CFL needs to start punishing refs

It's been bad for a while but last nights edmonton vs winnipeg game was just embarrassing and horrible officiating.

the league has punished refs before but now they have to start making more of a statement and create a league initiative.

start with developing refs (feeder system)
when refs do poorly they get fined or reduced role and allow someone else to step up.

these refs need to learn from their mistakes and learn from others which will put them more on alert not to make stupid penalties.


at least we made it to week 4 before this ignorant garbage showed up.

are you a ref? lol

no league would put up with these refs. they are horrible. players lose jobs and coaches get fired and fans lose to much with these bad calls. these refs are making calls that did not happen. If you can’t see it. You can’t call it.

they should be fired. simple as that.

after which they can fold the CFL.

didn't a ref get canned last year for bad calls?

Three years ago, yes, and that was for a blatantly bad call where the official missed the receiver grabbing the defender and pulling him to the ground, and threw a flag for pass interference on the defence.

I wondered at the time if there was something else about the official that wasn’t publicized - maybe a history of bad calls, and this was the last straw?

that’s what it was

this explains it a little better

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"The CFL source that spoke to said Higgins felt it was in the best interests of the league moving forward to remove Berezowski from officiating in any more games this year. Moreover, the source said Higgins didn’t make the decision solely based on a single call.

A secondary source Berezowski was “on the bubble? for his overall performance, but emphasized that he refused to pick up the flag and change his call when advised to do by three other members of the crew."

so go back to last year and scream about one-sided and too many missed calls?
Might be overkill, but they have removed the grey area, are catching the vast majority of calls and are being pretty darned consistent. Hope they tune the system in place now, but they are consistent, and that is nice.

This is CLEARLY mandated from the top down, so nobody will be punished in any is way way too consistent calling to think otherwise. Get consistency...get all refs on the same hard-stance page, get them thinking the same, then tune. Painful but likely great dividends in the end.

I had little to no issue with the officiating last night in the Edmonton vs Winnipeg game. Really, except for Andre Proulx, I don't really have an issue with any of the CFL's officials.

I can’t believe he is still a ref/official

The officiating in this league has been nothing short of disgraceful for many years, but I have to agree with depop on last nights game. It was frustrating to watch in the second half as the game was over called, but every game has been over called so far. We need to remember that there is a new sheriff in town and he needs time to put his stamp on the job. And there is absolutely no doubt the officiating needed fixing.

So as frustrating as games have been so far I will give the league a little slack this year and let the new guy fix the total disaster left by Higgins.

Actually, the only problem I have with Proulx himself is that he tends to call more RTP penalties than some of the others. I get the feeling that this year, the rest of the referees will be instructed to call it a bit tighter, bringing them in line with his style. Hopefully he doesn’t also tighten up his calling. (Not sure he even could.)

You can’t be serious.

Coaches getting fired because of officials? Coaches get fired because of clock management like the Bombers fumbled through in the last minute of the first half. Coaches get fired because they can’t teach their DB’s to tackle. Coaches get fired because their QB’s can’t find open receivers.

And I could go on and on.

Quite frankly, the refs have the best execution rate on the field in games like last night’s amateur hour.

refs can surely get coaches fired. Just ask Don Cherry. He reminds ya every saturday night. it's also a very normal piece of literature in the NFL that NFL refs hold so much in the cards with coaching careers.

and in the pros. coaches don't teach players how to do anything. if they can't they just find someone who will. you might be thinking of peewee football or high school football or college. let me know which one

This is a total load of steaming BS

actually, its is WBBBS

You’re using Don Cherry as your moral compass?

I think you just proved my point. Thanks.

Hey guys, WBBB knows more than everyone here. By disagreeing with him you are proving that you have "zero" knowledge when it comes to the game of football. Obviously those disagreeing with him have not joined a large NCAA or NFL message board or they would realize that they are giving message boards a bad name.