CFL Network

With business the best it's ever been across the board, do you think it's time for a full fledged CFL TV channel? In Canada you can watch NBA TV, NHL Network, NFL Network and the Big Ten Network; why no CFL Network?

Would be great to be able to watch CFL 24/7. Could include:

Live CFL games (Maybe 1 game a week)
Classic games (No shortage of those!)
Full Draft coverage
Full E Camp coverage
Documentaries (Engraved on a Nation etc)
CIS live games
CIS classic games
Live CFL talk/call in/opinion shows
High school championship games

I would add this to my cable package in a second, and I don't think I would be the only one! Are you reading this, TSN/Bell? :smiley:

Nobody? Nothing? Maybe I should have titled this thread "Rogers Sucks" or "Canadian QB?" or "Expansion" :stuck_out_tongue:

Good idea

That is a great idea I would get that channel for sure!

It never work ,how would you fill 24 hours a day , with 9 teams? Plus who would fund this ? TSN does a great job and they should do a hour show on the CFL once a week during the season,this would suffice. Sorry watching the Canadian draft is not going to cut it.

Im pretty sure NBA TV, even with all those teams, is barely surviving in Canada. Leafs TV im sure is probably the only truly successful channel.

You would take 25% of the games and lock it on one channel, forcing everyone to add the channel to their package (im sure Rogers won't add it for free).

Way to build good will...

The league is no where near popular enough, and no where near enough content.

rather the league invest in a video game before a channel

Absolutely , it would such a easy sell!

Considering that both the NHL and NFL networks lose money, I'm not sure the CFL should be looking into this right now.

As a CFL fan though, I'd love it.

Can't see it working. You need some panelists and a whole pile of documentaries and footage. The CFL would need to fund all of that. Withing a year or 2 it would be perpetual repeats. The NFL network does a lot of recaps of great older games with players from them adding commentary...this would be the only chance the CFL would have at making it a success.

Or get EA to put the CFL teams, and a CFL rules mode in madden.

Hell, if EA won't buy give them the rights to one year for free. Then the next year EA can see a decrease in sales

I'm confused...the league is 55 years old. What is all this "not enough programming" talk? How many classic games are just sitting in the archives waiting to be aired? I also find it very interesting that so many here are basically saying that you could never hire panelists, build sets or produce new programming. Way to think outside the box, guys. :roll:

Do any of you honesty think that the Fishing Network currently earns higher ratings than the CFL Network could earn? How about the Fight Network? Big Ten Network? (Currently airing women's volleyball). A TV station is not rocket science. All it really takes is some on air talent, programming and sets. All of which are well out of reach according to many here. :roll:

Not enough programming is in not enough that enough people will watch that will attract enough advertisers to pay the bills.

Easy to hire people, hard to pay them.

Those other networks are US networks that have 10x the population to support a similar production and distribution cost as CFL Network would require.

You forgot to add to "all it really takes" is MONEY.

If someone thought it could make money it would already be done. It won't, it isn't.

Rocket science isn't needed but business sense is.

The Fight Network and World Fishing Network are both Canadian channels. The Big Ten Network clearly sees value in being in the Canadian market, otherwise they wouldn't bother. Seems that the only ones who see no value in being in the Canadian market are Canadians. Go figure.

Are you kidding?
We have over 100 years of history like no other league.
Film, TV tape etc.
More then enough to fill time and speaking of time, a CFL dedicated station is long overdo.

Tsn has been showing old games on their classic channel for the last 10 years. There is a reason why this has never happened or been attempted and never will happen.

Why? Because the SUPER successful leagues do it?

With a super amount of money and sponsors ! Which the CFL has none. Tsn does a fine job of covering the CFL and I can watch old games on Classic tsn every week. So it’s never going to happen. Be happy the league is healthy and hope things keep going in the right direction.

Comparing the CFL to the 4 major sports is ridiculous . We are not even a drop in the ocean compared to amount of dollars those 4 leagues generate . Tom Brady's signing bonus is more than the CFL'S players salary combined. The CFL will never grow to those heights, but who cares. It's a successful small league that has survived for a 100 years and is our game .

And how dare the fans of "our league" wish for it to continue growing, right? :lol: