CFL = no offense league / slogan is officially over

I was at the bomber/als game catching up with Danny Mac and a few other friends. The stadium was nice. The crowd was amazing. The product on the field was terrible.

The coaching is an issue for sure. Marcel Beau is not a good offensive coach. But the clock rules do not help. Remember folks. The clock just keeps running and running and eliminates actual possessions.

Next. This is not an offensive league. Those days are officially over. Nobody including I can go down to the USA and say ''the CFL is that awesome football league with high scoring passing offense''

not anymore. ''the cfl is a low scoring run many times 3 and out maybe get 1 first down and then punt league''

24-21 is not CFL style football. It's NCAA/NFL.

Last week had a 52-26 game and a 42-40 game. One game does not make a league.

Injuries have taken their toll on the QBs this year, and yet scoring is up. It's still very early in a season with fairly radical rule changes. We have to expect a transition period. To put a verdict like that is very premature.

24- 21 is a pretty decent scoreline to me. 6 touchdowns in a game.

And i disagree the league is 2 running plays and out.

I have bills season tickets and its not uncommon to see less than 20 points scored between both teams in the game

3 games so far this week.


Seems like plenty of scoring to me.

And how does the clock running eliminate possessions?
It keeps the game moving.

And I still don't believe you are really Earl Winfield btw. :wink:

Agree. The game you watched this weekend wasn't very good. Other games were much better and the game is light years ahead of where it was last year.

Also agree. If you are going to claim to be someone, you should provide some proof.

Catching up with Danny Mac ? really ? Considering that you and D Mac never played with each other,you retiring in "97" and McManus arriving in Hamilton in "98" I'm going to call it like it is and out right say that you are fulla of sh-t and are obviously not the real Earl the"Pearl". I'm going to say more like Earl the "Troll". So basically I'm calling you out Earl prove to me and everybody else in here that you are the real deal or otherwise take a friggin' hike. The clock is ticking Earl........
I'll be waiting here patiently for a response.... :stuck_out_tongue:

Atta boy Bobo :thup:

I never thought he claimed to be Earl Winfield...I just thought he was a fan of Earl Winfield (and hey, in this city, who isn't?) But now I'm not so sure.

So let's settle this, "Winfield". To paraphrase one of my favourite movies: Your honour, the CFL Forum concedes the existence of Earl Winfield. But in so doing, we request that the defense provide proof that he is the one and only Santa Claus...I mean, Earl WInfield.

So how about it Earl ????? The "clock" is ticking what can I say but..........

It's time to Crap or get off the pot there Buddy boy,come on prove me wrong,show the world that you are who you say you are. :stuck_out_tongue:

He's definitely the real deal... Lmao

Who really cares about what Earl The Girl has to say?

I believe Bob Irving mentioned that Danny Mac is back home in the U.S . He was in Winnipeg through training camp but since has returned home. :roll: :roll:

He's as much Earl Winfield as I am Doug Flutie.

Im Swervin Pervin Fernedez

No, you're just Mr. Stupid. :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: Ok post me with one of your "I fuckin hate you" videos. :twisted:

Why is it so hard to believe that a CFL Hall of Famer has decided to end years of privacy by taking a stand, and that his single issue is clock rules (which haven't really changed since the time he played), and that he has chosen a chat board as his platform, and that he forgets who his actual teammates were?

I think we should expect to see more of these. Next up: Mike Pringle comes out against stripes on the footballs; Dieter Brock rants about whether cheerleaders are standing too close to the sidelines these days; and Willie Pless makes a case for switching from yards to metres on the field.

Mike Pringle maybe, but Willie Pless wouldn't know a metre from a yard if he tripped over it and Dieter would have many things to complain about but the last thing would be cheerleaders being to close to the sidelines. No player would EVER complain about cheerleaders too close to the sideline.

Cheerleaders on the field! :rockin:

Geez Bungle, do you EVER get anyone's name right?
EVER? :roll:

Fernandez was caught peeping shortly after his career ended.. It was a minor incident, but very embarrassing