CFL Needs to Talk to CFLPA we need Mini Camps in the CFL

It really Boring in the Off Season in the CFL.
I had an Idea Mini Camps Should Come in the CFL..
Right now it Can't be done with out the CFLPA Permission
also an Off-season Work out Program could be started.
The CFL Goes to sleep after the grey cup.

Teams Like Ticats Would benefit with this programs added. interesting idea but one that I don't see leaving the ground, for these reasons:

a) Cost - while Canada hibernates under a blanket of cold the mini camps would need to be held in warmer climes, the southern US. Who would pay for these camps? With no paying customers to foot the bill of facility rentals, staff costs, meals, lodging for players, etc. the clubs themselves would be responsible, and many (if not all) do not have this budgetary ability. So you say 'hold the camps indoors up here' which leads us to the second problem,
b) it's a long season already, and because many of the CFL players come from lands far away they are already absent from family for seven/eight months of the year. Now you're asking for them to be away from home for more time? Remember, the CFLPA is there for a reason, and protecting a balanced life for its members is one of them. ideas go it's a good one, but one that we won't be seeing soon....

This Why Teams like Hamilton are In Basement.
Every Year a New OC and DC Maybe a Coach or Two.

It would help us get a leg up on New Playbooks.
We know we are going to see
Also Hamilton need to find out Soon where they need help

It might work if they found a sponsor like Transglobe for the combine.

Obviously it would be a much bigger financial commitment though.

We just don't have the money to handle those costs.....unless we raise ticket prices!

why don't we have a rookies camp after the draft where all your draftees and rookie free agents come out. They aren't really under contract, so how much money would it cost? it would be a good way to evaluate talent, and maybe take second looks at guys who show promise. You could hold it in one of those soccer bubbles or hell even a Gymnasium.

You Right the Already screaming in Hamilton
About New Prices and Seat map.

The league should have Two Sponsors pay for it

:lol: Well maybe some teams could afford to have mini-camps, just not Hamilton. They wouldn't want to have to raise ticket prices to be the same as the rest of the league again so soon. :P

But teams do have these tryout camps mostly in the US where they can evaluate players in advance of training camp. The big difference is that the players trying out pay about 100 bucks for the privledge which I imagine cover the costs.

You have to at least have indoor facilities and pay the players a minimum of 500.00 a week and have something set in stone of what you can or can't do for spring workouts. LEt's face it the way CFL teams think they can move american talent in and out fans wouldn't know half their team.
Let's face it some teams would go beyond the bounds of what offseason workouts should entail, and most don't have a clue of what they want to accomplish.

Your right Double Blue! :lol: :lol: :lol: I think we found Buck Pierce at one of those try out camps.