cfl nation

I went down to the states to day and i went to a restuerunt called "honey" and i was look around a the sports memorilble and i saw a old tiger-cat jersey and a old flag i really hope that the rest of the usa is take a notice to the cfl too

Yeah, I saw that too. It's the HONEY'S at the outlet mall in Niagara Falls N.Y., right?

They should be repatriated.

PM Harper! Set up a meeting with dubya, now!

That's because of Vince Mazza who played for the Tiger Cats back in the '50s, and he was also radio colour commentator for a while. Relatives of his own Honey's.

OK then. No need to repatriate them just yet. Vince was a fine Tiger Cat. No doubt his relations are proud of their Cat.

yea it is the one in the outlet mall p.s he also had some **** stuff to but if you ever down there drop by there pizza amazing