CFL New Year's Resolutions

I was just reading Jack Bedell's column with his New Years resolutions. I thought it'd be interesting to discuss ours.

1. I resolve to follow some advice B.C.’s Wally Buono passed out a few years ago after the Lions won the Grey Cup in Winnipeg. I’m going to spend more time praising teams for what they do well instead of nitpicking over their mistakes.
  1. In honour of the Calgary Stampeders’ championship run last year, I promise never to use the words “Stampeders? and “potential? in the same sentence.

  2. I resolve to appreciate the steady professionalism of players like Ricky Ray, Kamau Peterson, and Dario Romero more often, and not pay so much attention to highlight-reel plays.

  3. Unlike last season when I promised to keep my expectations in check for the Hamilton Ti-Cats, this year I pledge to hold the Tabbies to high standards. It’s your time, guys.

  4. I definitely hope to bring some of the discipline and attention to detail to my columns in 2009 as the Montreal Alouettes showed under Marc Trestman last season.

  5. Under no circumstances do I want to mention broken bones in any reference to the Saskatchewan Roughriders this season.

  6. I resolve to emulate the Argonauts’ Michael Clemons as often as possible this year, taking each day as an opportunity to smile.

  7. Finally, I promise to avoid holding 2008 against the Winnipeg Blue Bombers when discussing the team’s prospects for 2009.

I'd definitely like to be more patient with the officials (not that I was ever that impatient with them before), and I think a lot of people should include this in their lists. Obviously, there are times when the refs should be taken to task, like when the Calgary player was ejected after the second play. That was just dumb. But we shouldn't get upset over every little bad call or no-call.

I'd like to follow some of my other favourite teams more closely. I follow the Eskimos pretty closely, but I never follow my second and third favourite teams, except in the standings.

Finally, I'd like to learn more about the CFL. Take the option year for example; I had no idea what that was about. I'd like to learn about more things like that.

Those are some of my resolutions. What about you guys?

I want to learn to use the search function expertly so I can go back and read all of sanduskyohiobro's posts from his humble beginnings to his glorious ALL CAPS present.

I thought he was always all caps… :lol:

But on a related note, I also hope people learn to use the search function. We might not get as many topics about putting a team in Quebec City. :lol:

Expansion and rule changes......RO, how many thousand are there again? :wink:

I resolve to stay in my chair and laugh instead of rolling all over the floor laughing when people post about expansion to Red Deer, Saskatoon, Victoria and Kelowna.

I resolve to stop teasing the Bomber posters about Taman looking for a new Coach in 2011, (Darn, I broke that one already) :lol: :lol: :lol:

I resolve never to go in the non-topic area to discuss politics....nothing good can come of that.

I made my resolution, and so far, 13 days into the new year, I am holding to it.

I resolved that, in 2009, I am going to be exactly the same as I was in 2008. So far, I am.

I make that resolution every year........................................

many yrs. ago I made a resolution to never make resolutions and it's still working.

I'd like to learn more about the positions that the players play (i.e what their assignment is, responsibilities...almost like a football 101). Anyone got any iseas where I can look for this info.

I'd also like to review the rulebook...Is that available?

I resolve to get my sources straight when I make outrageous claims and to be more careful about calling people bad names. Oh my goodness I'm still five years old. When am I going to grow up! :oops:

I always go to Wiki for that kind of information. I know some people say it's not the most reliable source, but it still has some good stuff.