CFL New Commish Candidates?

It's a fools game perhaps guessing at candidates for a job we really know nothing about.
Every other league of note seems to do OK with grooming and promoting internal candidates from within. CFL always seems to start from scratch with an outsider.

In any event I see one guy out there with the following boxes checked.

CFL Knowledge
Legal knowledge
High Profile
Media Knowledge/Background

Jock Climie:
-ex CFL player
-successful labor lawyer
-well known
-contracts for TSN on CFL

I can't see him not throwing his hat in the ring.

This is what happened last time

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Madini was tossing Duane Forde as a candidate but I am not sure.

Pedersen had mentioned Jim Hopson which is an interesting name because of his familiarity with the rest of the BOG and being an ex player gives him that relationship there.

I mentioned in the other thread Tom Wright and with his pervious experience and toss in the knowledge he gained from the UFC could be a good fit. With Braley looking for a buyer for the Lions, his influence should be alot less.

Johnson’s name was brought up as he perhaps is angling for the position, but the gaffs that were made in the replay booth should basically disqualify him from being mentioned and I would look for him to be fired because of the lack of discipline that he showed in dealing with those issues.

Bottom line is the job is thankless, and a strong willed individual will need to be brought in to drag the owners into the 2000s.

I really liked Tom Wright but I can't imagine them bringing him back - the optics would be poor - the press would joke about taking a step back.

Doug Flutie is interesting but he does not have the business/marketing background - to the best of my knowledge.

The League wants someone who will come (relatively) cheap and will bring in NEW revenue. Not sure who that is.

Karen Stintz expressed interest two years ago. She may not have enough sports-related experience, but hiring a youngish woman with political experience and ties to Toronto could definitely have an upside.

Rod Black for CFL Commish to replace Orridge.

“Black is the new Orridge” :wink:

No it won't be a football guy, Orridge, Cohon, Tory, Tom Wright, none were football guys.
This is what a Commish is supposed to do:

Commissioners in sports are held up as if they have magical powers but the fact is, the list of what they do is pretty simple. They oversee the negotiation of labour deals with their players and broadcast contracts with TV partners. They ensure that teams satisfy operational standards, develop league business partners and they are responsible for the integrity of the game.
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Stu Lang would be my choice . He has it all business skills , building stadiums , CIS coach , CFL player ,philanthropist and Loves the game .

CFL needs him but he doesn't need the CFL .

I doubt he would take the job without autonomy but a proven leader that would be good for the game .

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Stu Lang would be a terrific choice!


Who do you think might be a good commish dave?

Yes!!! Clever. :rockin:

While it looks good on paper, there are a couple holes that need to be poked.

First off, as a labour lawyer, it's more likely that Climie is more player inclined. Sure, he knows his way around labour laws, but given one of your responsibilities is pretty much to pay the players as little as possible while maintain a good product may be a role Climie may not be comfortable with.

The other question is how lucrative is the comish's role compared to how much he's making as a lawyer and part time commentator? There is little question that a CFL comish is a full time job, and I don't see Climie giving up what he currently has for it.

Whoever they pick though, they need to look at the league priorities and what are they? In my eyes, your three biggest issues are turning the Argos around, fixing the officiating and rules gaffs of the last two seasons that are making fans tune out and having contract negotiation experience to deal with the fact that the CBA is expiring in 2018.

I think the league has sort of missed it's aggressive marketing window with Orridge and many of his gaffs, you need to put expanding and growing the league to the wayside (apart from in Toronto) until after the CBA is done. Then you can reset and work on expanding the footprint of the game. If you can fix some of the on field issues now (like limiting illegal contact challenges to the target receiver, or expanding the 5 yard hit zone), you can stem the small ratings decline, here and now.

For this, the qualities I think you need are someone who understands the Toronto market and it's media, someone who has Football knowledge to fix the on field product and make it an even more appealing property and someone who can negotiate a fair CBA that also addresses a lot of the off field controversies, like a better, more transparent drug policy and a better medical and retired player concerns, but does so by keeping the player salaries under control.

It's not an easy task, however one I wouldn't want to see is Glen Johnson. He was a great on field official, but how he's handled clear officiating mis-steps (how the heck was Jeff Harbin allowed to work the Grey Cup?) and has been the driving force behind many of the rule changes that have hurt on the on field product, and how I don't seem him connecting with the Toronto market. He isn't the person I would like to see in the drivers seat.

Stu Lang I think could be a good choice, but I'm uncertain of his expertise with the Toronto market. I know Pinball has been floated, but I don't think he would be a good fit for CBA negotiations. Duane Forde could be interesting, but once again not sure he'd work out for CBA negotiations. Apart from those names, not sure who else you go with.

If Johnson is promoted yet again, then the Owenrs are even dumber and more out of touch with the fanbase than I ever thought possible. Johnson needs to be kicked out of the League for good - under his watch, the game has become almost unbearable to watch.

Wright, Pelley, or jim Little are my choices. In either case we need someone with some backbone, and someone who also has a business background with a lot of contacts, some negotiation experience, and someone who the League Governors will respect and give autonomy to. First job of the new Commish IMO, should be getting rid of Johnson, and taking away a lot of the power and "say" that the current GM's and Coaches have.

20 second rolling clock, one time out for each team - which means only one challenge per team unless the challenge is successful, then allow the team to have 1 more, but that's it. Only challenger plays should be offensive and defensive pass interference.No challenge during the final three minutes of each half, on top of which the CFL Command Centre, can call in plays that are questionable, and hopefully fix them, but again only within the 3 mintues of each half Players caught trying to get their coaches to throw the flag should not only receive a penalty (15 yards minimum IMO), but a hefty fine. Also, all coaching challenges should be reviewed by the league after each game/week, and if it's determined that the Coach was "fishing" for a call, a nice $25,000 fine for the Coach should be in play IMO. Mandate that the refs goal should be 15 or less flags a game, on top of which do not throw flags on plays that have nothing that impacts the play/game, and actually use the headsets to speak with each other instead of still to this day continually meeting up to talk about plays - wtf are the headsets for if they're not going to use them ?

Speed up the game, and the flow of the game. Treat it like an entertainment business, and the new Commish has to bring in considerably more corporate revenue IMO, and when the time comes for the next media deal, getting another network involved is a must IMO, and push to have at least one game a week on OTA.

Just my opinion of course.

Very likely not true. There are employer-side labour lawyers, and employee-side labour lawyers. Climie's firm, Emond Harnden, says on its website that it "exclusively represents the interest of management in both official languages." So it's an employer-side firm.

I wonder if they wait until the Grey Cup (or playoffs) to announce a new commissioner. It certainly would save $$$.

This would be a VERY interesting and progressive choice. Once again the CFL would lead all of football at breaking down barriers.

In any dispute there are lawyers on both sides whose specialty is labour law, and in all likelyhood most have "worked both sides of the aisle" at some point.

Again which begs the question what is the REAL role of a CFL commissioner?