CFL not around over 4th of July weekend

Lots of people are at home over the 4th of July weekend before heading out for the festivals/fireworks in the evening. What is the CFL planning? Nothing...because they aren't in action.

If you want your football fix you can go here (free):

or here (have to pay to watch):

Miss the good ole days seeing Ben Cahoon and Anthony Calvillo begin the football season.

What is the big deal of the 4th of July? I liked those Thursday evening games myself. July 1st incidentally.

There will be huge 4th of July Celebrations this year, more so now that most people are vaccinated and everything is open and no restrictions on concerts and get togethers.

I don't know where you live but I don't know anyone around here who will be celebrating the 4th of July

They don't even want us to celebrate Canada Day .

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Although there is some resistance to it by a few misguided souls, I expect considerably more hoopla on July 1 this year in Canada. Let's leave all the 4th of July celebration where it belongs, in the USA.
Hail our dominion!


The good old CFL when we would all watch the annual Independence Day July 4th game with all the US flags and bunting around the CFL stadiums .

Is Biden still coming to kick off the season .

He'd have to find his way north first. :grin: