CFL needs new blood in Ownership

Braley has to go in BC. He wants out in Toronto so all is good... Wetenhall needs to go go as well. The team needs a French speaking owner from La Bell Province. The Stamps need someone in their new ownership to speak up and become visible as well to engage the public...
This has been a terrible season for the CFL and they have definitely takin a few steps backward...
Hopfully this offseason sees some major major changes.

Well if Braley wasn't too greedy earlier in the year, there may just be that needed new blood in Toronto.

Calgary, Hamilton and Ottawa are fine. Sask., Winnipeg and Edmonton being community owned are in good shape too.

Sadly ironic for the team in the 3 biggest media markets in this country are only ones that are not locally owned. Makes a big difference.

Well thanks for that Mr. Half-empty. I have enjoyed this season and don't agree with all the negativity. It isn't perfect but all in all I think it has been a pretty good year.

Bungle is a Bomber fan,nuff said :stuck_out_tongue: and I agree with you if I was an Eskimo fan like yourself and my team bounced back from a 4-14 record to a 12-6 record this year,I also would say that it has been a pretty good year. I agree that this hasn't been one of the better seasons overall in recent memory but for some of us,I think that the season has been quite satisfying,unfortunately there are some on these forums who aren't happy unless they're bellyaching and complaining about one thing or another...No names mentioned of course. :roll:


What bothers you most: the new collective agreement, the massive increase in TV revenues, or all the new stadiums opening up around the league?

That is what bothers me.. The CFL was suppose to make it to the big leagues this season but instead went back to double A....
You guys remind me of Americans who tell other Americans to move to China, because they do not agree with the Iraq war.


Sadly, It has always been like that.

I am an Eskimo fan and I am a Stampeder season ticket holder but I disagree with the reference to Bomber fans. I personally think that Bomber fans are amazing! They have stuck with their team win or lose and it's been mostly lose for some time now. :thup:


Nice to be on this list, for a change...

Funny, I was thinking something similar about you. Like those Americans who were opposed to the Iraq war, you are ignoring a great number of positives while focusing on one particular negative.

Whoa there,I think that Bomber fans are also Amazing :thup: my reference was more about Bungle then the team,believe me being a Cat fan I can relate to what Bomber fans are going through,need I remind you that the Cats had back to back to back to back seasons of 5-13/4-14/3-15/3-15 from 2005-2008 not to mention that miserable 1-17 season from 2003. :oops: :cry:
If you noticed I referenced that Bungle is a Bomber fan ie: a fan as in singular,nowhere did I say that he is a typical Bomber fan which he most certainly isn't. He is the exception not the norm when it comes to being a fan of the Bombers,the CFL or generally anything positive in life. :slight_smile: I also have a soft spot in my heart for the Bombers because when my youngest played Minor Football for 6 years he played for you guessed it the Bombers :smiley: I probably have just as much Bomber apparel as Cat apparel in my wardrobe. In fact I have a beautiful Leather Jacket from his championship season that has the Bomber logo on the front and sleeves and a large HMFA BOMBERS decal on the back. So if I offended you or Depop or anybody else with the Bomber reference like I said it was about Bungle and not the team. :smiley:

You still haven't explained how it "went back to double A". :?

If all goes well in Vancouver, hopefully the Canucks S&E will purchase the Lions and put them into an S&E like Calgary LP and OSEG.
I agree with Hamilton now as well. Getting a modern Stadium opened up a multitude of revenues that were just not their in Ivory Wynn. The Cats also have huge support from Corporate Partner in Tim Horton's helps immensely. Not only with the $$$ for the Naming rights going towards the Cats use of THF but also in marketing the Cats for years now at the huge chain.
Lets face it MLSE is basically out in regards to the Argo's. With that said it does not mean that a second S&E type group could be formed in cities and regions outside Toronto Proper where many corporate HQ are now in these cities and regions. Not to mention that there are other clubs owned in these region.
Remember Ottawa started with just a Junior Hockey team in the same area as an NHL club. So it is not impossible to think that could happen in a city/Metro region that is as big as Ottawa-Gatineau now. OHL, NBL C, and ECHL clubs all call these cities, netro's, and region's home. They have a combo of successful clubs similar to the 67's as well as new and planned reno'd arena's as a solid starting point

Good post, it once again raises the question of ownership in the CFL and local verses outside owners or even community verses private?

Three teams in the CFL in Edmonton, Regina and Winnipeg have local community ownership groups, BC, Calgary, Toronto, Hamilton, Ottawa and Montreal have private ownership. In Hamilton, Ottawa, Calgary the ownership although private is at least from the area in local ownership, BC and Toronto are owned by Braley from Hamilton and Montreal is with BW from the States.

I believe the best owner in the CFL in Bob Young "Caretaker" of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats and he is a model owner for any sports franchise in Canada and the same with Hunt from Ottawa. I know Bob Young said in an interview some years ago that he liked the model of a team that Bob Whitnal of Montreal set up to take the Al's team from Olympic Stadium to a revamped McGill and with 20,000 seats, it's pretty much a sell out every-time.

Maybe though David Braley should look at setting up Toronto as a community team same way the other three western teams have been set up under local non-private ownership. Braley says that he has had offers for BC but Toronto is a tougher market to sell in, just tire kickers, no serious offers yet, so maybe Toronto would work better under community ownership by the City of Toronto and with a new stadium placed away from the downtown?

Yeah, I think that the significant ground that the CFL has gained in US viewership is amazing. This is a huge win, and with the numbers they are starting to generate might actually be able to start getting a payday for US coverage.

It is obviously disappointing to see the numbers down, especially in TV viewership, but at the stadiums...not so much. Sure the numbers were down, but without looking into it a pile I will make some points:

  • Cats numbers were low because of the stadium, but have been packing the new house
  • Riders have over 10000 fewer seats to fill
  • Argo numbers are very disappointing
  • I would think BC should be better, but the numbers are not horrid
  • Bomber numbers are down a bit, but not bad for their woes mid season on.

What about the majority of games being penalty filled snooze inducing blowouts. The only close games are the ones where no one can score... Last weeks final game of the season for the Esks and Riders was embarrassing on so many levels... You had a second and 29 from three consecutive false starts... Its been amateur hour out there folks and I have watched the beginning of almost every single game... I literally have finished watching maybe a quarter of them... I shut one game off after the opening kickoff went out of bounds... I feel like this season was like bashing your head on a brick wall and then going back the next day only to bash your head on the same brick wall again...
I guess you guys better write the Globe and Mail and tell them to stop being so negative as well...

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When a 9 team league has an owner who owns two teams, there is no arguing that new blood is needed.