cfl needs to get professional refs

I know :wink: I still think that he had possession, what can I say.

Watching it in slow motion, it was clearly a catch. Watching it at regular speed the ref made the best call he could. I will not find fault with him on that call at all.

All in all, I thought the refs did a solid job in the game. I watched it with some Bomber fans and we actually agreed that the calling was solid, given we are dealing with imperfect human beings and not perfect robots.

I just watched it again and the ref did follow the play with his head

Is this some kind of " head case ". LOL :smiley:

not only that call but right near the end of the game when the riders were third and one and bishop surged for the first down and after the ref had marked the spot of the ball he threw the flag and called procedure I still don't get that one but maybe he had a method to his madness

I didn't get that one at first but I think it finally sunk it what happened. Obviously an illegal procedure call negates any play, so the play is dead before it begins. They did rule it was an illegal formation no end though, which is probably why they let the play stand and then checked to make sure the Riders got the 1st down or else Winnipeg could just decline the penalty.

NO that is not always the case. The whistle blows the play dead only if there is contact between the 2 lines(O and D)…If that is what you are getting at

If an offensive lineman moves they'll blow the play dead, on offsides they only blow it dead if there is contact or they believe the QB is going to get killed.

They didn't blow the whistle in this case because the call on the field was an illegal formation, at least that's what I gathered from the information that was given to us (which wasn't explained very well by Proulx or the announcers).

At first I thought they were actually going to review the penalty on the play.

see thats what I started thinking too it just looked very strange at the time and help us if andre proulx is thinking .... well maybe he will get a couple of calls right for a change jk.

maybe what the CFL needs to do is get some professionals fans.

That was not Proulx call either!

great thinking we could be like the chinese and hire fans to sit in the crowd oh wait don't they hire people at for BC games. JK