there was a draft coming into my room last night, when i realized the window was open

I just downloaded Draft Punk's new album.


You make a good point Sandusky but you have to remember a few things. We, as Canadians and I'm not just speaking about Canadian football, aren't inbred with the marketing thing as much as Americans are. We tend to be a bit more introspective. The CFL is a league, unlike the NFL, NHL, NBA, MLB, that can't offer the huge salaries and nowadays, the signing of drafted players, unless they are in there for the big dollars, doesn't garner the media attention as such. Yes, doesn't mean the Canadian players aren't good, they are all stars on their team whether in the CIS or NCAA, but just not in the limelight enough for the NFL to be serious about them. And the media here doesn't therefore tag along as much when the top draft pick will be lucky to get a $75,0000 - $90,000 offer. Hardly the stuff headlines can be made of unless you're a real fan who understands there is so much more to the players than what salary they can make.

The CFL is more about the overall league rather than the players compared with other major leagues where it's the big signings of big name players that drive the business of these leagues. The CFL operates differently, for better or worse, whatever. That's what some people don't get who just want to be mesmorized by some rookie signing a big multimillion dollar deal.

Call me a “draft dodger” but I prefer bottled! :lol:

Solid post Earl, big ups homie.


WQe could try and compile an info pack for this CFL starved beast, but it would really be nothing he can't do himself. I was thinking I could get a list of guys from the combine last weekend if you want Sandusky. There should be film of it like last year as well.


....we, in the Peg don't really know what a draft is.....i think its when a player is assigned to your team via a pick of some kind....We used to know what a draft was....but our gm. Mr. Taman, has opted out of the so called 'draft', for quite a few years now, by giving anyone of value until we experience one again ...the 'draft' as its
called...will remain just a distant memory.. :roll: :lol:...

,,,,yeah pigseye those were the days....i remember a a cheap 10 cent draft at the Drake hotel when i worked down-town, many moons ago...don't know if i'd venture down to that part of town anymore ...the beer has gone up and its kinda scary.... :lol:

Papa, don't talk about 10 cent draft beers, you'll give our ages away!

....after thinking about the age part sport ....i think i need to have a few drafts.... :lol:

and talk about "The good ole days!" :lol: :lol:

so, it looks like we are in agreement, CFL needs to market the league by producing and distributing a nice light CFL draft. :thup:

Thanks kel.

But guys, no light draft for me, I prefer a heavier draft please, I guess you could say an offensive lineman type draft. :wink:

draft by position.

Bartender, give us 4 CFL drafts, one QB, two O-lines, and a Safety.

Who's that guy from Winnipeg talking about a draft? Who's he kidding? Anywhere else it would be a bloody plough wind.

"Kel" might object to that...

.....plough wind...tornado...that just feels a bit gusty , compared to standing on the cornor of Portage & Main in a howler, when its 40 thats a cruel draft... :wink:

I like it, would you like me to help you draft up a plan? :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

as long as its not too rough....cause that could hurt...ouch

Papa, don't talk about 10 cent draft beers, you'll give our ages away!
Actually, I believe they are Draught beers, and I remember 25 cent beers when I was in high sckool, which we would always order 2 or more each at a time. They were about 9 oz glasses. Great for chug-a-lug contests! For $2 you could get a good buzz times have changed!

Drafts are for player and soldier selections, or perhaps American beer (or in New Canaduh)... Say, who's looking to be the top pick? Any up-and-coming QB prospects?? :lol: