CFL New Stadium Road Trip

I've been a long time viewer of these forums but obviously I am a first time poster. I'm from BC (since 2002) but grew up in Saskatchewan so obviously I’m a Riders fan. In any-case I’ve seen others post things like this here so I thought I would try it. I’m taking a road trip this summer and I have tickets to the following games:

July 17: Edmonton @ Winnipeg
July 26: Ottawa @ Hamilton
August 2: Saskatchewan @ Ottawa

Well the last time I was in Winnipeg was 20 years ago and it’s been even longer since I’ve been to Ontario. In other words I don’t know any of the three cities all that well so I thought I would see if anyone has suggestions on:

  • Good places to stay
  • Things to do
  • And finally good places to be on game day.

Hamilton has tailgating at Scott Park, across the street from THF. :thup:

On July 26th you might want to plan to be in Toronto....

Who knows if Tim Hortons Field will be ready by then :stuck_out_tongue:

make sure to take some video of the inside and outside of the stadiums ( mainly ottawa and hamilton, as i did one for IGF last year ) and concourse area and post it here.

Not sure what your accommodation budget/tastes are but there are two new hotels that have recently opened to good reviews in downtown Hamilton - a Staybridge Suites and Homewood Suites that friends have stayed at and found quite good.

If the game in Hamilton goes as planned on July 26, book a room at
the Best Western Premier C-Hotel! You will not be disappointed.
World class hotel and restaurant. Check out Trip Advisor.
Any issues just ask for mtncat. (Paul)

Enjoy your trip...sounds awesome!

MtnCat is right - that hotel gets the best reviews in Hamilton and is very convenient to highways (the Linc and Red Hill Parkway) - BUT - it is on the southeast end of the 'mountain' in Hamilton a little bit isolated to get to especially without a car. Believe me I know as I don't own a car right now and have gone to some functions there and also my bowling league bowls in a bowling complex across the street from that hotel and a few times when not with a friend in a car - getting to or from there on transit often involved waiting over 30 minutes for a bus in the evenings.

So if you are planning on maybe having a few beers at the game and/or hitting someplace after the game like one of the bars downtown like the Anchor Bar - go with one of my suggestions. If you are driving and simply looking for the best accommodation choice then go with Mtncats suggestion.

Thanks Travel, forgot that the 26th is a Saturday. C-Hotel will be sold out.
Look into it now if interested.

For Winnipeg, the Viscount Gord is central and nice
...5 to the PAL a bar that is a lot of fun :smiley: !! The hotel is central and provides a shuttle to and from the game. Your close to everything . The stadium is in South Winnipeg off Pembina highway. Numerous hotels on Pembina which would leave you with a 10 to 20 minute commute. They 're 5 or 6 lounges in the area of the stadium and have free shuttles to the game. A lot of tailgating around the stadium , go say hi, you will be treated like royalty. They also have a Bomber sponsored tailgate just outside the stadium which is lively. After the game , fans are allowed on the field ,live bands play in to the night.

..........or stay in Toronto you will have a lot more fun and there are restaurants and bars in the downtown. And it's only a short drive to Hamilton!

Thanks for the suggestions MtnCat and TravelPatB. While I will have my truck, I usually have a few beverages at games so I always plan on using transit.

Sounds like a good time. Thanks for the info.

Yeah I will probably stay in Toronto earlier in the week. Between games I don't have much in the way of set plans.

Well you called it. As the temporary home of the Ti Cats is smaller, I got my call from Ticketmaster today giving me my refund.

You should email bob young and tell him how he destroyed your cfl odyssey. You should be going to the West Harbour in a roofed stadium for this game, but instead will have to settle for going to the national joke that is the CFL Hall of Fame.
Bob Young screwed that up too… The HOF was suppose to be included in the new West Harbour Stadium.

Not the end of the world, not getting to a certain football stadium. They're a lot of worse things in life than Hamilton's stadium not being ready. Just take a trip to a hospital for sick kids in your area and see how the West Harbour stadium issue stacks up against their daily struggles. End of the day, he is going on a football trip and enjoying the CFL and all the great fans of the league.

Yeah I knew it was a risk when I bought the tickets. Yes I wanted to catch lots of football but it definitely wasn't my only reason for heading out that way. Now I'm just trying to decide if I'll catch the Toronto Montreal game on Aug 1st as I suspect the July 31st game in Hamilton is also at risk.

For Winnipeg, the Viscount Gord is central and nice.
The Viscount has come a long way in the past couple years and is a good suggestion. Its across the street from one of the best malls in the city (Polo Park), which also has one of the best bus routes to the stadium. (#78 - University)

If you're still in town on Sunday evening and into cars you should check out the car rally at the Pony Corral restaurant. ( Lots of nice rides.

The plans for the West Harbour stadium had no roof, and no HOF.

And without Bob Young, there’d be no stadium, not to mention no Tiger-cats.

I feel bad for you that this game is not in the new stadium. That would have been an amazing trip!

The one on the 31st isn't there, either. The stadium will most likely open on Labour Day.