CFL --- O' Christmanada

This guy should be the next commisioner. Another reason CFL expansion worked so well!

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Who in the world was that Idiot butchering the anthem??

Now that was scary! :o

Just about as bad as old Gracie May (spelling) down here forgetting the words to the Star Spangled Banner during the world series.

I can't hook up to the link, but I dont need to hear it again on reflection. He did say that was the music handed to him, and that is how he sang the anthemn. He did sing O Canada , in its proper form in Hamilton only weeks later, so give the guy credit for wanting to do it right.

Yeah but my question is whether he is Canadian? and if so, why did he need to read the song in the first place?

No, he was American

I didn't click the link personally, but I can speculate that this was the dingus/lounge singer who slaughtered "O Canada" the night of the first regular season home game for the Las Vegas Posse back in 1994. And they wonder why the franchise only lasted one season. :lol: :roll:

Despite what it says on the clip, it was Dennis K.C. Park, a Vegas lounge singer doing the damage at the Posse's home opener in 94.

Acc to Nick Mileti earlier in the week, Dionne Warwick was supposed to have handled both anthems.

For whatever reason, she didn't and this guy was recruited at last minute.

You'd think Robt Goulet or Paul Anka might have been in town.

Park claimed that the sound system was partly to blame because there was bad echo coming back and throwing him off.

Little known-sequel.

A few weeks later, Hamilton invited him to sing O Canada at IW. This time, he actually practised and did quite a nice version. Even got a standing ovation from Cats' fans for it.

Thanks...I kinda knew it but wanted to be sure.



yes in that video!!!


Yeah, almost as bad as when US Marine colour guard had Canadian flag upside down at Atlanta WS game in --- 93?

Canadians seem to be used to having American singers butcher our anthem and don't make too big a deal of it.

It's funnier too watch Americans butchering their own anthem tho --- acknowledging that it was never meant to be sung.

Correction, sobrien. That incident happened in 1992 when the Jays faced, and eventually defeated in 6 games, the Braves. Can't remember if it was in Game 1 or Game 2 because those first two games also featured Tom Cochrane messing up "O Canada".

Perfect example of such: during an New Jersey Nets game (pre-Vince Carter era), Carl Lewis was invited to sing the "Star Spangled Banner" and he totally slaughtered it to the point where he actually said "uh oh" on the live mike in mid-anthem.

Thanks for correction.

I couldn't remember offhand.

Who was that female singer --- either at a hockey or a baseball game --- who obviously forgot the lyrics and actually asked for the sheet music?

BTW: Which was worse than Lewis --- Ozzy doing "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" at Wrigley or Roseanne shrieking the anthem at another game?

I can't remember either, but I'm wondering if it was the same one who left the ice in Quebec City, then when she came back out to reattempt the anthems, she did a buttcracker on the ice.

I'd say Ozzy doing "TMOTTBG" was pure comedy, but not as bad as when former Chicago Bear and WCW wrestler, Steve "Mongo" (no relation) McMichael attempted it. And afterwards, he got tossed from the game when he was ragging on the umps over the PA from the booth. However, Roseanne's annihilation of the "Star Spangled Banner" at a San Diego Padres game years ago is by far the worst. Not because she was God-awful, but afterwards she flipped off the fans by grabbing her crotch and spitting.