CFL Needs a New HOF!!!

Did I say something wrong in my original quote ? Some people don’t like the truth… Thanks prairiedog72… I travel to more games in Hamilton, which is further away, then I ever even think about going to the Skydump. Every time I go to Hamilton, I go to the HOF. It’s been closed a couple of times and under construction more than a few, but I don’t go there to look at the decor. I go because I’m a fan. Yes some money should be spent to fix it up. There is parking right there. Moving it is not an option. It belongs in Hamilton. Why is this even a topic ? Not much to talk about?..Pages have been written about the Toronto failure to support their team and now the HOF should be put in this CFL waste land ? It don’t make sense to me.

Indirectly perhaps. Be it a bailout or compensation, unless it is a loan there is no requirement or expectation that it be re-paid. So by implying it should be paid back you mis-characterized the payment. Unlike the Detroit Red Wings, who have long wanted to switch to the Eastern conference in the NHL, the Bombers were forced to switch. They did lose those profitable, rivalry home games (as previously cited). The only benefit to them was an expected better chance to make the playoffs (never guaranteed) and the $$$ from the CFL.

Not only is a compensation package for doing the league a favor completely different than a bailout but there was never any thought of paying it back.The only reason the Bombers were able to do it was because they are a stable franchise. The Bombers were also required to bail out easternteams on several occasions(real bailouts) I remember the last time Bauer had said "this is it , no more"Back on topic I see nothing wrong with keeping the HOF in Hamilton but it should do the league proud.If it were ever to move the west would be a good option as it is tough to argue the stability of the teams.

Good points aulcee. Not to mention the half million each 2 eastern teams received just a year or so ago.

Bottom line is most people who visit museums, school trips and so forth do road trips to Ottawa, would make sense the most sense to put it there. I think more non hard core CFL fans would visit it and it would be nice for Ottawa to build a home for the CFL HOF. Stamps are cute but a HOF would be great.

have to agree with that, way back in high school the 2 school trips I remember, Ottawa and Pt. Pelee Nat. Park. For different reasons and classes of course. Oops, and Toronto Science Centre as well, forgot that one.

But where is the heart of Canadian football? 95 percent of us would say Saskatchewan. Get a decent stadium there which they are doing, well, just saying...

My impression is that the last thing you want to do is have Canadian football relocate this institution from markets where it struggles to markets where it thrives.

Personally, I think the Canadian Football (Not CFL) Hall of Fame should be in a place of historical significance to the sport. Is that Hamilton? Hamilton has a pretty deep history with the game so maybe or maybe not. Montreal or Toronto definitely have the earliest traceable roots of the game.

I agree that the a new facility is in order to properly showcase the history of the sport and the archival collection currently collecting dust. It should be much more visible and accessible to loyal established fans and potential fans alike.

Have to agree with the original post. Visited a few years ago and came away embarrassed. I think I have more real live CFL memorabilia than the Hall after 50 years as a fan.....beyond the "busts", there ain't much. Speaking of which, I bet if they put the call out to fans for cool stuff (jerseys/programmes et al) they'd fill a space twice it size to overflowing...if they promised to keep good care of it....

For a league with such rich history it's really sad.

Problem though is the young generation seems to give a flying f... about history of their country, to them, many of them especially in S Ontario, it's just about the "bigs" American style sports so I say if Hamilton or Toronto can't get the Hall right next to a new stadium, or Ottawa, get it to where it will be right next to a Canadian football stadium.

Most young Canadians I doubt even care about the war of 1812 and they know nothing about it or care to.

Agree youg, right now it's really sad and the CFL better do something about it IMHO. We'll see how serious the CFL is about the Hall, right now lots of things happening and a time of flux with new stadiums and that, but in a few years if it remains in this closet of downtown Hamilton that no one goes to, pure sad.

I still say if they want to do it right and make it modern move it to the Landsdowne Ottawa development.
As I was reminded it is not just the CFL HOF it is the Canadian Football HOF.
Ottawa besides being the Cap it is a central location from southern Ontario and Quebec.
Modern history so to speak is being made in CIS football as well with the Laval football program followed by Montreal Caribans and Sherbrooke and the History of McGill.

Once players and coaches from these new perograms begin to get inducted along with the old History of Southern Ontario Grey Cup past converge on a weekend with a Hall of fame weekend CIS/CFL double header on the weekend.

There is plenty of history in the West as well but much mor populated and easier to get to from more eastern cities.
Thats just me I am thinking big. TV ratings, sponsor $$$

Great topic BTW!

I visited maybe 6 or 7 years ago. I agree - I wasn’t what I was expecting. Mind you, I wasn’t expecting the HHOF but it was pretty threadbare and felt kind of “cheap” to me. I walked away kind of ashamed and that’s just wrong when you have a league as rich in history as ours, with billionaire owners to boot.

Let’s throw some money at this thing and get it done right. Lease a bigger space, include more interactive exhibits and video archives, and proudly display the busts in an organized fashion.

“Warble, warble, warble… These darn kids these days! They don’t respect anything and they keep walking on my damn lawn! Warble, warble, warble…”

Do you know how old you sound Earl? Way to generalize an entire generation. I’m sure the generation before you was saying the same things about your generation.

And honestly... the best approach would probably be to move the HoF to a city that isn't an armpit like Hamilton. Either put it in a city that travellers actually want to visit or put it in a city that has a local fanbase that could single handedly support it, like Regina.

I agree,let’s move it to Dog River.Hank,Brent and Oscar could run it,they could build it right beside the Ruby and the Gas station :smiley: I can see the sign now…Welcome to Dog River-home of the Canadian Football Hall of Fame and the world famous Ruby!!! :cowboy:


Sadly that would probably be no worse off if the reports about the current HoF from earlier in this topic are true.

Man I hate living in this armpit here. Hate living on the Bruce Trail right near Felkers Falls, about a 45 minute walk from my house mostly on trails and also from my house about a 45 minute walk to Tim Horton’s Field.

I hate this armpit of a city. :lol: :lol: :lol:

I can't deny it, that looks absolutely beautiful Earl. I wish I had something that nice within walking distance of my house.

I still stand by my original statement though. I'm sure there are a number of nice things for the people that live there, but Hamilton still isn't a city that anyone else wants to visit.

The problem is one of image from the QEW which is the main highway from Toronto to Niagara Falls. You drive by the steel factories and most people therefore just say, as we did travelling from my hometown of London when we went to the Falls going the 403, QEW way instead of Highway 3 south from London through Delhi, Simcoe etc., that Hamilton is nothing but a dirty smelly steeltown. But when you live here and really visit here and agree, most people don't visit due to the steel factory image that Hamilton is mainly just made up of steel mills, you find a treasure with the Royal Botanical Gardens, Bruce Trail and waterfronts. I mean look at this, short distance from downtown Hamilton, basically close to the middle of downtown Hamilton. This is Burlington Bay as it's officially known as. The highway in the distance going up the escarpment is Highway 6 up to Guelph:

I think Hamilton is a city of contrasts like no other I've ever visited at least in Canada.

Way to go Earl. I live near the Chedoke Radial trail in the west end of the city and within a 30 minute walk from my place I pass five waterfalls (of the over 100 in the city). Now that it is great bike weather again I can go further afield and hit all these great spots around the city again.

This is a video I made while stuck in traffic on a GO Bus on my way to or home from Toronto one day using a movie making app I had never tried on my Blackberry. Everything is from photos and videos I had on taken with my Blackberry from hiking and biking around Hamilton. If this is an armpit - I'd like to know where some others are so I can visit them. :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice job Travel, I can't get the video to load, using Safari on a Mac but nevertheless, yes, so many waterfalls, not big ones like Niagara Falls of course, but beautiful on the escarpment that runs through the city.