CFL Needs a New HOF!!!

If I had to move back to city in Canada, Hamilton is near the top of the list. Toronto is where I was born and raised, but I have slept around a few places in this country from coast to coast.

The other thing about Hamilton is the location where it is basically about halfway between Toronto and Buffalo so, traffic depending, you can be in either city in about an hour from Hamilton, to go shopping, entertainment what have you. Not that you don’t have excellent shopping in Hamilton or entertainment but just more variety of course in larger cities like Toronto and Buffalo.

Probably shouldn’t say it here on this board but for people in Toronto and WNY that want an NFL stadium and to keep the Bills here in this area as opposed to going to LA, Hamilton marks the spot I would say. That being said of course I want nothing better for the Bills to remain in Buffalo with the rich history there or at least close by in the US as I don’t want anything as well to hurt the CFL here. We don’t need the NFL in Canada with the CFL. But, as I say, from a pure geographical perspective, Hamilton/Burlington is a great location between Buffalo and Toronto.

We all agree that the hall should be moved to a better location. We difer in opinion as to where. I believe that the Hall should be an asset to Hamilton and not an embarrasement.
Much like the never to be released CFL video game, the league has ample money to make this happen, but the owners of this league are to stuck in a scrooge mentality to ever make this happen. With 60 million dollars of league revenues coming in in 2014, the owners are just being foolish not investing any money into the league. The only proactive step the league ever took was spending a million dollars on marketing in Southern Ontario. Of course the moneywent to the two owners who are the route of the whole problem with the league. Young and Braley were good stop gaps when the league was on it's knees, however their outdated attitudes are now holding the league back. Slitting their own throats and not allowing the league to grow by trying to keep player salaries stuck in the 1980s is a real red flag. Bob Young's complete bungling of the free stadium was another strike. The money he wasted by playing a season and a half in a high school stadium could of easily payed for a Madden quality video game and a new HOF. His ego got in the way of common sense and now his homeless team will be lucky to to get another welfare subsidy from the league like he did last year. He recieved welfare from the league in both 2012 and then again in 2013. Other teams must becoming impatient always bailing this guy out . Braley on the other hand is out of touch with his own legacy. He has become an albatros in Vancouver where the Lions have easily become #3 when it comes to game day excitement in the city (still firmly in #2 in popularity however) The Lions need to join the 21st century and Braley is holding them back. The Argos need more then anything a new stadium and there is a 130 page thread discussing that

Good points on Braley and Young as stop Gaps and the CFL will defeinetely need to lead the charge for a better HOF.
The rest of the CFL has come under better forward thinking groups that own or run the teams.
The Riders community model. Flames LP acquiting the Stamps to go with the Flames and their WHL and Indoor Lacrosse franchises.

Canucks have been interested in the Lions and I could see them buying the Lions post Grey Cup. Canucks also interested in USL Pro soccer minor league affiliate for the WhiteCaps MLS will definitey generate more attention to the Lions all year round and merchandise sold at 3 diferent veneus and during two other sporting events.
OSEG would probably be able to to a lot of funding for a new HOF building in Ottawa.
With Tim Hortons backing everything Hamilton especiality the Ti Cats. Tim Hortons has also become a major player for the entire CFL and teams. Tim Hortons will be spending even more as the Ti Cats partner Already paying the Naming rights as well as Concession stand at THF
With the new stadium and Global Spectrum now managing FirstOntario Centre (Copps) I can see Hamilton making a huge reveival as a sports town beyond just the Bulldogs and Ti Cats but still not sure the HOF in Hamilton now is the best fit.

Point fingers and blame who ever you want. The HOF needs attention. Telling people it's a dump and stay away isn't helping. How many times do any of you go ? Does anyone make a trip specifically to visit the HOF ? More visitors surely would help to rectify the situation......We don't all agree the Hall needs to be moved and if they do move it, out west would make the most sense.The fans are more passionate about Canadian football west of Ontario.

More visitors would not help in any tangible way unless there were tens of thousands more per year, which isn’t going to happen. Visitors pay a small fee so it would take tons of them to increase revenues to the point where improvements could be made. The Hall desperately needs a lot of money to upgrade the facility, and unfortunately there is no such cash infusion on the horizon.

well hopefully CFL puts this on there agenda it is going on about a decade now since TSN has comoe on board and the CFL began to re inin=vent itself. The league seems to listen to what the fans want so making this an issue on the table and my guess would be that the CFL will get onboard. For TSN will definitely partner onboard should it provide CFL programing outside the games themselves.

Cool Earl; I guess we used to be neighbours without knowing it!

I lived like about a 5 minute walk to Felkers; nice neighbourhood, nice house with a pool (which I presume my ex is still enjoying); left the area in 1998.

Well, here’s an idea, fans and fellow season ticket holders. Lets petition our respective teams to have one 50/50 draw a year to raise money for the Hall. Sending even 5 grand a team would come to $45,000, which I think would at least be enough for something of a reno. They don’t even need to spend the money themselves, just run a draw the benefits Football as a whole in our country (and Southern Ontario where you need to rebuild the game).

Maybe they could make it an episode of Holmes on Homes.

Or give it a liquor license,then call in that crazy dude John Taffer from the show “Bar Rescue” If you believe the show,he could come in and do a total reno in three days and make the HOF a huge success,of course he would have to change the name of it first :roll: give it a more catchier buzz word name.I could see it now…Welcome to the HOF now known as the 3rd Down Lounge. :lol:

Aww man...well apparently you can own a piece of the hall.

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How long before Sask fans buy out the Hall and move it? :frowning:

What the HOF needs more than anything else is...more visitors. If you want it to look great and be a shining testament to the great game of football in Canada, then go there and pay the entrance fee. Maybe donate a few extra dollars towards an improvement fund.

It probably should be located in a high traffic area, not shoved away in some obscure location. Beside the HHOF would likely be ideal as it could draw hockey fans. If it could secure a higher level of funding through donations, visits, grants, subsidies, etc., it could probably have a permanent place at each and every Grey Cup, where 1000s of football fans will have the opportunity to view it.

I'm as guilty as anyone for not visiting it, but lets face it, who goes to Hamilton for vacation? And hey, I like Hamilton, but if it's important to the city then 70 people a day need to visit it, not 7.

Sadly, the amount of funding needed to improve the Hall substantially is far more than could be generated through more visits. More traffic wouldn’t hurt, obviously, but the Hall needs a few million dollars to be properly upgraded, and it would take hundreds of thousands of extra visits to generate that. As for grants and subsidies, I don’t foresee any govt money on the horizon, and even if some were available it would not be nearly enough to make an impact.

That is why I think the capital city of Ottawa would be perfect. TSN has fully invested in the CFL so having Bell pay for the naming rights would not be out of the question and OSEG has plenty invested in the Landsdowne Park as a whole so the interest in having Hall of Fame inductions with the yearly HOF game at TD and ceromonies on TSN.
Just some food for thought and although it is not the CFL hall of Fame I could see the CFL leading the charge as they would benefit the most from an induction day as well as TSN also with some fresh programing each year.

A high traffic area? Next to the Hockey Hall of Fame. The heart of the CFL? Regina. An historically significant place? McGill University in Montreal or the University of Toronto. Ottawa has enough museums, although not a bad choice.

Surely Heritage Canada would have some money for this.

A new HoF is needed!

Does OSEG really have enough unallocated space to properly house a museum/hall-of-fame? Would they seriously charge little enough rent (or none) to make it viable? Because the Tories are cutting expenditures, nit funding new museums.

I really do not know I was just responding to the Conversation about the HOF and potential new locations and who would be interested. Could be it becomes part of the TD place complex where the ceremony can be right outside in the amptheatre with a game to follow bringing more visitors to Ottawa and TD place.
It is just becoming an issue it seems as the CFL has been moving the HOF inductions around different CFL cities around the league.
But eventualy if they want to make it a big tradition with commercial value a permanent home and first class veneu like the stadiums being built

Thought just hit me. Perhaps Hamilton. or where ever, could make a new CFHoF a Canada150 project for 2017. Probably the best bet for getting any federal money.

It certainly holds a lot of History Football in Canada at pro and amatuer.