CFL not only league having trouble with new stadiums

Tim Horton’s is having trouble…but look at this: … g-replaced

1.3 billion. Wow.

That's more than Jerryland no?

You're supposed to use GRASS not Weed! :lol:

If their only problem is real grass being torn up, they should be thankful.
$1.3 Billion !! seems to be the norm these days.

Bad grass hasn't been the only problem at Levi's Stadium. They have to be wondering if the stadium is jinxed. Two workers were killed in construction accidents and then a fan died of an apparent heart attack at the preseason opener of the place.

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But no construction problems or delays and it opened on time.

Well in all honesty they have been working on Levi Stadium for over 2.5 years and they still had their original stadium to play in until they were finished. THF is was a little different situation and not the same time constraints. Nobody would be complaining if the Cats still had IWF to play in until construction was finished.

Some are calling that jinx the "Candlestick curse" where the 49ers used to play.

Some of the recent new stadiums up here wish they had only those problems.

I caught part of the game on Sunday and they were talking about the repaired turf causing problems again.
But yes that is a minor issue, you would think with the Northern California climate they could grow strong healthy grass.

Well - I would rather have a stadium a little delayed and not have any workers killed thanks. A company was fined for not following and having proper safety procedures in place and not taking the time to properly secure steel in relation to the two deaths.

And FYI it is not like Levi's Stadium did/does not have other problems. It's ribbon cutting was delayed a week because of - you guessed it 'construction delays' and even two weeks after that at its first soft event there were a littany of problems typical of new stadium openings, ironically their new fangled toilets meant to use less water (critical with the awful drought) the water kept running overflowing and flooding some bathrooms. The other somewhat ironic problem for a stadium in Silicon Valley area - there were problems with the stadium's much hyped wi-fi. And as seems to be the case often with new stadium locations there were huge problems getting out of the stadium with some people who drove still stuck in the parking lot an hour after the first soccer game played there and transit users even longer delays even though it was not even near a capacity crowd (48,000 for a soccer game).

I guess that is one advantage of building at the same place. All the fans will know how to get to and from the stadium and know how much time to give themselves this Labour Day in Hamilton - lol.

Getting new stadiums is never a problem. Getting them built on time and in budget, that's the problem.