CFL- no superstars/refs/rules to blame for bad play?

This is unbelievable. Every single game has been basically a dud. We are lucky to get 1 good qtr a game and maybe a 1 game a week. How does TSN chose a game of the week?

Is it poor coaching? it's possible. Benevides, Campbell, Austin, Milanovich, Higgins are all duds.

Is it rules? the NFL and NCAA did what they had to do to change the rules based on the evolution of the game. It's time for the CFL to do the same. Defenses seem to have the upper hand.

Lack of star power? well maybe its time for the league to increase the cap even more to entice and retain the elite players that are made for the CFL. There are no superstars left in the CFL and that is a big time worry. BIG TIME WORRY

And these damn refs are a joke. The league needs to do something about them. They are now trying to call penalties to prove to the league they can make difficult calls. It's a joke. Every single return play has a flag. Almost 1 of 3 plays also has a flag. WTH?

Defences always start ahead of the offences. Get a grip, man. :expressionless:

no not always... and that reform cliche is for training camp not regular season week 6..... The CFL has had too much of a good thing going for us to sit back and watch the beauty of it get eaten away cause we were too busy not to advance the game.


you been around football? listen to reports?

defense is always ahead of the offense when training camp begins.... not week 6!!!!

look at the QB's? there garbage. Montreal should never have those QB's even on the roster at TC never mind during the season. Look at the backups all over the league. It's horrible.

They need to start scouting better and bring up big time QB's that fit the CFL.

Start the scouting! :thup:

and another joke penalty. Another game ruined by a flag!

CFL games are great. Blue collar football, and very exciting at times. Its still early, teams are still making a lot of roster moves. The CFL is not perfect, I agree, but niether are the NFL or NCAA. Maybe just chill, and enjoy the race. :cowboy:

I was going to say that I don't think anything should be changed or adjusted to try to help offenses. There will be a constant ebb and flow with defenses using new schemes and formations to their advantage and offenses having to adjust with their own schemes at which point the scales often tip the other direction. To dramatically change up the rules to artificially give offenses more advantages seems short sighted to me.

Also, injuries to offenses this year have been occurring at a staggering rate that I can't ever remember in any year past. This coupled with depth already a bit thin across the entire league with the adjustment to having a new expansion team and it becomes even more understandable. By next season teams, including Ottawa, should have their depth back in order and it is hard to imagine that the amount of injuries will continue on this pace.

I was going to say that, but then I had an epiphany and realized that in doing so I would be contradicting WBBB. Who am I to question someone like WBBB who comes from an extensive football background? Someone who has played and coached NCAA football as well as worked with CFL/NFL administration departments? He is quite well known around the CFL and if he says the rules need to be changed I'm sure Cohon and the BoDs are listening and considering this behind the scenes.

I haven't watched any games this season, but maybe a question to ask is is there enough Canadian talent coming out of the CIS to fill the non import ratio factor. Teams who have good Canadian talent are usually the most successful.

The dud games are mainly due to inept coaching and a lack of parity between teams.

and the days of cultivating and/or retaining stars are long gone as the current Cap remains insufficient still, with NFL defections a near certainty for those of great talent and others who ultimately choose more financially stable careers.

and strangely enough, CFL players actually made higher salaries 30-40 years ago when accounting for wage inflation which made it much easier for player to stay with one team (or league) and propagating player recognition.

sigh...those were the days...

Perhaps the league should have increased the size of the practice roster last year or even two years ago, making room for a few more non-import / national players. That way, there would have been more national players with at least some CFL experience this year. Part of the depth issue is that the experienced national players are spread slightly thinner this year, meaning more pure rookies on team rosters. As you say, this should correct itself by next year, perhaps by the end of this year.

...Agree that the addition of Ottawa has played havoc on the rosters of other teams. The large amount of injuries to key players has certainly not helped. Player turnover is at alarmingly high levels like they were in the late 80's early 90's.

The "quality" of qb play so far this season has been atrocious.
Lets hope things turn around...and soon

The quality of play has suffered because of salary restraints caused by the SMS.I would like to see a SMS system that rewarded teams for keeping veteran players on the roster. If the cap ceiling was decreased but then you were allowed to exceed the cap by say 5000 dollars for every veteran year on your roster

Ottawa draft was huge...but i think things have rather started to level out and teams are playing cleaner...still behind where they normally are, but cleaner