CFL needs DVDs

I am going to be Frank . . .

Frank wants to buy CFL DVDs of certain games and certain full seasons of certain teams, but he can't.

Why can't he? Because the CFL doesn't allow this. Why?

Even if they copied them on a print on demand kind of basis, they could make significant profit and allow fans to enjoy games of yesterday, yesterweek, and yesteryear.


Maybe our own CFL channel or Canadian football channel including CIS and junior stuff.

I love it when my ideas catch on. :wink:

I want to see all Grey Cup games at the very least be on DVD, like what happened with the 2004 Grey Cup, which I have. :smiley:

I do have 1990 Grey Cup on VHS, and it's good, but at least for the recent games like say the last ten seasons need to all be on DVD officially, no boot leg copies (which I also have, 2005, 2006, 2007, and so to be 2008).

Very good topic, a few years back the league did some DVD on the history of each team and then......nothing.
Every year I have been saying how after the GC and especially the very good ones and there has been many, the next week the CFL should have a DVD on the shelves in all the stores and available for the Christmas season. That plus a DVD for example on the highlites of the year gone bye.
But nothing and more silence from the HQ.
Man what a missed opportunity, that plus each store and especially the chains across Canada and let's say Bay, Sportschek, Canadian Tire, etc., a clothing merchandise section should also visible all year round and again especially during the busy shopping season at Christmas.
This is marketing 101. Let me take it over.

idk, for some reason, the CFL doesn't market itself well, it's almost like it's afraid too.

I was in Orilla, Ontario in the summer of 2008, and went into a sports shops there, and was surprised to find not too much CFL stuff for sale. I'd asked one of the owners why, and she said she loved to sell more CFL stuff, but that they don't give here a lot of things like the NFL or others do.

The CFL has to change that if it is to survive and be seen a great by future generations, or their will be more "lost" generation in the future, and too maybe could kill the CFL. BTW, there was a lot of NFL stuff, and people wearing that, with some CFL fans here and there.

There was also a thing to Toronto's pro sports teams, they had the blue jays, maple leafs, and raptors, no Argos.

I was in T.O. not too long ago and had no trouble at all finding an Argo hat for a friend. I was a little shocked at the price, but it was easy to find.

I'm still wondering WHY the 2005 Grey Cup, the one that went into double overtime at BC Place, and one of the most thrilling Cups in history, is unavailable ANYWHERE, on any medium. I don't know for sure, but I suspect that the CBC has something to do with it.

The CFL sucks at marketing (the CIS too for that matter). The NFL is media hype machine. Why don't they learn a bit from them? We have a product imbo which is unsurpassed by any league and yet there's micky mouse marketing.

I watch the CFL draft and besides the first couple picks I have no clue who's who. It's not normal. That commercial (yes, that one) from last year was sweet, they should continue airing it more often.

In case you don't know, all games this season are for sale on iTunes for $2.49 each. Of course, you have to live in Canada to buy em, as they are licensed by TSN.

But I agree, it would be great to have a season wrap-up and Grey Cup package just in time for Christmas. I think the last time this was done was in 2004 when CBC rushed a dvd out right after the Grey Cup in Ottawa.

And there is always the one-hour retrospective DVDs put out by ESPN in 2003. They are available for order through Chapters and Amazon.

I have also heard that if you contact the CBC store, they will burn DVDs for requested shows for a small fee... :cowboy:

Will iTunes also have playoff games? What's the quality?

I can only assume so. The quality is great! :cowboy:

How great? Like great for computer monitor or great for a big tv? If its comperable to the standard telecast I may have to get an iTunes account! :smiley:

I would really like to see players highlight dvds. I would love to sit and watch an hr of Pinballs best plays, or Fernandez, or Doug Flutie, or Earl Winfield, ect.

I bought the CFL Legends DVD box set at Walmart but they only had the East and I live in the West but I've seen them all on YouTube already so they're still wrapped in plastic for a rainy day. Love to buy more DVD's 'though. Drive my wife crazy. :cowboy:

I have a 26 inch Samsung lcd monitor. I would rate the full screen picture at 7.5 out of 10. Besides, there is no cost to downloading iTunes and setting up an account. You only have to pay for the downloaded content. :cowboy: