Cfl new marketing Let Em Know

May have jumped the gun. Apparently can't use hashtag until June as its owned by the Cleveland Cavaliers. Doesn't seem like much, but if you are trying to get on social media, its caused a bit of a speed bump. Either the marketing company hired forgot to mention this/ did not know, or the Riders jumped the gun trying to promote the new slogan.

Hopefully it goes smoother as the year goes along.

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Yeah a bit of speed bump. It expires with the Cavaliers on June 2 so it will be done before the regular season begins.

A bit of an oops but should be largely forgotten about soon


Whoever thought of this should be fired. The league could've used proper English diction "Let Them Know" instead to get around the Cavaliers domain.

I can't stand to see the Raptors motto "We the North" because it is poor use of the English language

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