CFL needs to place an "Asterix" (*) by 2016 Grey Cup Winner

No matter what - this one is for the replay guy!

Totally agree.
Did they publicly thank him? That would have been a nice touch.

Yeah SOUR, SOUR SOUR grapes.

[url]CFL needs to place an "Asterix" (*) by 2016 Grey Cup Winner

Oh... I share the feeling about the replay situation, :slight_smile:

Just for clarity - are you saying that replays unfairly affected the outcome of the Grey Cup game itself? Or that Hamilton may have won had it not been for the replay errors in the EDSF?

I'm saying that the replay has insinuated itself into the very fabric of the game to the point that no game is complete without a good dose of run,block,pass and review! Coaches don't ask for replays to correct obviously overlooked infractions, the take calculated rolls of the dice to sustain a drive or force a punt. Even the announcers talk of the strategy of throwing the flag at certain times, like pulling the goalie or faking a punt. It's gotten ridiculous! This is the season of the replay!

Imagine if we had Asterix as our running back with Obelix as our fullback?
Fullyautomatix as DT;
Unhygenix on OL.
Vitalstatistix at WR (height advantage);
Dogmatix on ST coverage;
Getafix as P/K, and...

Cacophonix as the half-time show... :rockin:

Sorry, I disagree. Fullyautomatix for QB. He has the strongest arm. Sort of a Michael Bishop type.
Here's your starting lineup.

No - I am not questioning what happened in the Grey Cup - nor even the EDSF. The errors made in the season - especially against the RedBlacks could have resulted in the TiCats being in 1st place - and that could have provided additional healing time for some of the wounded and may have allowed for better coaching opportunities for the replacements thrust in the line up. Who knows what might have been!

I thought the Cup game was called pretty clean by Andre and the field crew working the game.
Also did not see any horrific blind moments by the Command Centre...
But don't get me wrong.
1 clean called game in the last 4..doesn't make me feel all warm and fuzzy.
In this off season the top brass at the CFL..better pull their heads out of their asses, hope you are listening "Orridge"...
and get a plan in place to start to work on fixing the mess in the games we have all seen way too much of in 2016.
I do not expect to ever see it we are dealing with the human element.
But what we were all witness to this past season, was way over the top...
And I never want to go through another season like this one has been. :thdn: :thdn: :thdn:
By far the worst in decades, bottom line.

I dunno, I think Ottawa did enough. Even if we got past the Esks, there is no guarantee with how banged up we were that we would have made the big game, or put on that performance.

We would have lost to the Stamps yet again...... even with the horrible game by Bo.