CFL Newcomer of the Year

It seems like there were more NFL free Agents this season that came to the CFL for the first time and have made immediate impacts and are one of the best in the league at their position. Just like with the other awards some players that I selected from each team played a smaller role than some from other teams but for their particular team they were the best newcomer that are not rookies.

Since Joe Burnett is the only one on the list that leads the league in any meaningful stat, (6 interceptions) I have gone with him. I fully expect the offensive players will get the most attention, as usual and that a certain city will vote en masse as always to insure that another meaningless accolade goes their way.

I'd give an honourable mention to Burnett, he's had a great year. I gave it to Sheets, an offensive player, who quietly racked up the all purpose yards behind historic seasons from Cornish and Harris.

And if you're going to slag a team, at least get it right. It's a PROVINCE, not a city. There's only 2 teams that don't have a city in their names, and you picked one of them. Slow clap, Have some Wisers.

I'm flummoxed by a couple of selections -- mostly Sam Giguere, who did absolutely nothing this year, when a better candidate would be Onrea Jones, who spent a few years jumping from PR to PR in the NFL -- but out of those selected, I think Burnett, Sheets and Simpson should get the lion's share of the votes. Burnett had six INTs, Sheets and Simpson both put up over 1,000 yards rushing, and Sheets finished tied for rushing TDs tied for second in total TDs. I'll go Sheets, but ever so slightly. I think any of the three would be reasonable choices.

Stop picking on BC!

For me, it's really tight between Sheets and Simpson, so I just went ahead and picked Simpson.

Burnett was excellent, too. He deserves some recognition. But I go with Simpson and Sheets before him (and lest I be accused of any offensive player bias or hating the Eskimos or anything.. if I could give out MOP, my pick would be JC Sherritt).

By the way, Voice of Reason... is rushing TDs not a meaningful stat?

I'm a rum man myself. The point is that because the fans in one "province" blindly dominate virtually every poll initiated, it demeans the results when the is a ligitimate candidate like Sheets. If there were some insight other that he comes from the easiest province to draw, there would be more credibility to the polls.

That is my bad with Onrea Jones I did my best to make sure that I found the top player for each team that fit into this category and Jones had slipped by me. So there is a great argument that jones would be the player from Hamilton opposed to Giguere. Ultimatley though it comes down to Simpson and sheets with Burnett a possibility. Gieguere did however do alot for Hamilton this season that went unnoticed he was part of the kick off return men for the entire season which finished 2nd in the CFL and he also played on coverage teams. With Jones finish to the season he would may gotten the edge from me if i realized it. His explosive KO returns the last few games were maybe the difference.
Good Catch

Now that divisional All-Stars have been named, only those who made the grade should be considered. That leaves only Watkins, Simpson, and Burnett. Looks like Sheets doesn't make the grade when Saskatchewan fans can't stuff the ballot box.

Or maybe it just meant that there were two very good backs ahead of him in the west. I'm not saying Simpson isn't a good back, he is, but I think that Sheets is better. If I were to rank the top RB's in the league it would go Cornish, Harris/Sheets, Simpson, Cobourne. I would have had Whitaker in there too but who knows with his injury how he will be coming back. I got Harris and Sheets together as I think Sheets is a better runner while Harris is more versatile in the passing game. I think the fact that Sheets had 278 touches (catches and runs) and only fumbled once is also a massive positive. Ball security is an underrated attribute. His 13 Tds aren't to shabby either.

I think if this was a real calgary like league MOP, defense, Canadian, SP, Rookie MOPs i beleive it would have come down to simpson in the east and sheets in the west.
So next year they should add the category of Newcomer MOP with the criteria I mentioned first year in CFL but not having rookie status.

I completely agree. On a side-note, Rider fans stuffing the ballot box is the reason why the TSN play of the year showdown is now completely irrelevant. I remember when Dressler's routine catch beat out SJ Greene's head-long, diving, one-handed catch. Ever since then I stopped paying attention to the play of the year showdown. No integrity.

I'm no Rider fan, but Sheets was in tough against probably the two best backs in the league. Cobourne, who I am a big fan of, was named an all star after playing only half the season and rushing for just over 700 yards because the competition in the East was weak. After Simpson, who else was there? Kackert didn't light the league on fire (and missed a few games to boot) and Whitaker was out. Cobourne was named an all-star almost by default.

I don't know why VoR has this hate-on for Sheets, but the guy was great this year. He wasn't better than Cornish or Harris, but it is not Sheets' fault that he plays in the same division as two of the best backs currently going. If Sheets was in the East, he'd be an all star no questions asked. He suffers because of the talent at that position in the division he plays in. Don't know why he should be punished for that.

I get VoR's accusation of ballot stuffing by Rider fans -- the "game of the week" on TSN 2 this week was Saskatchewan-BC, one of the worst games this year -- but I don't think you can accuse fans of ballot stuffing when the candidate in question is actually deserving. Sheets is deserving because he had one heckuva first year in the CFL. Anyone who disputes that, IMO, just comes off as a hater.

Well said Blogskee :slight_smile:

Injuries to the East really ravaged what could have been fantastic years to some of the backs. Obviously that waters down the All Star selection, because someone has to win.

it was tough to pick between simpson, sheets, and burnett, but since both simpson and sheets were such a huge part of both teams offence i narrowed it down to them

i gave my vote to sheets but it was close. simpson had only 200 yards less despite only starting in 13 games. had simpson played a full season he might have been the leagues leading rusher. simpson also has the edge in YPC

that being said i chose sheets because of his high number of tds (11) and his 500 receiving yards to go along with his rushing totals

I agree they both are just about as equal as it gets. You can see how they both have dominated from the RB spot in the CFL. They both were RBs who were major parts of their teams while they played in the NFL. They were not practice roster guys they were top back ups, returning kicks, and starting at times. Both entered the point where they were not going to be a number 1 back in the NFL but could have still been great number 2 backs and return kicks but teams need that space for promising rookies and 2nd year guys. Coming to the CFL was a football career move for them. They want to be in the CFL and starting at RB and it has shown. You alsways here about RBs who did not do well, Ricky Williams, it was because they did not want to be in the CFL. Burnett, Bennent , and Watkins all the same from the DB position.
New TN deal after next season will lead to a higher salary cap right in time for there option years for a raise an extention to be signed.