CFL needs to crack down on dirty hits

[b]Kirk Penton, Winnipeg Sun - Can you imagine the uproar if Sidney Crosby took an illegal hit that knocked him unconscious for a few seconds? People would be calling for the perpetrator to be banned for life. However, when the CFL’s best player, Calgary running back Jon Cornish, gets knocked unconscious for a few seconds with an illegal hit, the discussion seems split on whether or not the offender should be suspended for even one game.

It is football, after all.
Well, it’s time for that mentality to take a hike.

Too many times already this year a player has been dealt a nasty hit that has knocked him out of the game or out of the lineup.
Cornish was the latest to take a devastating hit, as he was on the receiving end of a hard forearm to the head from hard-charging Alouettes linebacker Kyries Hebert.

“If the CFL doesn’t use the Hebert hit to show others it won’t be accepted, they risk the next hit like that will be policed on the field and retaliation will start happening,? one CFL executive said Tuesday.

“Keenan MacDougall (Stamps), Lindsey Lamar and Andy Fantuz (both Ticats) were all knocked out of pre-season games with clear helmet-to-helmet hits with no in-game calls and no fines.?[/b]

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Agreed. Because our standard of punishment is so low, everyone thinks 2 games and a fine is too severe. The NHL is finally getting a grip on this attitude. Hit the repeat offenders with a 5 game suspension AND a fine and we should see this stuff cease. I really don't care if a dirty player doesn't play for 5,6 games or the year.

Have to agree with that. Football is a contact game of course but dirty shots, repeated, well have to crack down on these players asap.

Yeah, I have to say post game, making a helmet to helmet in any but the most unavoidable circumstances should be an immediate fine at least and immediate suspension for repeat offenders. Lindsay Lamar may never play again, Fantuz is a star of this league and Simoni Lawrence getting chop blocked without a call or a fine is ridiculous.

Sadly unless something changed in the new CBA. Cohon has little to no power to enact any meaningful discipline. half a game's pay an a one game suspension is all he's got in his holster.

Even with small bullets in the chamber Cohon is taking forever to pull the trigger. How has there been no decision on Hebert with regards to any fine and/or suspension with week 2 of the season starting tomorrow? Player discipline should take a couple of days at most.

Still no news on this? I'm sure there will be a fine - not as sure about a suspension.

I predict the Als are going to have a LONG and frustrating season ... if their players can't keep it together, we may see more incidents like this. I would say the league needs to send a message on this one.


Why this one ? The hit on Lamar, on Fantuz, on Brouillette were just as bad. There was another one too where a player was tackled out of bounds and his helmet thrown back at him. Forget who that was.

Did the suspension on Mitchell change anything ? This idea that sending messages will change anything is naive.

...Hebert gets the maximum fine

a half game cheque is hardly much of a deterrent, and like it or not this will be the maximum for at least the next 5 years.

so much for player safety and cleaning up the sport...

Like MadJack correctly pointed out on the Mont. forum, Hebert is not normally a dirty player. This may be his first offense, not sure but I don't remember any dirt before. The max fine ironically suits a first time offender. Fines need to be higher for repeat offenders.....

agreed, fines do need to be higher for repeat offenders.
that being said, the max fine of a half game cheque or less does not seem adequate for dirty/illegal hits that result in serious injury.

and curious as to why the league did not also disclose the specific fines handed out to Butler, Coleman, Mace, and Bagg who meted out terribly dangerous hits as well.

Hopefully it doesn't take paralysis or CTE/concussion class-action lawsuits for the CFLPA and league to address player safety with a much higher priority.

I only saw the Hebert hit on Cornish.

If this fine is all the league can do in terms of punishment, I see the Stampeders handing out their own punishment on Hebert when they meet the Alouettes next.
Hebert better not be on the field late in the game. :twisted: