cfl needs to get professional refs

have you seen the refs in this rider bomber banjo bowl, there a frickin joke. some of these calls are (edited). when is the league gonna step in and get some some guys that can make a proper call. (edited - be cool tyson, clean it up or it's toast time)

Armstrong - Ball rolling along the ground - Looks like a catch to me

Walker - Beautiful catch for a touchdown - Meh, I don't like it ... no catch

:lol: Your team must be losing nice one time post you have going :lol:

well the calls are getting stupid..

too many times here the referees seem to be guessing more than making actual legit calls!

Not that it seems to matter anymore, but that non-touchdown call for the Riders was awful. I mean, maybe since the Riders have no more challenges and it was clearly a touchdown, the announcers could discuss what an awful call it was by the officials and not how it should have (or couldn’t have) been challenged. In the end it was just a bad call by the officials and 2 years ago that would be the main argument, not whether it could have been challenged or not. Really, the main thing these challenges have done is take any responsibility off the refs to actually make the correct call on challengable plays.

The no touchdown was a catch. Coach couldn't challenge because he had used both challanges. Lost 7 points, but bombers still scoring points as riders deffence is playing poorly. Sorry r&w05 your just trying to stir the pot a usual. It was completion, your thinking with your little head instead of being truthfull.

Sorry but it was not clearly a TD.....He bobbled it and only had control after he stepped out.

Good call by the ref on that one

refs are equal opportunity call blowers. For every call against you, you will get one for so no point complaining as it all seems to even out at the end

And as for 05 stirring the pot, he only stirs until it blows up on the stove! I recall him laughing that lions actually beat the worst team (Winnipeg) and then Calgary loses to them later so I call him out and he disappears from that thread. Typical :smiley:

I am just wondering, could the booth upstairs cal for a challenge BEFORE the 3 min mark, or is it only after? Not trying to say anything about this particular call, just wondering if that is an option to the challenge booth when a team is out of challenges.

No they cannot call untill the 3 minute warning...

That being said, I dont think a team should lose a challange if they win the challange.

What I mean is that you start with 2, if you win, then you still have 2!

Or at least 2 per half.

IT was a TD. HE had posession while he was still in bounds.

Bouncing it off your facemask does not constitute posession

My main beef with that play was that he didn't really follow the receiver, the official saw the initial bobble and immediately rulded incomplete even though the receiver took an additional step and appeared to regain control. The official was in excellent position but didn't follow through with the receiver.

Like most of the people said earlier in the year though, these kinds of calls happen to everyone and throughout a season even themselves out. The difference between the previous calls that were perceived to go in the Riders favour and this one is that the Riders kept playing hard and refused to let that become a controversy or make the difference.

What do you mean by he didn't follow the receiver?

To me he didnt gain control until he stepped on the line

His head and eyes did not follow the receiver out of bounds, he kept staring straight ahead.

Andre Prolx must be your cousin. The ball can be caught against your helmet. Did you watch the Super Bowl? Remember the big pass? Manning to Tyree. Caught it against his helmet. The face mask in on the helmet.

The problem is that ruled incompletion was not Proulx’ call at all, it was the side judge who was in perfect position.

I was happy they at least seemed to make the proper calls on the challenges this week.

I was waiting for someone to bring that up....

  1. this is the CFL not the NFL
  2. Tryee did not go out of bounds
  3. He never had control until he went out of bounds.
  4. Proulx did not make the call.

His head does not have to follow it, as for his eyes, that's a bit of a stretch