CFL Neg List QB's in NCAA

Found this article from the Calgary Sun with a list of some of the QB's that are on CFL Team's negotiation lists.

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As always, these lists cannot and should not be perceived as completely accurate since they are very fluid and somewhat secretive.

Interesting all the same.

Johnny Manziel

NCAA Texas A&M — CFL Tiger-Cats

Sorry, Tim Tebow, but Manziel is without a doubt the biggest and most polarizing name on a CFL neg list.

While Tebow’s rights are held by the Montreal Alouettes, the Hamilton Tiger-Cats got their claws on Manziel, adding him to their list last fall after the redshirt-freshman started lighting up scoreboards across college football.

But unlike Tebow — who just doesn’t have the arm-strength to play quarterback in Canada — the thought of Manziel on the big field is tantalizing.

He has the arm, he has the mobility, and unfortunately for Manziel, he also has the character questions and NFL concerns that sometimes lead stars to Canada.

Tajh Boyd

NCAA Clemson — CFL Tiger-cats

If there’s a name besides Manziel suiting up in the NCAA this season that intrigues more than others, it’s Boyd.

Early in his career with the Clemson Tigers, Boyd was dogged by questions about his body type and how dedicated he was to staying in shape.

While he erased most of those questions with a stellar junior season in 2012, the outcome gap is still large.

David Fales

NCAA S.J. State — CFL RedBlacks

Pegged as a potential first-round pick, Fales is a typical shot in the dark.

The 6-foot-3, 220-lb. California native is not yet a blue-chip prospect, but the potential is there for the San Jose Spartans senior signal-caller to be in the mix as a top-20 NFL pick.

The Ottawa RedBlacks, who are only able to add 25 names until the Grey Cup is handed out in November — at that point, their neg list will expand to the standard 35 spots — are just crossing their fingers right now.

Bryn Renner

NCAA N. Carolina — CFL Alouettes

The Alouettes are the kings of the big-time quarterback prospects, as you’ll see when reading through this list.

Like Manziel, Boyd and Fales, Renner has legitimate NFL aspirations and will likely never even have a chat with a CFL team, let alone show up.

But similar to the other names, Renner possesses an interesting combination of arm-strength, smarts and mobility with which to handle the Canadian pro game.

Keith Price

NCAA Wash. — CFL Roughriders

It’s been an up and down career for Price with the Washington Huskies.

He’s got all the mobility you’d ever want and has been lauded as a leader, but the consistency just hasn’t been there.

Price’s sophomore season had everyone excited heading into 2012, but Price and the Huskies under-performed and the 6-foot-1, 202-lb. native of Compton, Calif., came into this year looking to erase the doubts with a solid team in tow.

It’s unlikely Price will be a high NFL draft pick, so he’s as good a bet as any on this list to show up with the Saskatchewan Roughriders.

Jeff Tuel

NFL Bills — CFL Lions

The first current NFL name on this list, Tuel came out of nowhere during the pre-season to win a job with the Buffalo Bills.

First-rounder EJ Manuel is the future in upstate New York, but Tuel has shown enough to potentially carve out a career south of the border as a backup.

He played with current Calgary Stampeders wide receiver Johnny Forzani with the Washington State Cougars, and they are good friends.

Vince Young, Seneca Wallace, Russell Wilson

Montreal Alouettes

See, the Als are the kings of the big-name negotiation list quarterbacks.

You can probably guess that Wilson won’t be on the CFL radar anytime soon, as the Wisconsin Badgers product won the starting job with the Seattle Seahawks last fall and almost single-handedly changed the way talent evaluators view mobile, strong-armed pivots who don’t possess prototypical height.

Young and Wallace have bounced around the NFL, with Young starting on the Roughriders protected list back in 2004 — and could be viewed as legitimate options, similar to former Heisman Trophy winner Troy Smith, who recently popped up with the Alouettes.

Check your TV listings.
Manziel, Texas A&M vs. Duke in the Chick-fil-A Bowl, Atlanta, New Year's Eve @ 8:00
Boyd, Cemson vs. Ohio State, Orange Bowl, Miami, Friday, January 3 @ 8:30

Imagine Johnny Football and his running/scrambling abilities on a 110 yard x 65 yard football field??? (not including endzones)

Its just a dream I think, but if hes a bust in the NFL, would his ego combined with the money he would get for public speaking/corporate appearances south of the border keep him from ever coming up and playing here?

What position does Boyd Play? What would he play up here?

Boyd is QB @ Clemson...Good arm,good decision maker,good feet...NFL bound...

David Fales @San Jose State is a very good QB who flies under the radar...Watched him go toe to toe with Keenan Reynolds @Navy (another very good athlete at the QB position) about a month ago...Had another great game against Fresno State on US Thanksgiving weekend and knocked Fresno out of the BCS...He would be another guy that would play well up here...

I wonder about a guy like Tanner Price who is finishing up @ Wake Forest?

Dennard Robinson @Michigan?

Manzeil is a great athlete AT THE COLLEGE LEVEL...I'm not sure it will translate into a long term career in the NFL...His size and athleticism is perfect for our game,though....

Wow, Johnny Manziel a Cat? Could happen down the road I guess. I mean Trey Smith probably couldn't spell Alouette a couple of years ago. If he was on the Argos' neg list, I'd say the chances of him coming to the CFL would be even better. He's a big fan of the rap star Drake and came to TO earlier thus year to see him. He says the visit changed his life. Who knew?

An Argo Cat fan

I don't know if he's on any neg. list,but, Jordan Lynch form Northern Illinois is another athletic QB that would be spectacular in this league...

With the NFL now accepting QBs of all shapes and sizes now being the trend all of the formentioned QBs including the kid from N. Illinois will be in NFL next season, camp, Practic roster, 53 man roster, or even a starter.

Vince Young still intriguing name and with no one in the NFL interested no longer if he want to keep getting paid to play football he will have to change his attitude and follow along the lines of Troy Smith.
Smith sees some longevity and with the rising, even if small a 450-500K yearly salary can be in his future not too bad a pay.

I still thing the CFL is going to try to figure a way to be able to pay two QBS a decent salary.
Whether that means pulling the QBs out of the salary cap and having a Qb salary cap for each team
Mike Reilly was ready and trying to fit Zach Calloros as the next mike Reilly is a mistake.
Similar to the NFL finding success with Russel Wilson and Andrew luch and now forcing that same moniker on E.J Manual and Geno Smith who are not nearly ready.
Also the falling out of RG3 one year wonder it would seem.

The only other option I can see for Young and soon to be RG3 is a job with the Big 12 Network

RG3 will be fine. He needed more time to heal and practice. Throwing him in game 1 still recovering without TC or preseason games is the reason this season wasn't successful. With him shutting it down early and good long offseason to heal I think he will be fine. Also with the exit of Shannahan will help him as well.

Tajh Boyd's performance in the Orange Bowl last night ...

Passing: 31 for 40 for 378 YDS, 5 TD's & 2 INT's / Rushing: 20 CAR, 127 YDS, 1 TD

Johnny Manziel's performance in the Chick-Fil-A Bowl

Passing: 30 for 38 for 382 YDS, 4 TD's / Rushing: 11 CAR. 73 YRDS, 1 TD

Not sure we'll ever see either one in a TiCat uniform ... you never know ... but not bad performances & shows that TiCat Scouting south of the border has been able to recognize talent very early.

I t will be unfortuanate that if the NFL does not work out that Broadcasting on one of the now many college football networks is a better choice for such players as Manziel.

In keeping with the theme of the CFL SMS and wise spending of dollars getting better bigger named QBs a reason to come to the CFL should become more of a priority.
Under the current system really a team can only pay one QB a salary that would be worth coming for such players which will probably be at about 500K soon.
With all of the money being spent on coaches and on players on the 9 game to keep under contract wile being groomed for the future.
I would like to see the QB roster spots removed from the salary cap. They are arleady removed from the ratio.
Finding a CFL major sponsor to pay for the QB salary cap. Sun Life Comes to mind.
A QB salary cap of 800K will allow teams to sign a starter who has become eleite to a 450-500K contract while keeping or bringing in a potential talent with a salary of 200-250 K. leaving a 3rd project QB to come to the CFL for 100-150K.
Giving these QBs a reason to come to the CFL and not wait it out on a PR or jump right inot broadcasting with a nice back up wage with the potential to make a half a million a season to continue playing football.
With coverage of every CFL game in the states now on very reputable and easily accessable sources as NBC SN, ESPN2, and the popular ESPN3/Watch ESPN which every college football fan is very familiar with.

Not a bad idea if they could make it work. The league needs more name QB's like Ricky Ray. But I have to admit, right now the League has a fairly good QB in every city except Winnipeg.

Introducing a separate salary cap for quarterbacks could work, although I can see a couple of issues with it. First, there would need to be both a minimum and maximum salary cap, just as there is for the entire team today. Otherwise, teams in lower revenue markets would be at a disadvantage. Second, it would discourage, or even prevent teams from signing two top tier quarterbacks. Today, teams are able to sign more than one starter-quality QB, as long as they can fit both salaries into the team cap. But with a QB cap, all QB salaries would have to fit under the smaller cap, resulting in teams having to decide between one high-priced QB and a lower-priced backup, and two mid-priced QBs. That could limit teams' ability to bring in a young top-tier understudy.

Anyway, not saying it wouldn't work, but there are details that would still need to be ironed out.

Agreed 100% If it were to go into effect say in 2014 I would launch a max 500K Salary and min 100K if the cap was placed at 800K per QB which realistacly can be afforded.
I also agree where the starting QB situation with the exception of Winnipeg is of good quality but many of the back up situations leave much to be desired and most likely be directly related to what they can afford to pay a back up.
Trying to hype up Demarco but realistacally he is not even close to being a good back up still a big project and it showed.
Collaros the same 6 straight start with needing miracle finshing 4th qtrs to win 5 of them leaves me wondering how he can perform over 18 games. The 6th won had no such luck for a comeback and Ray was back the next week.
Both Demarco and Collaros had solid NCAA DI level careers but 2013 was only there 2nd pro season anywhere wth neither even getting an NFL TC invite.
Flip to Reilly one season in the NFL PR and a game roster and I beleive a 2nd training camp before signing with BC during the PR exapnsion period. #3 in 2011 and #2 in 2012 but looked very much in control during his PT in 2012.
Willy 2009 NFL training camp final cut. 2010 Charges PR #3 QB carrying only two on the roster. Jumped to the UFL to play in 2011.
Bo Levi Mitchell true he was only in his 2nd season in 2013 as well but his route to the CFL was much different He chose not to go to Rookie Mini Camps after the NFL draft and signed with the Stamps right away in Feb of 2012. Taking an older route of playing early and than getting NFL looks ala Jeff Garcia.
Correct me if I am wron but both Demarco and Collaros signed right before CFL training camp was to begin. on June 1st I think for Collaros as his NFL options were exhausted before they started.
Tanner Marsh Montreal signed June 1
Neiswander di not sign until june 11th of 2011 both very rushed to take the next level after coming out of DII schools. Especially Marsh. He may has a lot of physical skills but no more than Kyle Quilan and neither saw the kind of DBs that are in the CFL. Most are guys who have come through high levels of college and several pro seasons somewhere.
All of those guys could be good at some point but certainly are projects.
Bo Levi IMHO is kind of an exception and his signing early with the Stamps instead boucing from NFL minis and tryouts was a hug plus in being prepared for the CFL entering Training camp