CFL No. 1 For Third Straight TV Week

Fans can be perfectly justified in atleast some of their bashing.

Not against Basketball or Hockey(if any) or of course Football(talking NCAA, CIS and CFL here).

But Bashing of "sports" such as Racing(any auto Racing) most Golf.
Why? well for one these so called sports have interfered with the CFL in the past, was it 2005 Labour Day game in which TSN showed some racing instead of the Riders vs. Bombers?

I'm confused how anyone can watch that sort of racing, cars driving in circles 200+ times? how is that even a sport?

Personally, I generally go with Sports should be atleast somewhat physical. Motor Sport.. well they don't qualify.(that also works for Horse racing, atleast not in talking about Human sport as the Horse is the Athlete)

I have no issue with TSN, sportsnet, the Score showing Their canadian content(Blue Jays games, Raptors, NHL(all games due to Amount of Canadians on Rosters) and the CFL.
However why must be so much random other stuff?
Ratings wise TSN could probably do better showing NHL preview shows or a CFL special(say weekly going on show) around this time then showing motor "sports"(cars/trucks).

To the same extent, what sort of ratings do the Sport fishing shows get on TSN?
Sport fishing is not a sport, unless it's getting massive ratings it is hard to understand why that show could not be replaced for more CIS, CFL, NHL, CHL Shows(rotate 1 special for each over a 4 week cylce)

I'd watch a CFL, CIS(football) or NHL(canadian team) specials.

TSN needs the programming, a 1 Hour weekly CFL show pre-season is all previews(of course) but then during the season have it updates(10-15 minutes Review), then 20-25 Minute special on 1 team(1 unit off or Def) then the rest(10-15 mins) pre-viewing the week to come. (show would have around 50 mins to work with due to comercials) Let the show have 1 daytime slot a week(wensday or tuesday at 4 or 5) and replay 2 days a week(say wensday and saturday nights at 2 AM) + available online. Last say 2 weeks of the season and post-season the mid part of the show turns to playoff previews or analysing what went wrong with teams as they become eliminated(and how to fix it)(show can run from the first week of may(draft time) until First week of December(post cup wrap up)

Repeat the process for the NHL all winter, Start it up in September(First or second week) and run it all the way until June 30th(draft wrap up) or July 15th(partial FA coverage)

It would actually do alot for TSN should they do something like this because right now they don't look at all impartial, they are basicly Toronto Sports for the most part, if they did something like this having a weekly show that puts a different Canadian team(CFL team in CFL season, NHL during the NHL season) in the spotlight they would realize:

  1. They have strong viewership outside the GTA
  2. They can get much stronger viewership(ratings) just by sticking to their big money sports/Top Canadian Sports(NHL/CFL)

it is rather discusting that random southern State NBA or MLB teams, that don't have a canadian on them or a major league Star get more Coverage then sports canadians actually support.

Hockey/NHL is number one in canada
the CFL is number 2... why doesn't TSN's programming reflect that?
what's the average amount of airtime the CFL is getting weekly right now on sports center? maybe 5 minutes per hour?
How much is Baseball? 30 minutes per hour? yes there is more to cover but who cares? Not talking the Jays, I'm talking Marlins, Texans, Braves. Just completely Random Teams.

Sportscenter should change it so treat all the MLB except the Jays like they basicly treat the CHL right now, show a few exceptional highlights from maybe 2 games but for 90% of the games just show the scores and move on.
When Basketball starts up, Show the scores for southern teams and move on.
I'd rather see(as likely alot of people would) highlights from the AHL, CHL, NHL then a RANDOM southern NBA team.(not the Raps)

who cares about the Bobcats? I'm sure they have a few canadian fans, there are more Canadian fans for CIS football teams(Laval) or CHL hockey teams(Wheat kings, Knights) in canada(thus TSN's viewing audience) then fans of the fricken charlotte Bobcats or Indiana Pacers.

I'm not trying to insult the sport of basketball here or Baseball.
Why devote so much time to teams that don't matter to your audience?

CFL is a big audience, NHL is a big audience. MLB and NBA are only "big"(still smaller then NHL and CFL in terms of viewership) for a single team(the canadian one) it actually makes alot more sense to start showing AHL highlights between the Chicago Wolves and Grand Rapids Griffins then Pacers and Grizzles or Clippers of the NBA. on TSN or Sportsnet, Canadian only sports stations
well for one AHL in centralized alot more around the border and has alot of Canadian talent playing there, yet it gets almost no respect on TSN and virtually none on Sportsnet.
Yet both are Reaching for Programming?

I'd like to watch CIS football, it would be great to see it presented atleast at CBC quality or better yet TSN quality presentation instead of local TV station quality(one camera, some joe announcer) especially over baseball(ESPECIALLY if it does not include the Jays)

I'd like to watch AHL hockey that involves top NHL prospects instead of two random NBA teams.

Same goes for AHL, CHL or CIS(football) over most Golf, Racing or Fishing programming.

I'm sure there is a market for some of these but if there are people in canada who are die-hard say celtics fans they more then likely have a Boston Feed(satalite or other) so they can watch those games live they aren't going to sit around and watch TSN for the highlights, there are not that many general NBA or MLB fans in canada especially not enough to devote every sports station in canada to constantly replay the hightlights.

The only people watching Sportscenter and that are just watching for the main highlights normally(CFL, NHL or something Major(record breaking) and could care less about baseball.

It is also really rather depressing how much press space it takes up.
am I wrong? are there die hard baseball fans(MLB fans) other then the Blue Jays?

Compare that number of fans of the MLB vs. NBA vs. AHL vs. CIS(footie) vs. CHL
Compare their airtime on TSN or Sportsnet

Do they line up?(I'm guessing no)
I can't even name 1 person who cares at all about the MLB.
I know alot that will watch CFL, NHL, NCAA, NFL, AHL, CIS, CHL. but MLB without the Jays playing, can't think of one person.

FIBA basketball is the basketball eqivalent of FIFA (soccer).

Great stuff! Go Team Canada!

remember in '05, the LDC had the argos -cats draw 975,000 and the alberta game drew something like 700,000.

that was a good year for the CFL.

Great news. Of course for me I understand as I watch all the games I possibly can, it doesn't matter if my Cats aren't doing well, watching a game between any teams is my event of the week. CFL football is the best!
We've made a friend of TSN by not playing silly games with them and in the next round of negotiations I think we'll see a better deal being "good faith" type partners.

Hey, barnes, I am a massive CFL fan, watch every game, but i also am a NASCAR fan, and if TSN showed some stupid preview show over my nascar i would never watch tsn again. BTW, last saturday's night race was 500 laps, on a half mile track, round and round, you dont think they are athletes?

I'm not a big racing fan although I don't mind watching a bit now that I have a surround sound system for my TV, sounds neat, but yes these guys are athletes for sure, the concentration and movements of the feet and hands and split second decisions for 500 laps I can't imagine, certainly more strenous than golf on average I would have to say. Heck, if I don't have enough sleep, I can't even drive for more than 1/2 hour before I'm a danger behind the wheel.

...i totally agree with you Earl.....Cohon is a money and promo guy....the next set of negotiations between the CFL and Tsn will be a lot more lucrative for the league....i think more in-depth coverage is on the horizon as we speak....(or in this case write)....The league is always looking for more exposure...and Mark Cohon was hired to do just that.....that's his 'baby'...he will be successful... :thup:

There is no better exposure which will garner greater TV numbers then to expand the league to the east coast, QC and Atlantic Canada asap.

Well, lets put it in perspective shall we. The Raptors have only been around for 12 years. Give them time. We just tied our record for franchise wins, and we won our first division title.

No doubt...

And can someone give me the cliff notes for Barnes's post? Jesus! :o

Hockey good.

Football good.

Basketball bad.

Any of you people who think the NBA is hugely popular in Canada I guess can continue to live in your little dreamworlds.

But the bottom line is the Raptors barely averaged over 100,000 viewers nationally on TSN last year, and other NBA games were doing in the mid 50's.

All I'm sayin' is why do we pay so much attention to these American sports up here when they don't even involve us, and nobody gives a rats ass?

It’s the wannabee thing here in the Centre of the Universe that permiates the local media big time. Shame shame.

Where to you get the info?

Maybe because it’s inexpensive yet relatively high quality entertainment. Even if it gets small numbers compared to the CFL and NHL, they likely cost little or nothing to produce and make for great filler. The problem is that too many talking heads and media bingo callers attach importance to these sports simply because they’re on TV and don’t think about the real reason they are there has little to do with popularity.

CFLman, from some of the local papers that carry the results each Tuesday.

No one said the NBA was hugely popular, just that you are an ignorant moron who needs to get a lot more open minded.
Obviously NBA games will average a lot less viewers because basketball teams play way more games which means they are on TV a lot more.
Just because you like the CFL doesn’t mean you have to bash every other sport. Are you saying we should only watch CFL and hockey because they are not American leagues? It should be about entertainment, not where the players or teams are from.

Name calling I Believe is not necessary.

Seconded. Try to get your point across in other ways, Blue.

There is no question our media attaches more importance to MLB, NBA & NFL happenings, than their interest and ratings in Canada should warrant.

I put it down to laziness and stupidity by the editors, producers and reporters.

There is an endless stream of professionally produced video highlights available for all the American sports. It is easier to fill the spaces around the ads with this redi-made U.S. sports package, rather than produce their own amateurish CFL stuff (two field goals from the endzone camera and an abruptly edited td catch with the narration out of sync :slight_smile:.

The Canadian media obviously should cover the CFL more indepth. It's a uniquely Canadian league that is very popular and if they won't cover it, who will?

Ok, now back to reports from all the NFC Northwest division training camps! And tomorrow video from all the NFC Southwest camps, and...

You also forgot to mention coverage of NCAA football, which is the most stupid part of Canadian(Toronto only) coverage for any of the American sports.
Ratings for these games are abysmal and make the numbers for soccer and NBA look awesome.