CFL Needs a New HOF!!!

If you have not been to the HOF in Hamilton, I suggest that YOU DON'T DO IT!!! It is a depressing place that is an embarasement to the CFL and by extention, our entire country. You have boxes of CFL film holding open doors that lead to the washrooms... You have cheap green miniture golf carpet adorning the busks that depict the CFL's finest... You have cheap posters that are hung by cheap frames that are torn and fall down all of the time... Most of the exhibits are old and the lights don't even work... The whole place is an embarasement... When I talked to the fat chick that worked there, she told me that they average 7 visitors a day and that touring the Grey Cup around Canada provided the financing for the dump to even stay open... She said that they were going to move the HOF into the new Ticat stadium but that because Bob Young and city councel got into a pissing match, that there is not enough room at Ivor Wynn and thus those plans were kaboshed. Thus the HOF will stay in it's same depressing delapated state. The thing is that even if only 7 fans do show up the place still needs atleast a half a million dollars in renos. What is the point if no one is going, So I say they should move the HOF out of Hamilton and move it to downtown Toronto beside the HHOF.(they get 2000 visitors a day.. Or move it to Saskatoon... Or move it to anywhere where people actually will see it and it will generate enough revenues to actually be something to be proud of...

The CHOF doesn’t necessarily need to be relocated to another city, but desperately needs to be moved to proper locale within the city/region.
Its current location is terrible and much too obscured to be seen by the average citizen or tourist, not to mention inconveniently difficult to find available paid parking.

Supposedly the storage room is packed to the rafters with memorabilia and artifacts which are unable to be displayed due to space limitations, including early and pre-1900 Canadian football antiquities.

A couple years back, the Director of the Hall had mentioned that they need at least twice the current space (if not more) and in a much more visible location to properly showcase a fitting Museum.
From what I gather, some of the memorabilia will be exhibited at the new THF stadium, although does little good for the
Hall where it is positioned now.

Rightfully so, the CFHOF should have been amalgamated into the new stadium, but irrational heads prevailed.

Perhaps they could still be placed within the stadium “precinct” or perimeter…nah, that would take logic and common sense.

Toronto gets enough things already, like Ottawa. Canadian BHoF (name?) is in St. Mary’s, small town with baseball roots and I appreciate that.

Agree though that the new stadium in Hamilton would have been a perfect relocation but who knows, maybe still some plans in the works for that that we don’t know about. But does the west have any Canadian such things? Maybe it should go out west then. Or maybe even Montreal, I mean that’s the origin of rugby gridiron with McGill and the famous 1874-5 Harvard series which was partly played in Montreal I believe.

IMO it should be in Ottawa. That's where National museums belong and really this is what it is.

Toronto already ignores the CFL and their own team. Ottawa and Mont. have a history of folding. Wouldn't look too good to have HOF in a city with no team ! Only east team it should be in is Hamilton and if not there, then out west in a stable franchise city where folks support their team ! There's five of them now.

I would like to see it moved to Winnipeg.
That city really impressed me during my visit last summer: city heading in a positive direction and a passion for canadian football.

Regina is the hotbed as a matter of fact anywhere in that province would be fine with me.

The beauty with the responses here though is we know it just doesn’t have to be in Toronto out of default out of being Canada’s largest city and “centre of the Canadian universe” in their minds, whoever minds. The CFL is so so much more than that in terms of cultural and heritage importance, thank goodness! Oh my god, thank goodness!

Ottawa is the cap and there is now room within the Landsdowne project in which the HOF can be placed. The HOF game each year could be in Ottawa with a game and the induction ceromonies all in one spot.
Programming for TSN's CFL product.
New CFL new tradition

Good point cflsteve. :thup:

Where it is in Hamilton right now just doesn't work sort of buried and hidden in beside City Hall in an area almost no pedestrians pass. Slowly but surely downtown Hamilton is making a renaissance after a couple of very rough decades but I think it needs a new location to be rediscovered. If it stays in Hamilton maybe it can be located right next to the LRT stop closest to Tim Hortons Field - if our politicians don't screw up the LRT and we end up with something not as good for city building. It needs to be somewhere where more football fans will see it.

If it was in a building adjoining an LRT stop maybe they can have some exhibits incorporated into the LRT station the way the ROM does with the Museum stop along the University subway line in Toronto.

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Much like the Hockey Hall of Fame became 'cool' after hard times at the CNE grounds once it moved to its current location in downtown Toronto maybe a move either within Hamilton or to another location will provide a needed boost to the football Hall of Fame. I just don't see any tweaking at the current location being enough to ever make it relevant again.

Did the Bombers pay the league back the 800 000.00 in bailout the league gave them for moving to the East ?
Bomber fans have no right to take digs at Eastern teams. NONE.

Maybe if Ottawa and Montreal didn’t take turns folding , the relocation fee wouldn’t have been needed.

I’ll say whatever I want to, cumquat !

It need not be in a CFL city.
It is the Canadian Football Hall of fame, not the Canadian Football LEAGUE Hall of Fame.


The Canadian Football Hall of Fame represents all levels of Football in Canada both amateur and professional. There can be no less than 5 individuals and no more than 7 selected each year. The committee decides on how many inductees will be inducted each year.
All current eligible candidates are listed here.
Anyone can nominate a person to the Hall of Fame under two categories Player or Builder. Please look at the Terms of Reference for all the specifics on Selection.
The categories are further broken out:
Builder: Professional & Amateur (One each per year)
Player: Professional, Veteran and Amateur
For a person to be nominated the forms must be submitted to the Hall of Fame prior to the deadline of May 31st.

I knew there would be some concern on bringing the HOF to Ottawa do to its recent history of failed franchises.
Even if, which I doubt, the REDBLACKS fail there still will be a brand new stadium and community surrounding it and whether the HOF game would become a neutral site pre seson game or played during the CIS Panda Game having it in a an area with a lot going on would bring people in as one of the things that you do when in the Landsdowne park.

I have to say I agree, Setting up along side the HHOF is a good idea, but at what cost? and will it generate revenue?

Hamilton fans take pride in having the hall of fame, but imho it wont hurt Hamilton if the Hall moved to Toronto.

First off it was compensation, not a bailout.

And 800k may have seemed a bit excessive at the time but if you do a little retrospective math, 8 seasons in the East cost the Bombers 4 or 5 home dates against their biggest rival gate draw Sask and replacing it with probably their weakest draw Argos. 800k probably works out about fair in the end.

I do agree that the Hall of fame does need some love and a relocation. What I'd like the city of Hamilton do it take one of the many surplus buildings it can't seem to find a use for, like for example St. Mark's church behind city hall. I think Hamilton is kind of has a depressing relationship with the Hall. I mean, we like that it's in the city, but we know it's not a money maker and it's just in a poor state so we tend to stay away.

I think the fact that there hasn't been a Grey Cup in Hamilton for so long, and even the last one we hosted was in lean years for the league/CFL fanbase that the Hall doesn't get the money it needs to move forward.

I like the LRT idea... They should build it right into the station... People from all over Canada could make the HOF and a Ticat game a destination for when their favorite team plays there. Lets face facts... People from all over Canada would be staying in TO or Niagra... They would be renting cars or taking public transport. If they rented cars, they could park their cars at a Go station and take the LRT to the Cats game 3 hour before, and spend a couple of hours at the hall. This makes too much sense to ever happen in Ontario though