CFL & NFL Can co-exist together in Canada!

No, I have not finally gone senile. I may have attended Turkeybends creative writting class last night, but listen to my plan, it will work.

Our NFL franchise will be called the Canadian Beavers. We will play 2 home games in Montreal, Toronto, Edmonton and Vancouver. That way, by spreading out the home games, it won't hurt any one CFL franchise. Canada will have its first NFL team, and the CFL will survive forever.

On the Positives, it will create Canadian unity!

Picture ro1313 and Roar Lions Roar, singing the National Anthem (Bilingually) together at Center field.

Picture RW2005, Arius,and Piggy "high-fiving" (Dressed in Team Canada Jerseys) each other as the Beavers score each touch down.

Yes, this concept might work! :wink: :wink:

Sorry but the commissioner of the CFL and NFL won't go for it, you know, the Right Honourable Mr. Paul Godfrey. :lol:
Good idea in theory though I have to admit!

Sportsman- yours is a very creative concept!!!
Congrats. It would work in Canada I believe. It would solve the issue of Toronto getting an NFL team thereby destroying the CFL sponors etc.
HOwever, I agree with Earl that the powers to be would veto it.
What a cool idea though. A Canadian team.
Of course there would have to be one city as the home city for practises etc. I'd bet the games would be very well attended even though the rules (NFL) provide a more boring game.

Kudos to your creativity Sportsman.
Of course Gainer the Gopher should be the mascot and the nickname of the team should be the Prairie Gophers!!!!! you run this one by might be on to something....however your BIG city bias is showing...what happened to the games in Cal...Sask. Wpg. and the Hammer....i think the fans in these cities would like to see THE CANADIAN BEAVERS of the nfl...dam right...

And think about the cheerleaders!!!

The Beaver Tails!


Part two of my plan. The revenue generated by the Canadian Beavers would go to Winnipeg Sask, Calgary and Hamilton to upgrade their stadiums. Right now, the four I chose are the only ones close enough to NFL seating requirements.

Canadian Beavers! Altogether now....

Go Beavers Go!

Hey Arius, Piggy and I do this already! You forgot Pappa! What the heck?

Sportman for Prime Minister!!!

What? You have that job!

Someone suggested that already maybe it was you I cant remember.

Part three of my plan was to hire Brian Mulrooney and Jean Chretien to lobby Ottawa for more tax breaks to finance all this, tax deductions for Team Canada Players and Wives since they are to be constantly moved around for those 8 home games! I figured those two had their noses in the tax trough all those years that they could finance player apartments during the home games!

:lol: :lol: :lol:

Go Beavers Go!

New to the forum. great reading everyones comments. For years everyone has been arguing which game is better(CFL), which players are better(doesn't matter 2 different styles). @ the end of the day the NFL is all hype, while the CFL is all substance. It all comes down to media coverage. Our Media is mandated to push Canadian content, that should also mean SPORTS, including Canadian college games. Lets see our future stars.


...noses in the tax-trough....that's an understatement sport, more like they immersed their whole bodies in it....we need to get this team off the ground ,so i guess i better take it easy on Lyin'Brian and Sponsorship'Jean....we need their expert'savvy' on how to get some easy funding ... heh heh Go Beavers..... :thup: :lol:

Since there are 8 home games for NFL teams, then have a game in every CFL city as their home schedule. BUT which city gets the home playoff game if this were to happen?

Vancouver of course! January the Canucks are traditionally out of the Playoffs, the Toronto fans still think the Maple Laffs can make the playoffs.

Playoff game at BC Place.....A No-Brainer! :wink:

Maybe I'm still a little winded from my run, but the math just don't add up here... 2 home games... 4 cities... not to mention the NFL has 8 home games... How many Rye and Cokes did you have before you came up with this? :lol:

this will be the death of CFL. First Buffalo moves to Toronto, then expansion in Vancouver. CFL = Dead.

...two home games in each of four cities = eight home I'm not a math teacher, but...