CFL National Combine

Will any of the Canadian sports channels do any live broadcasts of the National Combine?

I don't think so. TSN gives a bit more in-depth reporting on it each year, it seems, but I don't think there will be anything live.

cfl should live stream online. They can get product out in that fashion. No need to wait for TV

Thanks for the replies, appreciate it. I just thought it would interesting to see these guys go thru the various routines for the scouts, GMs and coaches.

Is the public allowed to watch/attend any of the combines

The public can attend and watch and in the past online has shown the National Combine. I enjoyed Jim Barker's expert comments during some of the drills last year. Especially on the forty yard dashes. He was always close on a players time before it was announced. Also his back ground info on many of the players.

The Edmonton Regional #CFLCombine is under way inside the Commonwealth Field House

Interesting stat concerning Regional Combines

[b]Regional Combine by the Numbers:

– 23 of 28 players invited from regional combines to the National Combine went on to be drafted.

– 16 of 28 are currently on a CFL roster.

– The Montreal Alouettes have a league-leading six players who went through regional combines (five of them drafted).[/b]

"The first regional combine kicks off at 10:30am ET with measurements, jumps and the bench press, and concludes at approximately 5:20pm ET with the announcement of National Combine invites.

After an off-day Tuesday, the action picks up Wednesday with the Montreal Regional Combine and continues Thursday with the Toronto Regional Combine. The National Combine in Toronto starts Friday. All of this week’s combine participants can be found here.

As part of our ongoing coverage leading into the 2016 CFL Combine, is your stop for up-to-the-minute stats, news, analysis, videos and more from across the country."

[url=] ... l-combine/[/url]

Correct-o! I asked the managing editor of and he confirmed that the site will have a multi-camera live stream up on Saturday and Sunday.

Is there any video of the combines available, to watch. Maybe video of the invitees to the National Combine

5 moving on to National Combine from the Regional in EDM

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I think that all videos about the combine should pop in here:

Forgive my ignorance here but

Grover you posted this..

– 23 of 28 players invited from regional combines to the National Combine went on to be drafted.

– 16 of 28 are currently on a CFL roster.

If 16 out 28 are already on a roster and 23 go on to be drafted is that 2 separate groups of 28 or did 16 players only get drafted AFTER they were already on a roster?

The CFL had a lot of events on Periscope last year and not on their main site. IIRC it was the one on one's as the different position groups went at each other. I don't recall if they showed any of the physical testing like bench presses, sprint, or shuttle drills. I would expect they would probably do the same. Last year it was announced pretty late that the events would be on Periscope so it may be the same case this year as the league's promotion staff continues to be underwhelming with info like this.

You can't get drafted if you're on a roster :?

23 of the 28 guys invited to the combine were drafted. 16 of the 23 draft picks are currently on a roster.

Montreal Regional Combine is today

[url=] ... -regional/[/url]

I see the live stream is up and running: