CFL No. 1 For Third Straight TV Week

Not only did we hit the top spot for this the third week in a row, the runner up spot was garnered.

TOP 10

  1. CFL, Friday Argos-Bombers TSN @ 412,000 Third highest audience and well above average of 348,000 up 3% from 06
  2. CFL, Saturday Ham-Montr CBC @ 363,000 down from season average of 378,000. Of further note, not included is the added "X" factor or RDS in Quebec which the last number I read earlier in the year was averaging close to 200,000. So in excess of 500,000
  3. Auto Racing, Nascar Saturday TSN @ 315,000
      1. Blue Jays MLB Tor-LA Sportsnet Sunday @ 305,000, Saturday @ 286,000, Friday @ 257,000. Not bad numbers keeping in mind Friday & Saturday late starts.
  4. Track & Field Sunday CBC @ 156,000
  5. Soccer, MLS Saturday DC-Tor CBC @ 143,000 well above average of 100,000
  6. MLB Sunday LA-NYM Sportsnet @ 120,000
  7. Golf PGA Sunday Final Round TSN @ 119,000

Here is some noteables lower end well below infomercial numbers:

Auto Racing, Champ Car Sunday Score @ 2,000(not a misprint)
FIBA Basketball Team Canada games 36,000 & 52,000
FIBA Basketball Team USA game 41.000
NFL Preseason Sunday night TSN @ 110,000, Soccer type numbers

And we should see some really big numbers this week with the local blackouts lifted and sell outs galore!

As long as the networks don't decide to show the end of a golf tournament or a Nick Nolte movie instead.

Definitely! We've got some great games this weekend. Only problem, will the numbers include the Monday games?

Probably since Monday is a holiday.

Wasn’t sure about that. We should be able to take the top 4 spots then. :smiley:

I will predict it right here!

  1. Bombers at Riders @ 627,000
  2. Eskimos at Stamps @ 573,000
  3. Argos at Ticats @ 513,000
  4. Lions Als @ 484,000

Bold predictions indeed

Isn't it becoming more and more obvious that when the games are not blacked out in the home market, you get big ratings for the CFL?

Too bad the TV money isn't worth it for the league to lift local blackouts for non-sellouts. But with these numbers you wonder why the TV money wasn't more?

And about the other ratings? Blue jay numbers are the product of a big Toronto market. NFL is as expected, except to the media.

And this FIBA basketball? When will somebody finally admit that we just don't give a rats ass about basketball?

Well, I don't follow FIBA, but I do follow the Raptors.


....maybe because he likes it? Just a thought.....

Why not? Is it really so surprising that a Canadian would follow a sports team based in Canada? :roll:'s basketball.

Oh okay, so you don't like it, which means no one else should it. :roll:

The NCAA tournament is a great exhibition of the game.

Regular season NBA? Puh-leeze.

I have news for you. Basketball is probably the worst rated sport on Canadian TV. Raptors, NBA, NCAA, WNBA and any other A you can think of.

Not making judgement about the actual sport. Just giving the facts. Basketball in Canada is like hockey in Alabamie. Nobody cares.

News for who? You're preaching to the choir on this site. Every week these TV rating threads turn into a place to bash every sport thats not the CFL. And also a place to bash any person who may support a sport thats not the CFL, and any media outlet willing to give coverage to a sport that is not the CFL. The closed-mindedness of some people amazes me.

Its just the facts man.
And really, whats funny is these sports like basketball get more coverage then the CFL from the national media. Figger that one out?

What facts? You said “basketball is probably the worst rated sport on Canadian tv”. Sounds to me like you are pulling those “facts” out of your behind.

Also basketball seems to get more coverage for several reasons; it is a 30 team league versus an 8 team league, they play 82 games vs. 18 games per season and contrary to what you may think, lots of people follow basketball.

Constant analysis of the CFL isn’t needed anyway. There is only so much you can say about an 8 team league before you are repeating yourself over and over. Even the NFL, with 30 teams, has managed to over analyse the league.

The CfL sells it self...
Because it's good old Football..
The other reason, CFL is Gold...
Except for those rotten Green Riders.
We'll fix green wagons on Saturday...
And then we'll play on Sunday...