CFL needs to remember what Grey Cup week is about !

Ticket prices are ridiculous , events are gouging ... My buddy was in Vancouver this week said Beers were 9 bucks at some venues .... That's a joke ! Pricing out the people who made Grey cup week what it was and the great week it has become is wrong and Stadiums may continue not to sell out . By the way it was minus 34 with the WC yesterday in Winnipeg ...... :expressionless:

I don't know where your "buddy" was buying beer but I live here and didn't pay over $7 for many beers last week including non GC involved bars downtown and the free admission Spirit of Edmonton room where all drinks cost $7 and the entertainment (some of it on stage, some of it not) was constant. As for game ticket prices there were many, many, many opportunities to buy ducats for WELL below face.

Sell outs are nice for image but not fundamentally important for making a profit and a great week of fun.

Ya not sure where your buddy was buying beer but $9 doesn't make sense unless he was paying and tipping after every beer. At SOE it worked out to $6.25 a beer or highball. You had to buy tokens then each drink was 1 token I gave $50 and got 8 tokens . The band was good and some of the entertainment off the stage was quite amusing. Then we left went to doolins Irish pub for some food and more drinks I think the beers there were $6 each.

Tourists often don't know where to buy items for low prices. Local residents are better informed about best deals and can help if they are asked ahead of time.