CFL/NFL Player Size

So here are a few stats to add to the debate about the player size of CFL to NFL players. I took the current rosters for theLions/Alouettes and the Bears/Colts and compared the average weight (Note that I used 62 players for Montreal, as listed on their website, but 53 for the other three teams.) This is what I got:

[b]BC Lions - Average Weight: 231.7 pounds
Montreal Alouettes - Average Weight: 229.6 pounds

Chicago Bears - Average Weight: 239.8 pounds
Indianapollis Colts - Average Weigth: 237.2 pounds.[/b]

The NFL conference champions have the edge over the CFL divisions champions, but the Colts only have 5 pounds per player on the Lions. The Alouette average might be closer if the heaviest 53 players were used...

CFL=skill over size
NFL=size over skill

I'll do some comparisons of height as well. It would be interesting to see some comparisons of speed too.

As someone who hasn't watched a lot of NFL, I expected to see a huge difference when I watched a number of NFL playoff games this year. I just didn't see it. Football is football...

Do you have actual evidence to base this statement on?

Despite what a lot of non-NFL-watching posters on this forum say , there are a lot of real good athletes in the NFL . Very big guys who are real fast . Have you ever seen some guys like ,say , Julius Peppers run?? A 290lb D-lineman who can run as fast as a running back??
When Mike Sellars played in the CFL he was a standout big fullback but he's just an average one down there . Sorry , but I got to call BS on you.

I prefer the CFL myself too , but I'm not about to make up BS to support my preference.

Why are most NFL running backs 230 pounds? Why are 90% of their QBs over 6'3"? Are you trying to tell me that every skilled athlete is that big?

They would rather have an immobile stiff that's 6'6" in Ben Roethlesberger than skilled players who can scramble and pass well like Printers and Dickenson.

I'll say it again. The NFL emphasizes size over skill.

its true NFL = size over skill

u have two athletes playing the same is slightly more skilled than the other, but a bit smaller....the NFL takes the larger, less skilled guy.

example....doug flutie and jeff Garcia were in the CFL for so long cuz they're smaller.

ricky williams was an NFL god, but comes here and is less than average...where a small guy named CHARLES ROBERTS owned him.

Well than apparently size beats skill because no way in hell would BC or Montreal have a chance in the NFL.

They would win a few games but would be picking in the top 10.

I like the CFL and enjoy its style but people who think the NFL doesn't care about skill are idiots.

Peyton Manning may be a statue but I gaurantee every CFL team would love to have him over their current QB.

Both are good.

What a load of rubbish . Size does not equal lack of skill. Why do the Seahawks as well as other teams have D-linemen who are only 270 lbs, less than some of Lions guys???????????

i never said size = lack of skill

THIs issue could be settled this way, In the nfl there are 4 downs, So Nfl teams employ exxtra large linemen etc for short yardage plays, they account for the bigger averages, This coming season should see smaller cfl rosters because ricky williams wont be here, A return to slotbacks formations. imo-The CFL gets its players differently than nfl, but as Ricky Williams said the skill level is the same.

Ricky Williams didn't cause bigger CFL rosters.

They're two different games. Maybe every CFL team would be clamouring for Peyton Manning if he was to come up here, but there's absolutely NO guarantee that he'd dominate the league. NFL teams will pick a bigger guy over a smaller, perhaps slightly better player - and that's fine. Again, it's because they're two different games, and hence a bigger guy may fit better in the NFL. Of course the NFL cares about skill - but they also care a lot more about size. You have to be much, MUCH better than the guy you're competing with if you're smaller than him.

I would say that the absolute best football players go to the NFL, sure. But, I'd also say the best CFL players are better than 90% of the players in the NFL. But more than that, I'd say they're two different games that require two different types of players.

the best CFL players are better than 90% of the players in the NFL.
so why dont these players go to the nfl and make triple the money and live closer to there homes (american players that is)

They got Printers and so far he's looked like stiff down there.

Funny how the guys who constantly run down the NFL ,claim to know all about so that they can make "qualified statements" about it , and yet at the same time NEVER watch it. :roll:
How would you guys know if the athletes aren't as good if you NEVER watch the game?

Garcia is 6-1 ,not exactly a runt. He’s also had a pretty good NFL career , so what’s your point about him?

Roberts and Williams never played on the field at the same time , so could Charlie own him? :roll: How good would Charlie do in the NFL? They pay way more, why doesn’t he go try it out? Or does he just prefer to play for less?

You may as well have.

In the CFL, offenses are going to exploit the area provided to them by the size of the field of play. All this means is that a 400lb DT is going to be pretty useless since a miniscule amount of plays are going to be run up the gut and with 3 downs, a team can afford to give up 4 yard per carry average... so the focus isn't going to be on relentless run stopping. The focus should be on preventing the deep play & attacking the passer... thus more track stars & less sumo wrestlers...

Also consider the CFL plays an extra man per side. On offense this means an extra reciever. On defense, an extra defensive back. Consider also that tight-ends are effectively replaced by slot recievers with accordingly slender builds.

I think that would account for most of the 10lb average difference in weight.