incentive to get one by pinning the opponent deep.
  • related to that, penalize the punting team for punting out of bounds, even if it goes out deep in the coffin corner, so that the focus is on getting it into the end zone for a rouge (or returning it out for the returning team).
  • eliminate the two point convert, or move it back at least 5 yards. This would make it more significant to try to gain a point on a rouge when you can, rather than pass it up thinking you can make up the point later on a convert.
  • if that doesn't work, consider making a rouge worth 2 points instead of one.
    *where possible, make end zones 25 yards deep as they used to be. this is probably not feasible given the new stadium layouts in most cities.

I like keeping the foot in football. Many will disagree. That's okay.