CFL Needs A Weekly Show

TSN is the main carrier of the league, yet their only non hockey talk show, the Reporters, barely ever mentions it.
Today there was nothing on the flurry of free agent signing last week.
Instead they ramble on about Lebron James and AJ Burnett and some other things that only interest them.

I would like to hear what the media thinks of these deals.
I'm sure other CFL fans would
Like who won and who lost.
Instead of the usual Toronto centric issues.

CFL needs a weekly show to keep fans up to date on league happenings and to promote the league.
TSN seems afraid to do it for some reason.
Like why not promote the league that is a major part of your network?
Outside of showing the games, tsN's promotion of the league is minimalist at best

hey Benji, have you ever contemplated developing a CFL webshow on a platform like USTREAM or similar online audio/video conferencing?

You could host a regular/weekly show devoted to the Canadian game and specific topics/issues, have co-hosts, guests, footage etc etc etc

And interviews could be done via the web. No studio required.
Even Charlie Sheen had his show on a similar format.

I’d tune in. :thup:

Yeah, it's kinda sucks when during the off season and especially at this time, the CFL only gets a passing mention and then it's on to other sports. Although they do a good job during the season, we definitely could use more coverage.

Instead of relying on others to talk about what happened in the CFL, why don't you do something about? Why not start a podcast or blog and talk about how you feel? We don't live in a day where we need to wait for the professionals to tell us what's good and bad and in between. They provide insight, sure, but they aren't the sole news masters anymore.

Also, have you ever considered following the writings of the various team beat writers? Drew Edwards has constant Ti-Cat news on his Scratching Post blog. In fact, he has posted at least one new piece of content every day for nearly two years. There are lots of places that you can get news and analysis without relying on TSN, you just need to go find it.

TSN does tons in its partnership with the CFL.

But I do agree that a weekly CFL show (like they had back in the 80s) would be major sweet!

All year round and not only during the season.
Which does lead to the next possibility, if the CFL had its own channel this would not be a factor.
I can't believe in this day and age of some 1000+ channels, the vast majority of the useless variety why the CFL cannot have its own.
What would the start up cost be, and the run etc, does anyone know?

Well said. In this day and age, anyone with a webcam and an Internet connection can start a show. All you need is the motivation. :thup:

I can imagine the costs would be high.

I'm not sure if they'd truly look at it right now. it is a good idea for sure but the actual implementation of it is probably not financially doable right now.

I agree that there should be a weekly TV show. I can remember about 5-8 years ago Sportsnet had regional shows for the Argos and Stamps (And probably others)

Until TSN smartens up though, we do have Rouge Radio which is a pretty awesome way to keep up on CFL, CIS and CJFL.

I would be all for it on TV, I would even pay a little for it.

IiRC, theScore had a weekly show called CFL Snap... until Duane Forde moved to TSN... I don't know why they didn't find another person to replace Forde and continue on with the show, I hardly ever watch the Score now... its really gone downhill from its early days.

Probably because there's no one left. Sid and Tim also left. I think Cabbie did, too.The Score's been hit hard. It's kind of sad. I used to like that station, but now it's a shell. No more talent, lost March Madness to TSN. :frowning:

but.. Renee Paquette :stuck_out_tongue:...

lol Is she still there? I hadn't seen her in a while and just assumed she also left.

Cabbie is with TSN. He's got a spot called "Cabbie Presents".

It's almost like thescore goes out of it's way to lose money... They cover the sports that no one in Canada cares about... They cover sports like NCAA and yet completely ignore the CFL. They cover EPL and other fringe sports that draw very low ratings.... They are not completely stupid and always show hockey first....but are dumb enough to show NBA over Canadian sports. has a slot for NCAAF and NCAAB ......... yet puts the CFL with the PGA under OTHER...hahahahaahaaha
Only in Canada.... man I find it comical how pathetic our country is sometimes...
Then thescore sits around and wonders why it losses so much money.... Canadian business are really dumb...
No wonder we are the most forign owned country in the entire world....hahahahaha

[url=] ... _of_Canada[/url]

According to this... Canadians would rather invest in other countries instead of our own..... Gee and we wonder why the Habs had to be saved by an American, and yet Rogers is falling all over themselves for a piece of the NFL....

I thought I saw an advertisement, but I couldn't remember for sure.

They do this on purpose. The Score wasn't meant to show the most popular sports. It was meant to show the sports that didn't get a lot of coverage. Personally, I loved their March Madness coverage, and I was sad when TSN took it from them.

They also cover CIS football, which is almost completely ignored by other media and probably ignored by large majority of CFL fans too.