CFL not progressing and getting stale

Adding this 3 point scoring possibility to the Rouge ( not changing or eliminating the Rouge) gives the kicking (offense) the opportunity to score 4 points if the successful Kickoff/Punt is not returned out of the end zone. By keeping the Ball :football: a live ball whether or not the kickoff/punt would s successfully booted through the uprights; the return team still has the possibility of returning the kick for a touchdown

Opens up the game with possibilities.

Holdover from rugby.

To “complete the circle” regarding field goal attempts ( this would also apply to the New 3 point scoring opportunity I proposed for Kickoffs & Punts); unless the Ball :football: hits the Uprights and/or Crossbar, the Ball :football: is live on a field goal attempt even when successful and the Defense must attempt to return the ball :football: out of the Endzone (unless the ball :football: travels out of the side or back of the endzone) , or the Kicking team scores a Rouge in addition to 3 pts for a made field goal.

Conversely, this also means every Kickoff/Punt/FieldGoalAttempt whether successful or not (unless :football: hits uprights/crossbar or travels out of bounds in the endzone or through the back of the endzone) is returnable for a touchdown!

How’s that for #RadicallyCanadian ?

Well, we are Canadian. We are not this goofy I hope.

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CFL 2.0 and no mention of expansion? Easy way to solve all problems, expand to St. Louis, San Diego and Oakland. NFL abandoned them and they would likely each be happy to make mods to their existing stadiums to conform to a CFL field, not like the NFL will be playing in them ever again.
You could easily get $20/30 million US each in a franchise fees, who needs a loan and it would also allow for dramatic improvement in quality and help fund bringing Halifax finally in.
The sport doesn't look any different then it did 50 years ago, stagnation is slow death. Less than 15 years ago MLS charged Toronto FC $10 million US to enter that league, today MLS is charging over $200 million and growing.

We could learn from their example and of the changes made in the NHL. CFL will die a slow, sad and painful death if we dont do something soon. Only thing the Commissioner has said that is correct so far is "throwing off the shackles of a small sport." Just curious how he plans on doing that without expansion into the biggest media and football obsessed culture on the planet just south of the border?


4 downs= officially prove that your game is a bargain basement bin version of the
NFL, and throw away 100+ years of tradition of playing 3 downs.

A unique, rare opportunity to alienate both potential and your existing fanbases in one swoop.

No thank you.


No it's not exactly a holdover from rugby, which the drop kick still is in gridiron football but never used.

In rugby you cannot score from the drop kick on the kickoff through the goal posts either.

Now as a holdover from rugby would be a live ball on any kick that strikes the goal posts or crossbar from a kick, but of course in gridiron the ball is dead at such time.

I know in rugby league you can for a single point.

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This innovation does not change the basic tennants of the CFL. It does provide for additional scoring opportunities for Both kicking & receiving teams plus it creates the only play I know of in NorthAmerican/European sports :football: on which both teams can score.

Lack of scoring has been a recent critique of the CFL and this Innovation would help address that.

Draft proposal to freshen things up. Comments for this google doc are enabled, please be kind, but I will include sound changes and other recommendations into a final draft which I'll present in its own thread for full review. Thanks,

I see a lot of thought and effort went into this, but sadly, in the end, it is just a pipe dream.

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More than likely you are correct, sadly, but there is always hope that someone from the head office will see it and maybe influence or inspire something better, one can hope.


It has in fact been read!


Some interesting ideas there. I wouldn't support most of them, but some I like and some I'm not sure of--like, what exactly were the XFL extra point and kick-off rules that you suggest the CFL adopt?

I agree that it would be helpful to establish some sort of working agreement with the NFL for player development and transfers. As long as the NFL teams cannot "call up" a player in the middle of a CFL season, I'd be on board with that. And of course, as long as the CFL coaches get the final say on how much playing time the players get.

Streaming rights, I think, will be very important in the future. We'll have to wait to see what the landscape will be like in a few years when the league's current broadcast rights deal expires.


I'd like to see the league work harder toward expansion, but only within Canada. If they can get operational costs down and share more revenue, then Halifax expansion would have a good shot at being as successful as the Redblacks expansion. And that hopefully would open up some eyes in other potential markets within Canada.


I wouldn't mind seeing the season start and end a little earlier, but only 3-4 weeks, not 8-10 weeks.

I'd also like to see the schedule feature more divisional matchups to emphasize the rivalries and reduce travel costs. It should have a positive impact on ratings too, since more games would take place in the same time zone as their home fans (imagine how fans in Halifax would feel if their home team were playing a night game in Vancouver, starting at midnight or 1 am in Halifax).

Amateur Growth

I'd also like to see the league prioritize the expansion of amateur football. There are some fairly big USport schools without football programs. Try to work with government and sponsors to get programs started in those schools.

Also, try to get programs set up in colleges (CCAA). Many of the schools in CCAA have soccer and rugby teams, so some infrastructure is already there. Perhaps look at starting out using 8-man rules. St Clair college has recently associated with a CJFL team. That might form blueprint for other CCAA schools to follow.

There's also the 4-team Atlantic Football League, which features some CCAA schools. That should get some recognition and push from the league.

A year or two ago, the league started getting CFL rules taught in schools. I like that initiative and think it should be pushed/expanded as much as possible. Perhaps the government could be leveraged to do this in some way.


I think the league's biggest shortcoming is in this area. When they actually committed to a large branding campaign in the late 90s, their popularity really grew. They need to keep investing in this and be consistent with it.

There should be a unified ST/merchandise push in the 3-4 after Grey Cup leading up to Christmas. Go for the kids-and-family heartstrings, something like these but CFL themed:

In addition, there should be a bigger marketing push in the couple months leading up to the season start. At that point, many Canadians are getting tired of staying at home watching TV, so a reminder that CFL games can be enjoyed outdoors with the whole family could go a long way. And it might not hurt to remind people that, though Canadian teams are usually out of the running for the Stanley Cup, they're always in the running for the Grey Cup.

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If you are suggesting the season to start early, where does that leave the Grey Cup and Vanier Cup pairing?

It would leave such a pairing up to USports to adjust their schedule accordingly if they're intent on the pairing.

To be clear though, I'm fine with leaving the season as it is. I'm just saying I wouldn't be too bothered with a late October end if the league thought doing so could get more people out to the games.


U Sports Football is restricted to the school semester.

Leave the season as is. Just have the game start at 4est instead of 640est.

Better to have it when it's warm during the day.

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I don't think USports football is restricted by the school semester. They already begin training camp well before the semester starts. USport soccer games are played in early August. If aligning the Vanier with the Grey Cup is important enough for them, they can begin even earlier.

Scheduling is the condundrum. You want prime time games to get the most viewers on TSN. You want afternoon games to get the most fans at the live games when the evening is cold enough to keep people away.

That's the attraction of an earlier start/finish to the season: they could schedule games in prime time slots when the weather is still warm enough not to drive fans away from the stadium.

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If they don't expand to America the league will eventually die, there is no other way to dramatically increase revenues to improve player salary, conditions and support support subsiding the addition of more Canadian teams.

Moving the schedule start 3 to 4 weeks helps, but if we want to dramatically increase viewership globally and in particular the most crazed football nation on the planet just south of us, we cannot run our season during the NFL and NCAA, we just can't. After labor day football eyeballs are owned by them with the exception of Canada, even then in the major media markets we are losing ground.

If we want the league to survive long term with stability we have no choice but to make and endure some big changes, but we will get a lot for it. Increased player quality from higher salaries and medical care, training etc, the addition of Canadian markets that otherwise would have been impossible without the league doing heavy subsidies on stadium construction. Canada benefits more than anyone, we get our game but better, with more money means better quality.

The XFL extra point rules were based on distance to the goal, 1, 2 or 3 point option, with each higher point option putting further from the goal line. Kick off rules position players differently and no one could run until the ball was caught and the player with the ball started running, made things more exciting and safer.

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This is incorrect.

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