CFL Network

Nobody said anything about not growing the game further :roll: Just a bit of reality. A video game , would be far more realistic than a network .

So head over to the video game thread.

Nah, you don't seem to know enough about the CFL ,it's history and reality of the economics of the CFL :smiley:

At this point I don't think that the CFL is there yet to have its own channel but for the future there will be a definite need to take a serious look at this. I like the idea though this is where the future of sports is going and the CFL will go with it when the time is right. JMO

TSN doing a hour pre game today, perfect.

While there is undoubtedly a bank of games stretching back to the beginning of the CFL in 1957-58, certainly enough to show on TSN2 from time to time, the vast majority of those games until relatively recently will have been long lost. Try, for example, to find the 2005 Grey Cup overtime thriller broadcast on CBC. It's not available anywhere and is never shown. Why? It's probably lost. Many great games have been lost over the years, or what remains is in such poor condition it would have to be restored before it could be used. Ancient era games are even more rare, if they exist at all.

Not a chance, I just cut the wire to my TV today. If the CFL offered a streaming option I would gladly pay for it, but I'm done with traditional cable.

I can see HD NHL games on my NHL Gamecenter subscription, and all the other sports (maybe not NFL) have streaming options as well. The CFL can either provide a stream and take my money or I will just watch it on for free.

You should have tried an " Expanded CFL Network That Won’t be on Rogers, Run Solely by Canadian QB’s" thread

But seriously, as already mentioned, the league is nowhere near a position to make this a reality. Bigger, far wealthier ones can get away with it only because they make so much money in other places. Besides, the league did try its own network to broadcast games in the late 80’s and it was a financial disaster.

Part of the problem is CTV and CBC recorded over most of the old tapes they had, so a lot of CFL content is lost.


simply having replays of games doesn't cut it. TSN Classics already does this. You need to have specials, as I mentioned the NFL Network doing (aka NFL Films), and that takes a lot of money. NFLN and NFL Films had well in excess of 100 million invested in startup alone, and never made a dime for the first several years. Really, until they started airing games a in 2006 or 07 or whatever, they were near folding. They presently air twice as many games as the CFL plays in a week.

Do you see someone dropping 100+ mil into a CFL network to potentially make it viable when there would likely be at best 20 million subscribers? Not an investment I'd be interested in as a potential stakeholder.

Do they take their contract away from TSN or another major network and air it themselves in the hopes that enough viewers will follow them? People already complain that it is not on basic cable for them.

Further, I have read that the CFN (CFL's production network) did a brilliant job of production, but it still folded...why...4-5 games a week and some fodder for filler simply is not enough, and they went belly up. This basically supports my previous comments.

Let's put it this way...would you be willing to put say 10% of your retirement savings into something like this as an investment in your future?

It wouldn't work. The NHL network and NBA network are awful channels, and those have far more resources dedicated to them than the CFL network ever would. Interest may be there initially, but I can't see sustained interest in this channel. The NFL network is the only network that has decent programming on it, and that's because NFL Films does an excellent job, and they have huge resources to back them.

Not living in Canada I am not familiar with the TSN programing of the CFL I know they have a pre game show, half time show, and promote games during all programing.
Does TSN have a weekly CFL show where they show highlights of previous weeks games, Pre view the upcoming weekly games, and any other hot topics surrounding the CFL. Say on a TUE or WED ?

They'll fit some CFL stuff into Sportscentre, but there's no dedicated weekly segment or show for it.

I am a little surprised that they do not have something like that. This kind of leaves the door open for other networks to do what ESPN did/does is whether they have the TV rights to a leagues games or not they have in depth weekly or daily shows about those sports and being the really first all sports network it is where they gained much of their popularity aside form Sports Center.
Rogers Sportsnet flimsy excuse for not taking on the Argos as part of their pro sports enterprises could have done this with the CFL. An Argos show each week, radio network rights.
This is something out there that is there for the taking. I know Rogers wont do it at this point but if MLSE does somehow purchase the Argos this would be their way to connect the CFL with TV.

Before you can have a CFL network establishing such weekly shows would be needed to lead into it. JMO

With every game televised, and sometimes replayed, and highlights available on TSN's own sports news shows and on the CFL's website, there would be no point in having a highlights program specifically.

And with the way the schedule works, by the time you got to televise the highlights show, probably at least one of your games would be up to three days old.

Supposedly there is a weekly show coming as a part of the new contract.

What we really need is a CFL talk show. Look at all the hockey talk shows. Sportsnet has Hockey Central, TSN has That's Hockey 2 Night. I know there are more but I'm just giving a couple examples.

Absolutely, I know Hockey is Canada's #1 SPORT but CFL football is its number 2 so it is high time to put forth these kinds of programing for the CFL.
Again this does not have to be limited to just TSN. Other Networks looking for programming can also do the same.
I see on Riders TV for example that they now have a weekly coaches show. I do not know if this is picked up by any local Networks but if say SHAWTV Saskatchewan were to televise that show it would most likely be a ratings winner
Heck SHAW has a CIS football weekly show.

I know Krown University Countdown is broadcast Friday's at 6:30pm here in Kingston on Cogeco TV. Also, not sure how many are aware of it but there is a new show on the TSN radio network called CFL Tonight. It's hosted by Carlan Gay and Andy McNamara. I'm not positive but I think it airs on Sunday nights. (I always just download the podcast on iTunes)

But this is why I started this thread in the first place; I want to be able to watch/listen to CFL talk, docs and all things Canadian football (CFL, CIS, CJFL and High School) 24/7. The fact is that is the fans demand it and support it, there is no reason why it wouldn't work. Look at the attendance and TV ratings for the past's all going up and up and up. :rockin: I know some on here want to pretend that they are "insiders" and know more about the CFL than the next guy, but we are all just HUGE fans of the CFL (and hopefully CIS), and I find it very hard to believe that anyone on here would not subscribe to a 24/7 CFL Network if it were provided.

I think a CFL network is a big ask and, as many have already stated here, you just wouldn't have a sufficient amount of content. Personally I would like to see something similar to NFL Game Pass offered for individual teams. I think this could be very successful and TSN could potentially make very good money from it without having to do limited deals with foreign broadcasters.

Living in Ireland I don't get the see any live CFL action here as the broadcaster ESPN America has since folded but if I were able to buy an Argos game pass I definitely would. Say 100 dollars for a regular season and 20-30 extra for playoffs and the Grey Cup. If I could watch live games on my laptop, iPad, XBOX, Apple TV etc I'd be delighted. I pay for what I want and I know it's going to the league/team that I want to support both financially and as a fan.

Even if you got 5-10 million accounts around the world (which I don't think is a huge ask given the potential audience in the States alone) that's serious money.

I'd love a CFL game too. We had an official EA game here for GAA (Gaelic Atheltic Association) a few years ago. OK they only made one but that was for a fan base that exists almost exclusively in a country of 4 million so if that could happen I'm a sure a CFL game could too. Mind you the GAA is a bit of gangster operation in my opinion so there might have been a brown envelope dropped into EA :cowboy: