CFL Needs more teams?

Except that they can’t/won’t. The non-import rule is unenforceable, and they seem to be actually gaining good momentum with the “This is our league” promotion. Why is it so impossible to have a domestic league in the country and be happy about it? We don’t need to be joined at the hip to the Americans for everything.

I’d prefer for the league to stay strictly in Canada but if the right market in the US comes along, why not? I hear Los Angeles is looking for a pro team. :wink:

First off, sure you can comare proportionally Canada to the us, but why not other coutries? Finland has 14 teams in their hockey league and have a population of about 6-7 million. Sweden, with 11-12million have 12 teams. All this to say, population isn't necessarily a limiting factor. There are far more valid reasons why expansion will be difficult, but population is not one of them.

Secondly, I wish people would realize that whole immigration thing isn't a recent phenomenon (Canada is a country of immigrants, founded by immigrants afterall). In fact, currently most of our newcomers are from pacific asia and no longer europe. For those who don't know, soccer is FAR, FAR bigger in Europe than countries like India, Pakistan and the Phillipines. So it's not really logical to assume that immigration would be a mitigating factor either.

Soccer is undoubtly the most popular sport on the planet, but its breath is truly overstated. It's not always that big of a deal in other countries either.

Canadians are just immigrants with seniority.

True; I would presume that cricket is #1 in India and Pakistan. As for the Philippines, their #1 sport is, believe it or not, basketball which always struck me as odd, since they are all so short. . .

CFL has to ready to move to 10 teams with in the next 8 years - clearly with more youth again starting to watch and play 3 down football , Mr. Cohon let's not make previous mistakes over again and lose this generation. The cash (corporate) and interest are out there .

As for the Philippines, their #1 sport is, believe it or not, basketball which always struck me as odd, since they are all so short.

Mad, interesting comment and now I understand why my niece's husband, from that part of the world, Cambodia I think it is but not exactly sure, likes basketball the most it seems. And he is very short.

Because this is the CFL Forum and there is simply not enough expansion threads dammit!


Except if we seriously look at 2 border US states like Maine or North Dakota and only cities that have no other major league team.
Then throw in a franchise fee of $25M and mandate that they must have a minimum 20,000 season ticket holders for the first three years.
As for the import rule, there is a way around that as make it designated non imports from their state only.
However if we can get 12 teams from our country then there is no need to go outside.

If the CFL were to ever get to 12 teams, the logical location for the 12th team would be southern Ontario. Ontario has more than a third of the country's population, and many of the country's top 20 metro area populations are there. I realize that support for the CFL in southern Ontario is lukewarm, but that, along with the greater population, is why the potential to bring new fans to the game is greatest there.

It also requires a lot more to keep an NFL franchise going than it does to keep a CFL franchise going.

I am just speaking anecdotely but I would believe that their are more kids playing organized soccer than organized football, simply due to the costs of the equipment. I also happen to believe that if offered the same opportunity to play soccer, football or rugby. The majority of youth would pick rugby over soccer or football.

I've coached both in minor leagues and there is a ton of kids who play soccer (mixed leagues) from age 5 to 10, at that point you start to have a lot of kids who play dual sports. Some of my 10 year olds were pretty much split between Baseball,Hockey and Football. Then at fourteen (In Nova Scotia) anyway the better athletes end up on the Hockey and Football High School teams with the very top hockey players moving on to Junior Major.

you cant compare hockey to football. it is easier to support more teams in hockey when you only need a fraction of fans in the seats.

this country was founded by "invaders". immigrants are those that came after first nations people had been defeated, their land stolen, their food supply destroyed,etc. immigrants are those that came after the official birth of the country they came to, ie U.S.A or Canada.

so tired of all these threads saying the CFL should add more teams..

LIKE DUH!!!???!!!

but you can't just say poof, here you go! it takes some work and a long period to make it work right.

:roll: :roll: :roll: Why, when I saw it was you that posted last, did I know that there was going to negativity, a sence of "I know best" and YELLING involed with what I was about to read?

and yet, as much as I hate to say it, I totally agree with the sentiment of his post. On top of that, starting a new thread when we still have an ongoing “expansion” thread right there is plain sight.

I say :roll: and Duh to OP as well.

cflisthebest and FYB have every right to click on any thread on the forum and then act like these guys...

But wouldn't it be easier to just ignore the threads that bring out your inner Walter Matthau?

I wasnt going to bother commenting till I read the comment I responded too. I still browsed the thread just in case someone said something new. Hasnt happened yet.

This thread should be joined with the expansion thread.

BTW I have no idea what your x image is.

North Dakota has two college teams in Fargo and Grandforks .That are both supported with heart and soul! CFL would be a distant 3rd behind those two teams. No chance ! plus , import rule???????,both stadiums not big enough and Fargo and Grandforks, don't share :smiley: Neither city is big enough, anyways.

Zero interest in QC , no owner, no stadium and fickle fan base.Southern Ontario is NFL territory , Toronto and Hamilton struggle enough. Not sure how adding any more teams in that area would work ? plus, no owner or stadium. OH ..... but wait , they can play in Detroit :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: 10 teams is max for the CFL, getting there , will be tough enough. Lets hope Ottawa gets off the ground ok and somebody wants to buy the Argo's one day ?