CFL needs to invest in better TV production

Classic footage with humourous crowd response at end of clip


Love it .

Does anyone know if Short made it out to last years game with the Ti-Cats in the Cup again .

The clip we saw here I believe Tom Hanks son was filming in Calgary for something and they all went to the game together in Regina .

The difference between the CFL being on CBC or TSN was the games were 2 hours and 45 minutes on CBC and just over 3 hours on TSN.

That's right. Hank's son was filming Fargo season 1

Just try and do what the NFL tv does.

I do. CFL on CBC was likely the best produced sporting broadcast in North America. Not sure how old you are but maybe you are referring to 2006 or 2007. That's fine.

But in the 80s and 90s it was outstanding.

The Sports Director and Programming Executives for CBC and CBC Sports were the best in the business. They implemented world class sports graphics which were outstanding and can be used today. Memorable theme music. Sports bumpers for advertising and in-game breaks to commercials were well done. They started the CBC Sports Tradition Continues brand.

The people working for CBC were being recruited to work for CBS, NBC and again for NBC Olympics in '96. They assisted in consulting for many of the CBS and NBC productions which included the MLB on CBS production which is viewed as the best tv produced era in baseball. NCAA SEC on CBS which is still going strong today was inspired by the CBC talent.

What happened to the CBC phenoms? They left CBC after turning down offers from CBS and NBC and moved to Hollywood and produced content for television Dick Clark Productions.

Personally I think it was a mistake and they could have done something better but they started up their own company and never returned to Sports Production for a major network.

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The reason why CBC stopped broadcasting CFL was because they had financial plans to produce CFL on CBC on their new Sports Channel CBC Sports Plus. The problem was Rogers and Bell fought the CRTC.

CBC was going to be a major player in pro sports beginning in 2009. They were going to bid and likely own the rights to CFL, NHL and broadcast majority of their sports on this channel. CRTC gave them a lessor ruling for 30% which caused the investors to run away.

If it weren't for Bell/Rogers, we would still have HNIC and CFL on CBC.

In 2019 there was a report that CBC is building up investors to take away the NHL deal from Rogers with Bell and likely the CFL will be returning in some form on the CBC network.

I seriously doubt the CFL would go back to a network that treated it so shoddily in the five or so years before the CFL partnered with TSN. If you've got any evidence that the CFL is even considering such a move I'd love to see it.

I seriously doubt that CBC will ever be back in the pro sports game unless it is privatized and the new owners intend to throw away millions in an attempt to "build the brand"

The continual camera in the players face on the sideline is just utter bush league. Also the absence of the overhead camera just makes the production look nickle and dime. If people see a bush league production on TV that probably tells them that is what they will get going to the game live.

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Expect that the "camera in the players face on the sideline" is something NFL broadcasters wist they could have ... but would agree that some sot of overhead camera angle (several actually) is needed ... the physical camera hung over the field is a tad more difficult in CFL stadiums because of field dimensions and generally shorter stands ... but drone technology should be explored ...

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Please enlighten us as why you think the NFL would want to have a camera in someones face? Placing the cables for a overhead camera in a CFL stadium is not a logistical issue.

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Suitor said TSN has been working on using drone cameras, as well as more overhead cameras.
As for CBC, I am mixed. There was a small town feel with wittman and lancaster in those ugly sport coats. Gizmo taking a CBC jacket everytime he returned a punt or kickoff for a TD.
But the CFL was lucky to get 1 or 2 games per week televised and at the time there were blackouts. Also, CBC had the habit of putting CFL games after Blue Jay games, and only giving Jays games less than 3 hours. They would stay with the Jays until the game was over and you got to watch, if lucky, 3 quarters of the CFL game.
Now NHL, Olympics, I think the CBC did a great job. I preferred the CBC NHL production over TSN and Sportsnet.
TSN has done a lot for the league, but since they lost NHL and signed NFL, it feels like the TV production hasn't changed.

Because it is another way to for viewers to feel like they "know" players and/or are "part-of-the-team" ... which is good for business ...

Camera in the face is a non-issue and the camera above the field is annoying. You can't even see the entire field of play during the actual play Its awful. Its fun for a few plays but not much longer.

The only way to improve production is basically go back to what CBC did prior and produce the games with great graphics/music, and build on continued tradition.

Our memories differ greatly

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We saw that tsn is capable of putting on field graphics for field position(at the snap), but they choose not to use them. All of the player profile "cards" are completely outdated and just look terrible.
And as i always say:
Spider Cams!!
Or if cheaper, drones

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clearly. I don't know anyone say CFL on CBC was terrible lol. It was always miserable having your team play on TSN. That was awful production as it is today.

TSN has always had mediocre production talent. NHL, World Juniors, Memorial Cup, CFL, MLB Expos were always such a lackluster presentation over CBC.

Even the sound and picture quality was different from CBC

I dont think TSN has ever had a proper introduction to any sporting event in history compared to CBC. Even HNIC on Rogers does well. However Rogers SN isn't good also. You can see the drastic drop off from Hockey to Baseball Blue Jays or Memorial Cup, Junior Hockey,etc

Not saying I adore what TSN does ... just don't have any memories of CBC being outstanding ...