CFL needs an online way to watch games

Thanks but for sure don't go outa your way.

I've heard about these devices, slingbox maybe? I'm sure there are others.
Sounds expensive and I'm on a very limited budget, just this internet connection is plenty but I would love to purchase a live feed for the cfl & nhl. Pretty sure nfl is available but I'm guessing it's not cheap and thinking a cfl feed would be more affordable due to a lot less games throughout the season.

Appreciate the effort though.

Yep, search “Android Box” and you’ll see something along the lines of what he had. They can connect to a WiFi network and stream anything. Keep in mind all of these streams are illegal though.

The only legal way to stream CFL games in Canada is with a TSN subscription on TSN Go.

Since you have TSN at your house in Canada, you would simply attached a Slingbox and you would be able to watch your own TV from anywhere in the world.

I used this service for many years until the ESPN deal to provide every game.

Lorsque les parties antérieures étaient disponibles sur TSN.CA, je regardais pendant l'hiver toute la saison précédente de la LCF au moins 3 fois. Maintenant que ce n'est plus disponible, je ne regarde que les parties des Alouettes et les éliminatoires, que j'enregistre sur RDS ou TSN.

Si les parties pouvaient devenir disponibles en streaming autrement qu'en s'abaissant à céder au chantage de Bell et Rogers (entreprises qui sont régulièrement l'objet de plaintes au CRTC et recours collectifs pour facturation abusive), ça m'intéresserait. Ce serait une question de coût et de sécurité internet, bien sûr.

Une chose est certaine. La LCF ne gagne pas à ce que l'accès aux parties sur le net soit si compliqué. Ça dévalue sa marque et son produit.

Also, if you have TSN at home, you can just log in to TSN GO on your laptop/tablet and plug that into your TV.

CFL needs to have a conversation with the NLL about NLL TV - the NLL gets it, and the service is fantastic IMO.

TSN has exclusive rights to broadcast the games. The CFL can't just open up their own streaming service, even if they wanted to.

Thanks tips, I'm already aware.

Then what's the point of talking to the NLL about it?

So I went to tsn yesterday to read about the Halifax story......

The video actually worked...... yes it worked for the 1st time in what has to be at least 5 years.

??? could it be that someone actually did something or is this just a random thing?
It'll be awfully hard to convince me that this is all just random.

So I tried sportsnet as well and that site now works too?

Like I said before these sites did not work, heck sportsnet wouldn't even load the page for the last 2 months.

Deal with TSN ends in 2021, I plan of attack prior to that point may be a good idea IMO.

I'm sure that type of streaming service is already under consideration at TSN, and will hopefully be up and running before the end of 2021.

And I'm sure TSN wouldn't mind the CFL site hosting direct links to any TSN streaming service.

One benefit the league would get from doing it through TSN rather than on their own is the exposure and potential to package with other TSN properties.

We know how the Argos would vote on the issue.

Speaking as someone who built the current website, it's got something like a dozen automated alarms for if various parts of it are responding too slow / not at all - very many people would be aware if the site wasn't working. It's a near impossibility for not one but both of those competing sites to not be working correctly for more than a few hours.

How recent is the version of your computer and web browser? Something must be drastically wrong on your side.

Yep. With Sportsnet having it's standalone Sportsnet NOW online subscription available, I'd imagine it's only a matter of time until TSN does something similar. Things will likely look a lot different in 2021.

I think the League needs to stay away from staying exclusive to one network tbh. Having their own streaming service or getting together with a company like Dazn, along with having another network involved (Corus, CBC, and or Rogers), is the way to go IMO.

NLL has done a very good job with NLLtv, likewise MLB with mlbtv/MLBAM.

Hmm to be honest I only tried sportsnet a few times in those 2 months, after a couple of no loads I just avoided it like I did (and still do due to habit)... like I did with tsn. tsn vid hasn't worked for years, tsn radio started not working, no load on sportsnet, after all that made it very easy to remember to avoid. So ya 2 or 3 no loads and I probably just didn't go back.

I switched pc's in Aug or Sept, and seeing as both had the same issues (tsn) with 2 different systems, one xp, one W7.

Honestly tsn video hasn't worked for years except maybe one time for 2 weeks when I complained on this forum ??? 2 or 3 years back maybe.

No biggie I'm like whatever right, it was when I couldn't even find a radio link to an east game that I started getting testy.

The best part of tsn when it did work wayyy back in the old times is the ability to go back and watch the games that you missed. I understood that they didn't have that anymore so even less reason to miss it.

Oh ya don't know if I mentioned it but I went to sportsnet as well and yes page loaded and the videos loaded.

Maybe... I use firefox, it's always up to date that I know, I keep my os up to date as well, but this weeks new updates did change a lot of features in my browser..... doesn't make any sense to me but that's all I can think of that's different.

That sounds ideal to me, too. But NLL hardly gets any press coverage that I see, and I think that's in part due to doing their own broadcasts.

Perhaps a 10th team could sway the way the CFL does its broadcasting, seeing as how that would mean 5 games a week instead of 4.

Nice but BS!!!!!!!!!! Tsn will lock it so your out, if your not a subscriber. After patients and search there are several venues that broadcast games on a 10 second delay and work well. Charge patients.