CFL Negotiation List

Does anybody have any links of CFl Negotiation Lists for every squad? Ive been looking everywhere, but can't seem to find it. I also wanted to know if the cfl has a website similar to where i cand stats on past players. Also is there a website where i can find video highlights of past games.

The negotiation lists are not public.

8) Negotiation lists are not revealed to the general public, only between the CFL teams themselves !! However quite frequently some reporter will find out some of the players names and reveal them !! Same as the payrolls for each team !!!!

If you ever find out who's on all the neg lists they'll have to kill you, even the FBI and the RCMP aren't allowed to know who on the lists. :slight_smile:

Ask McMahon he seems to find everything out, he is our miracle 8 ball. lol

Ask McMahon

ok, well does the cfl have a football reference site where you can get stats of current and past players.