Beginning this season, a group of NFL officials will have the opportunity to work as part of CFL crews during preseason and regular-season games in June and July, prior to starting their NFL season at the league’s annual officiating clinic in late July.
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This can only be a good thing! :thup:

In before Seymour wants all American Officials. :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: ( sorry, couldn't help it )

This certainly isnt iron sharpening iron here. They both suck lol

Interesting to see how the NFL refs react with all the early motion and the receivers crowding the line of scrimmage, catches with only one foot in bounds, etc.

Could be interesting :slight_smile:

I imagine most refs come up "through the ranks", college (CIS or NCAA), amateur, semi-pro etc. Lots of rules tweeks and twists, even differences along the way. I'm sure they will cope just fine, and if wrong call made, probably the reason we get the odd "There is no penalty on the play" call after a flag is thrown.

IMO, inter-league and inter-conference mixing can only help improve the product. More supervision and post-game appraisals, if nothing else.

Yep NFL has another training Ground free of Charge

The nationality of officials in the CFL is irrelevant to me as long as they are competent. Competent officials help to improve the overall quality of the on-field product which is vital.

Apparently, Glen Johnson determined last season’s crews were lacking because I believe he fired several people after the season and has now entered into this program (hopefully to the benefit of both leagues).

It appears that this situation may not be as one sided as you have inferred:

From the CFL’s perspective, this is huge for development. Several officials will get the opportunity to receive even more high-end, tailored training from the NFL’s development program. No one in professional sports has more financial might than the NFL which means access to resources that weren’t previously available.

It’s also a chance to get more reps, and that carries over to both leagues. A group of younger NFL officials will get the chance to work north of the border in June and July to get ready for the start of their season in August. That gives them valuable extra time on the field calling top notch, professional ball.

On the other side, we’re talking about lots of extra time for the CFL’s guys, too. In addition to the extra training resources made available, they’ll get the chance to attend mini-camps and training camps and an opportunity to work in some NFL pre-season games, too. Remember, CFL officials are not employed full-time, so these extra reps are going to be huge.

And that leads to the final really important thing about this historic partnership. This gives an opportunity for CFL officials to keep on climbing the ladder.

“We’re excited,? said CFL Senior Vice President, Football Glen Johnson. “A group of our officials will actively participate in the NFL Development Program and now have a formal path forward to be considered as prospects in their league.?

It’s tough not to see this as a win-win on both sides of the border.

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