CFL Needs to Expand Canadian Talent Search

How do Canadian kids get tryouts for a CFL team or at the very least guidance on how to get there?
There are numerous Canadian kids graduating from high schools across the country who are not interested in pursuing a post-secondary education at the university level for various reasons (financial, family commitments, low academic expectations etc….). Some players attend Canadian colleges, but these do not have a football program. These players continue to play summer ball in either the NFC (Northern Football Conference) or the NAFL (North American Football League).

What do these Canadian kids need to do to garner interest from CFL teams and how do they get it?

Is there a central agency they can send info to, to show their interest in trying out for a CFL team, to show their abilities or to get advise on how to proceed (or not)?

What info is needed by the teams? Is there a developmental team they could try out for? Can coaches send info to a central agency?

The interest by Canadian players to further their football careers is steadily increasing and the talent is improving dramatically, but they don’t seem to have an avenue to attain the pro-level unless they attend university. This is a shame as there are boys out there being overlooked with quite the talent.

There are combines for high school players which are attended by Canadian universities and U.S. colleges, but not all players want (or are able) to go to university. It does not appear CFL teams attend these combines to see the talent and to possibly advise players what avenue to follow to improve, develop their skills and possibly get a tryout at a later date. This surprises me, because it’s at these combines Canadian talent tries to showcase itself. The CFL puts on an evaluation camp (see this past weekend March 10, 11), but only university players are invited to participate.

I’m wondering if a TV show modeled after the hockey series “Making the Cut? might be a good way for our youngsters to get a chance at a pro-career. This definitely could be an avenue for the guys who did not pursue it through university.

Comments anyone?

Well these kids should be playing in the CJFL(Canadian Junior Football league)
After they finish Highschool, Graduate at 18 start playing then and still have 2 more seasons after that.

CFL teams look at top Juniors(there is one in camp with the Bombers)

These players could have tried out at any one of the many many FA camps, most were in the states but I think Edmonton may have held one in Edmonton.

A minor pro CFL2 league would be good, if 6-8 Suitble cities are there within close range.

London, QBC, OTT, Kingston, Moncton all have suitable stadiums.(8K+ seats)
Making a league like the many many minor pro leagues there are for Baseball and hockey across canada/the USA

If this league exsited the cap would need to be low(no more then 1/4 the CFL cap even that's high) and Roster sizes would need to be lowered(no more then 40, but lower like 38 would work)

Even just having players play for a cost = to experience would work.
First year players get 10K a season
Second year 11K
Third year 12K

There needs to be support by fans/cities.

You talk of CJFL. How about kids that do not live near a town that has a CJFL team? How about players not eligible to play in CJFL due to age (eg. 22, 23). Then what? Players played in OVFL, NFC and/or NAFL. How do they tryouts?

I just said, CFL FA camps.

your a tad late, but if you had looked at many CFL websites like Winnipeg and Edmonton they had been holding FA camps during the Offseason.

You can't expect CFL teams to be holding FA camps in small town Canadian cities, that it's not even know if there are people playing Canadian football(12 man).

there are CJFL teams in most larger CFL cities atleast in Western canada.

Yes there aren't many if there are any in Canadian Cities, but travel may be a part of what is needed, it's too late now because most teams have their TC rosters set.

But the CFL held camps from Seattle to LA to Atlanta and lots of cities in between.

Send a try-out tape to a CFL GM? If you don't have one, you can't expect GM's to sign people who say: "I'm a good player really" I'm sure most players do say that.

Now if you have a legit tape of you Running the 40 in under 4 seconds or something like that an impressive showing of Raw power/speed/skill that can atleast get a GM to listen.

Good post Barnes. The CFJL is a good place to play. Don’t kid yourself, the CFL scouts watch some of these games. Last year Josh Boden was on the Lions practice roster. He played with South Fraser Rams of the BC Junior league. Both Wally Buono and Dave Dickenson were spotted at a Junior game last year. This is a good venue for players to play in!

The QJFL includes teams in Ottawa and the Maritimes have a junior football league?