CFL Nissan Titan Power Rankings

The CFL Nissan Titan Power rankings for this past week 9 show the Ti-Cats in third behind Winnipeg, and Calgary in first all with the same records at 5-2, yet the Tiger-Cats have beaten both teams this season?

Seems odd that the Tiger-Cats should sitting in third and yet when you look at the stats in the CFL so far this year the Cats are right up there, in total offence we sit in second one yard behind Winnipeg and number One in team defence?

Who creates the weekly rankings for the CFL?

Seems odd that the Tiger-Cats are sitting in third as compared to Winnipeg and Calgary at week 9 in the power rankings?


I’s likely since we list to Sask and just eaked out a win at home to a 1 and 6 BC Team. Also our elite QB Masoli is out fir the season and Evans has been OK at best

No worries . Once we sign Ricky Ray there will be no stopping us . ;D


Winnipeg lost to Dane Evans and Bethel Thompson…

pretty sure wpg opponents had a few other players on the field as well.

Im using the same logic that they’re using for the power rankings.

anyone willing to post their own power rankings?

As most point out they are pretty useless.

It would be better to group the teams into tiers

The Contender Tier

Calgary, Edmonton, Hamilton, Saskatchewan, Winnipeg

The Mediocre Tier

Montreal, Ottawa

The Have Not Tier

BC, Toronto

I always enjoy watching people debate why their team should be higher (or lower on rare occasion)

I’m in the camp that doesnt mind too much if my team isn’t getting the respect I think it ought to. Makes beating the top ranked teams more enjoyable.

But come on people, Winnipeg losing to Toronto should keep them out of the top spot for more than 1 week. They were not overly impressive against Calgary

Did anyone bother to look at the date of those power rankings? It also mentioned the Cats loss to the Riders. Also, we are 6-2

I’ll play


did I win?

Post of the season so far!

Lol, no one wins this game, but I will make a list too


Winnipeg losing to Toronto and our near loss to BC motivated me to drop both teams the way I did. The top 5 is a crap shoot IMHO

I put EDM first partly because they are the Western team I hate the least at the moment, also that D is VERY GOOD

National Post has:

Argue between 1 & 2, 3 & 4, and 5 & 6.
Seems sensible overall.

Okay I take it back, EDM hasn’t beat anyone with a winning record, admittedly I’ve paid the least attention to them this year.

my revised list:


I’ve decided there is no fair way to put the top 3 ahead or below each other. All 3 have taken turns looking dominant as well having very mediocre performances.
There is no clear cut dominant team in the league this year

Some of these so-called pundits will be reluctant to put the Cats at number 1 since Evans was a virtual unknown a few weeks ago. If Evans continues to evolve and win then the scribes will have no choice than to position the Cats as the top seed. Especially if we do well in our Western road swing.

;D ;D ;D

The power rankings are in for week 10.

I find it odd that when Winnipeg lose their starting Qb, yet they don’t lose their #1 status.
Edmonton really should be in 1st place, they are playing their best football and still have their starting Qb.
We should be #2, best record in the league and Dane has played more games than Streveller.

Maybe power ranking is just a marketing feature - so TSN can say the #1 ranked team is playing the #2 ranked team.?

That is odd, isn’t it? I guess the people who make up this list have a lot of confidence in Streveler, figuring that the Bombers won’t miss a step with him taking over.

Uh, yeah.

The Cats have beaten every team that they’ve played . They are 7 - 2 and the Esks are 6 - 3 . Logically the Catsshould be the top ranked team .

They haven’t beaten the Esks yet but that’s not their fault . They haven’t played them yet but the Esks are ranked higher . This is silly and illogical .

Pat Lynch ( the senior partner in the law firm of Fleecem Cheatum and Howe )

If there was only one 9 team division, This would be the standings as of today

  1. Hamilton
  2. Winnipeg
  3. Edmonton
  4. Saskatchewan
  5. Calgary
  6. Montreal
  7. Ottawa
  8. BC
  9. Toronto