CFL/NFL to Toronto?

Ok is anyone as sick of this topic as I am?
This is a CFL site not an NFL site. Why must we always compare? Fact one: I doubt the NFL will ever come to Toronto its just a pipe dream of Paul Godfrey.
Fact Two: The CFL is second only to the NHL in terms of fan interest in Canada. The CFL is above the NFL, NBA and MBL.
If you look at the NFL site there is no talk on the CFL and which league is better. We have our league and the Americans have their league. AND YES OUR LEAGUE IS A BETTER GAME.... SO LETS GO WITH THAT.

If you're so sick of it, why make this thread?

always been on the CFL side, however, US college make Canadian college seem like peewee, sigh

Tried to watch the sask man game but zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

That is a great game!

I will admit that the Canadian college game suffers from a lack of talent, but that could be because of the presence of the CJFL as well. A lot of Canadian talent comes from junior football-- all you have to do is look at how many Rams grads made the jump the to the CFL when they were a part of that league.

geargo: I agree with the intent of your post, but you made one small mistake. You said that the NFL coming to Toronto is a pipe dream of Paul Godfrey's. What you should have said is that it's a CRACK pipe dream of Godfrey's. Thanks for your time...I just wanted to clarify.

but the gator game on at the same time was much better

If it weren't for topics like this one, we wouldn't have any opportunity to keep kicking Paul Godfrey.

Ssshhhhhh NCAA Football shall never be spoken of!

NCAA is fine. There were a couple pretty big upsets today

re ncaa- when i watch ncaa its allways one sided , with one teams rb, running over some small schools D. , CIS has some parity, ncaa is better for broadcasting ,but crowds are getting bigger esp in quebec schools, cheers

I like NCAA football, I also like CIS football. I don't think the two are comparable in talent (unfortunately), unlike the CFL and NFL, which are comparable. Still, I like watching the Canadian game, and the CIS is a lot of fun to watch.

Bringing up CFL vs NFL topics is preaching to the choir over here (except for Argos_Bills, but he's a "special case"). But hopefully it will somehow spread, and the media will take note of how the CFL actually deserves more attention than the NFL, not the other way around ...

When comparing American college ball to CIS, the question is, how many tier 2 and 3 games do you get to see on TV?.
That is the fair comparison, and many players at that level end up in both the NFL and CFL.
But yes, tier one NCAA football is a pretty good brand of football. After the CFL, it is the most entertaining to watch.

To put it in focus, I believe around 10-12000 players graduate from American colleges each year, and only a few hundred from CIS.
The NFL drafted about 400 players. The CFL drafted 48.

I'm not sure which the six "big" conferences are in the NCAA, but I think they're the ACC, Big East, Big 10, Big 12, Pac 10, and SEC (plus Notre Dame, who is independent, whatever that means). From those six and ND, there are 66 teams. There are 27 teams in the CIS ... Apparently the NCAA uses different roster sizes for home and away games (you can have up to 105 (105!!) players at a home game, but only up to 56 at road games. So 66 teams times 56 players gives 3,696 players graduating from the six "big" conferences.