CFL not as Exciting These Days?

I was listening to Prime Time Sports with Bob McCown, and the panel on the show was mentioning that the CFL simply isn't as exciting as it used to be; it's more of a defencive game now. The reason for this is that the league doesn't have any big-time quarterbacks, such as a Flutie or a Matt Dunnigan. What do you think? I have to admit, watching the league last year, there seemed to be something missing. Perhaps there are QB issues in the league...

I think it's the fact that the NFL finally has some offense. Used to be you could look at the scores and see 1/2 the games with a total of less than 20 points. Made it pretty easy to see the CFL as way more exciting.

Yes, there is a lack of high scoring but I found that the number of close games last year made for pretty exciting football.

The defensive coaching is better and players are bigger and faster every year. So teams are now forced to throw underneath and play it safe. It's not that the QB's can't throw deep, there is just nobody open...

This often leads to more exciting games as there are fewer blowouts with all CFL teams having good defences.

The Grey Cup was low scoring and the QB's had poor stats, but the game was tense and exciting.

It's great the Fan is finally talking the CFL...if only the topic of "the CFL isn't as exciting as...and I can't wait for the Bills preseason game! That's SO exciting!!"

The old stigmas of the NFL are starting to disappear. However this doesn't bode well for the CFL. The CFL could always count on their American counterpart to play their somewhat boring run-first brand of football. However, its becoming more and more the norm for teams to open it up and pass on downs 1 and 2, not just 3rd and long situations.

give it a year or two it goes in cycles offence is better then the defence finds news systems and becomes better then the offence adapts and so on as well it does have somthing to do with the youth movment on the offensive side of the ball generaly across the leauge the last 2 years or so

This nonsense of equating the level of scoring with the level of excitement needs to stop.

A 10-7 game can be just as exciting as a 30-27 game.

Compeletely agree r4, it is complete and utter nonsense. Now McGown and friends are in the business of talking up any controversies for ratings so that is what they do, that's fine with me.

But, as in most things in entertainment, it's all about image. Do you really think the NHL wanted to remove the red line for 2 line passes? No. But they did to open up the game for the majority of people who don't really understand hockey that much but are putting bucks down for games and want more offense.

So the CFL will have to do something if this is just more than a year or so thing but turns into a trend. Unfortunately there aren't enough of us who really understand that defense is just as exciting as offense and appreciate good defensive struggles. But as I say, let's not jump into too many big things right away. Yes, maybe doing something as drastic as the red line thing in hockey (although some say it hasn't made much of a difference anyways and I tend to agree with this) might be in order at some point, I don't know. Also remember that there are only a few Tom Brady's and Peyton Manning's out there with old CFL type offenses that can really light it up.

Well IMO the defenses have caught up with the offenses. But the offences have been making it easier with their one back straight ahead running. I guess this is a byproduct of 300 pound linemen who can't pull and lead block anymore then a couple of times a game.
Its the way the game is nowadays.

I noticed a drop off in the CFL entertainment when Ottawa folded in 2006. Could that dispersal draft perhaps have had something to do with it?

I noticed this too gill. The Glieberguys antics as an entertainment thingy are missed by more than just me I bet. :wink:

I guess its true what they say Earl...everybody loves a circus!!!

The CFL is now less exciting than the NFL. I’m glad this has been brought up again. With the NFL employing CFL offence with 4 downs it is a far better product and is now more exciting to watch. We may soon be forced to adopt 4 downs as well just to add some scoring.

I agree with doubleBlue.
We used to see much greater use of wide sweeps. They can be among the most exciting plays. But, it requires big, fast linemen to lead the blocking, and the fast part is generally missing nowadays.

It's a matter of balance. The bigger linemen today provide nmore protection for the QB. The coaches must define their team's strengths and cater to that.

Don't you people know its the Canadian way to bitch and moan and whine about how everything we do sucks?
I mean if its not hockey is boring, its the CFL is boring, or curling is boring, or soccer is boring etc etc etc.

Meanwhile guys like Macoun and Brunt can sit through an entire baseball or basketball game and be entertained?

Bottom line is the Hogtown based media just mimics what they hear from down south. And notice how they never dare run down baseball or the NFL the way our sports get criticized?

So really. Who cares what they say? It comes down to who watches, and a helluva alot more people in this country watch hockeya and the CFL and curling then watch Macoun's and freinds favorite sports.

...if the CFL is more of a defensive game today than before then someone better check the fax machine at the stampeder front office because that memo obviously did not make it through....

I predict that within 5 years, there will be 4 downs in the CFL. I'm not saying this is good, bad or otherwise, just what I think will happen.

over my dead or jailed body.

I don't doubt that Lonie would love to show the world that his way would have eventually worked. Do you think you could talk Bob Young into selling to him?

Come on, man! Everyone's entitled to a second chan...I mean third...I mean FOURTH chance!

I dont care how defensive the game has supposedly become. Give us a couple of fluties, fernandez's, pinballs, Dunigans, Champions, ellis's, etc, and the game be way exciting again.

They should limit the number of players on defence per team that they can dress.