CFL Needs to Cut Ticket Prices by 35%

Tonight's Lions attendance is horribly depressing because it came against the Riders and thus will be the best of the year.. There was less than 25k there.. The lower bowl holds 29k BTW, and there was thousands of empty seats.. Winnipeg had 8000 empty seats tonight,and even the Riders had empty sections in their stadium last week.The reason for this is simple.(Other than BC where Braley is at fault) Tickets are simply too expensive.
I talked to quite a few people here in Ft Mac that went to the game and walked away once they realized the prices.. If people who make 130k a year are unwilling to pay the ridiculous prices, then who is?

If teams can't sell out their games it's up to those teams to cut prices or bring in promotions. It's not up to the CFL, nor do I understand where you find this magical 35% number. There was less than 1000 tickets unsold in Regina last weekend, after the starting QB was just announced gone for the year.

Riders also gave away 1000 tickets as well… I’m not saying the league needs to cut prices, but that all teams should collectively cut prices by 35%… I picked 35% because IMO that is how much they are overpriced by

Aren't you also calling for the players to be paid more?

Why do I think I know what the owners reaction to these two suggestions will be?

I agree the prices are steep but you have to figure the teams know what they are doing. Heck, I remember when they would practically give the seats away and no one wanted them. Now they overcharge and the attendance isn't half bad. There may be a method to their madness = Charge a very healthy price and give the tickets some value.

It's up to the individual teams to set their own prices, they charge what their market can bear.
Check out Ottawa prices, they are lower than other teams. I assume they can make up the revenue from all of them private suites and club seats. In Hamilton the regular prices are higher than Ottawa but the fans are willing to pay it and they too are making money from the Clubs, Private suites, patios.
Argo prices are really high no cheap seats at all and of course low attendance. Seems in Toronto it doesn't matter what you price the seats at fans are not coming out to watch them at the RC.

The announced attendance was only 23,062 with a lower bowl capacity at 27,500.
When the club decided to close the upper bowl for this season, I had incorrectly assumed this would result in increased demand (due to limited supply) and regular sell-outs of all lower bowl tix .

so much for my abilities as a clairvoyant...

It would be great if prices were lower, couldn't agree more especially someone now without a job and on a fixed income and students as well, but agree not too low or else many people have a tendency to not put as much value to something or so I've heard.

That being said, maybe a model where they try some free tickets as long as you buy a certain amount of food and beverage, a different model. That way my wife and me could look at it as an evening out at a restaurant sort of thing. Would be interesting if there was an experiment with this for a game or two. Also, if you prove you subscribe to TSN on cable or whatever, a discount should occur.

Anyways, a couple of super games to watch last night, don't even know where to start with talking about both, fantastic wins for both the Bombers and Lions.

By the time I got home from the Pan Am opening ceremonies in Toronto last night back to my place in Hamilton the game was in overtime and I was shocked by how many empty seats there were in the lower bowl for a game in overtime.

But then I heard BC scored three times in the last 3-4 minutes - so I'm going to assume a lot of Lions fans left and missed all the fun?

They are cheap enough ! Reducing the ticket prices would kill the league. People have no problem buying NHL tickets for double the price. You can get a 3 game flex pack for the Bombers for as cheap as 200. I took my family to a Jet game, 4 tickets cost 320. for upper ....upper bowl seats. Teams that are struggling at the gate and the league need to do a job of marketing and come up with creative ways to sell tickets. The markets that are concerning are BC, MTL and obviously Tor. Thankfully MTL has been a winning team for the last 20 years and have solid team this year . It would be scary if they ever went through an extended losing period.

Your assumption would be correct, Pat.

Braley has now undone about 60% of Bobby Ackles work.. The Lions were at 14k a game .. Ackles reversed that to 35k.. And now since his death, it has gone back to 23k... Braley actually costs himself money, everyday that his pigheaded fool heartiness does not allow him to do the right thing and sell this team.

Yea, you should do what I did. Fell asleep got up this morning and went to TSN VOD and watched the 4th quarter, amazing end to the game. That game should win back Lions fans.

It won't. Ticket prices are too high

You hit the nail right on the head. Pretty much my whole section emptied out when the Riders took a 10 point lead.

Too many fan boys running the Lions - Braley, Skulsky (and now his Waterboys cohort Pitblado has joined the staff) and George Chayka. They're such big fans that they've completely lost objectivity on what the public is willing to pay to go to a Lions game. It costs at least $44 (all in) to attend a game - and yes, that means all ages. No youth prices.

And when the upper bowl closed, many said 'to hell with it. I'm not paying those prices to sit in the lower bowl' (BC has by far the highest percentage of end-zone seats in the league. In fact, I'm not even sure once the Argos move, who'd be 2nd. Winnipeg?).

For the most part, they're improving the game-day experience, which is a start. But the overall Marketing plan here in Vancouver is sub-standard, especially compared to their competition. Skulsky keeps say, "the best marketing is winning." That's only true to a point. There are 3 more "Ps" other than "Product" that he's completely whiffing on.

I looked into going to the tickets home opener...until I saw ticket prices. I'll never be able to get friends to spend $70 on the worst seats in the building or $50 for standing on the end zone patio. Not happening. Teams are getting greedy and will keep hardcore fans only, while casual fans never go to games and become hardcore fans.

This is shaping up to be the first season in 10 that I don't attend any CFL games. I just cannot get anyone to go with me once I tell them the prices. Good jays tickets are $35 if we're comparing sports entertainment in the summer. Much easier sell to non-hardcore sports fans.

Sorry for typos in previous post. iPad typing is not good.

Who's home opener?

Good point dg as you are say re Southern Ontario. Mind you, baseball doesn't match the CFL even MLB for this guy but Blue Jays prices are relatively cheap due to them playing so many games of course and that is an issue. Fortunately MLB only has one team in Canada though, only one team and Canada is much more than Toronto, stating the obvious. For a night out in Canada for sports in a country that doesn't "breath" gridiron like the States, Blue Jays work for a lesser price point for the general masses and joe blow. I understand that. "Entertainment", live "entertainment that is, is exactly how each individual wants to define it and economics as part of that is very, very important. Just like economics and cost considerations in clinical practice guidelines in medicine and how the Govt of Ontario tells the doctors to do this and not do that according to the "guidelines" is important.