CFL & NFL Trading crds

I collect trading cards and I must go to Canada (I'm from Belgium - Europe) each year (Montréal, Québec, Hamilton, ...) I'm looking for shops who have ol and new football trading cards. Do you know any addresses?

Another question : what do you think about the CFL trading cards (Jogo, Extreme) and the coverage of this sport in USA with Topps, UD, Sage, ...?

Thanks for all.


If you're in Ottawa, look up a place called Gamebreakers on Baseline road. I haven't been there in a while, but they had all kinds of selection.

If your in Hamilton check out the hall of fame, they have plenty of stuff.

If you're ever at my house I'll sell you a couple of Rocket Ishmael rookie cards.

you should put those on ebay

Are they worth anything?

Thanks for your answers. I really appreciate. But do you think the coverage by trading cards of Football is good or not? Unless i forget a trademark, there is only Jogo & Extreme cards for the CFL...

If you've some cards (decks) to trade, i'm interested in too...



Not that I collect cards, but a good spot is , based in Calgary.